A Mother’s Confession Ch. 02

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Well! The verdict is in. A good many of you think I am a slut, but in a good way. I have found that I am not the only one giving it up to her son. I am skeptical of a few of the men that have written me about intimacy with their mother. But the women that have written me, my inner sense tells me it is not their imagination.

Sean and I are in the fourth month of our intimate relationship and I am back asking for your opinion. Don’t get me wrong! Sean fucks me better than any man I have ever been with. I come more times with him than I have with any other man. Fucking me, eating my pussy or fingering me to orgasm, it’s all fantastic. I do love his tongue fucking! My concern is? I have come to feel like I’m being taken for granted. For example;

“Good morning mom.” I heard Sean’s voice after answering the phone at around 6:30 AM one morning recently.

“Good morning to you too.” I answered, then, asked upon hearing a car horn. “You headed to work early this morning?”

“No. Well sort of! The boss wants me to drive up to Richmond today and I can pass your apartment.” He said. “You normally don’t get up until 7:30. I was just wondering if you have a minute or two this morning to spare. I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”

He did not have to spell it out. I knew what he desired. I knew Jane was only giving it up on the weekends, if then, and that certainly wasn’t enough for a 33-year-old husband. It was the time allotted that concerned and confused me.

“You’re not giving us a lot of time here, Sean?” I queried.

“I know! I know!” He explained. “Actually, I have no time to spare. It will only take a minute or two and I’ll make it up to you. I promise! I’ll be passing your place in about 10 minutes if you’re okay with it?”

“Okay Sean.” I replied reluctantly. “I’ll be ready.”

I wondered why my son could not just jerk off and relieve his tension. I knew the reasons; small house, his wife waking up or the kids. We were only able to get together once a week, and it took a lot of lying and scheming. Time was always at a premium and only occasionally did we have the time to really enjoy ourselves completely. But this morning made me feel cheap like I was being used. I loved my son more than ever but I couldn’t shake the feeling.

I was just plugging in the coffee pot when I heard the lock on the front door turn. My son was through the door and covered the 8 feet of hall and 6 feet of kitchen, catching me still facing the counter. I had only guessed at what “ready” was. Having bathed before bed, I was clean. Always conscious of my breasts, I had removed my panties but retained my thigh length sleeping grown.

Without so much as a “hello”, he was behind me in an instant. He lifted my grown and rubbed my naked ass just seconds before unbuckling his pants pushing them and his briefs down to his knees.

I did not have to be told to “assume the position”. I widened my stance and postured my ass, crossing my arms on the counter, placing my chin on my arms. Disgusted, I felt his cock push inside of me and he began a most determined rhythm. Penetration and the first few thrusts were very uncomfortable.

Had he tried to fuck Jane and she put him off? I had always found it difficult to masturbate to orgasm. I wondered if Sean had the same problem. Doubting it, I knew, canlı bahis that he knew, that he had a substitute pussy and a loving mother that would not deny him. In the end, I made the best of the situation and even participated by matching his thrusts, though I knew my participation was not needed.

“I’ve never felt your cock so hard!” I cooed. “You must have needed some pussy real bad!”

“I needed your pussy really bad!” He replied with labored breath.

“And I needed your cock really bad!” I returned. “I need your cum even more! Give me some! Give me some of that hot cum! Fill my belly, Sean!!”

His need or my banter? He promptly slammed his cock into me hard and held it deep while his cock jerked repeatedly, filling my pussy. He was breathing heavily as he pulled his cock out of me. After slapping my ass with his right hand, he stepped backwards and pulled up his briefs and pants without a thought to cleaning his cock. I had taught him better. I felt like a whore! I held my position and stance and placed my face on my arms.

“I’ll make this up to you, mom!” He said as he kissed by ass.

“You sure as hell will!” I replied, hoping my tone would transmit my displeasure.

He departed as quickly as he had arrived. I straightened up, holding my wide stance, and reached for a few tissues. I held them at my pussy until I was satisfied I could make it to the bathroom without my son’s cum running down my thigh or to the floor.

If a more expensive dinner is what he considered repayment, I suppose I had to accept it. After all, when the time was available, my son pleased me sexually in just about every manner a woman could be pleased.

But let me tell you more! There were occasions, mostly at my insistence, my son and I would play hooky from work. Never for a lengthy fuck, mind you. If I was going to fuck my son, he was going to court me like any other “boyfriend”; a movie, the zoo or a nearby botanical garden. On these days, I never allowed him to come up to the apartment. Instead, I met him downstairs. I resisted his urging to return to the apartment for a lengthy afternoon of intricacy.

I never expressed my feelings of being a sexual object. I was tempted many times to return the apartment fuck him silly, but he had to learn that I was not just a receptacle for his cum.

Being 53 years old, I never felt uncomfortable walking hand-in-hand with my son at the zoo or the botanical garden. I loved sitting alone with him on a bench off the beaten track and people traffic was always low during the weekdays. He had finally learned, I thought, that these times were off-limits to sexual thoughts or conversation.

One such day, it felt like we were the only ones at the botanical garden. On a bench, in the shadows of some very large magnolia trees, I was tolerating Sean telling me the things he would like to do to me. He was begging me to go back to the apartment.

“Stop that, Sean!” I exclaimed, slapping his hand he had placed on my leg. “I thought you had learned that these days were not for sex, but just for us to enjoy the moment.”

“I see you in a dress so rarely!” He pestered. “You’re so damn sexy! You’re driving me crazy!”

“Well, maybe I should have them put you in the monkey cage. Then you could jerk off with them!” I teased.

“What color panties bahis siteleri do you have under that dress?” He persisted.

“None of your damn business!” I retorted. “I think maybe you can take me home now! And forget about coming up!”

I stood up and started to walk in the direction of the exit gate. Sean grabbed my hand, and despite my struggles, he pulled me deeper into the magnolia trees. During my struggles, I scanned the area looking for anyone who could be watching. Son pushed me up against the backside of the large trunk of a tree and was instantly trying to unzip his fly.

“Have you lost your mind!” I seethed. “Let me go, dammit! If someone catches us there will be hell to pay!”

With heart stopping shock, I saw him released his cock. I fought every effort he made to gather my dress up. I slapped him, beat him on his shoulders and tried to push him from me but I couldn’t get loose and I couldn’t stop him from gathering my dress up. Holding my dress in a knot behind me with his left hand, his body keeping me in check, he struggled with the crotch of my panties to clear them and stick his cock in me.

“Dammit, Sean! You can’t take me like this!” I protested.

I knew he would never achieve penetration if I continued to struggle and resist him. But, I was afraid of my dress being torn or soiled. My begging him to stop was not deterring him in the least. With effort, I had been holding my legs tight together. I could feel my pubic hair being pulled. A bit of pain in itself! I relaxed my body and legs, easing his struggle to pull the crotch of my panties to one side. Still, with a bit of difficulty, he pushed his cock into me.

He huffed each time he slammed his cock into me. Try as I might to shut it out, my pussy was flaming into desire and I was soon praying that he would last long enough for me to come. A first! We came together and I found myself hugging him tightly as he filled my pussy with his cum.

He released my dress and we remained embraced for long moments, his head pressed into my breast. His cock slipped out of me. He was inclined, it seemed, to hug me forever and not meet my eyes. I rationalized, I suppose, that he was either embarrassed are sorry for what had occurred.

“It’s all right, Sean.” I whispered. “I guess I won’t wear a dress again.”

He released me, putting his limp cock back in his pants and zipping up. I repositioned the crotch of my panties with intent to contain his cum. In this instance, I was torn between feeling like a whore or like prey for the taking. My son had frightened me. What had frightened me more was the fact that his actions had caused my orgasm.

We returned to the apartment.

“Are you coming up?” I queried.

“Do you want me to?” He asked.

“Yes! Very much so!” I answered shyly.

Almost in a daze, I entered my apartment and walked straight to the bedroom, with my son following. As I began to strip, he followed suit. I stripped the bed to the bottom sheet and without a word being said, I entered the bed. Positioning myself on my back, I help my arms out to summon him. I accepted my son between my legs and guided his cock into my soiled pussy and we were coupled once more.

Two orgasms later for me, and one for him, we had fucked ourselves to exhaustion. He rolled to my side and we lay together silent bahis şirketleri for long minutes. Sean eyed the clock and left the bed. When he had showered, I still lay naked were he had left me. He began to dress at the foot of the bed studying me.

“Are we okay?” He queried.

“I don’t know.” I answered. “I really don’t know. Don’t you think you owe me an apology?”

“Am I wrong or did you not come against that tree?” He replied. “And what was all this about. We fucked like two crazed animals without so much as a word the whole time. If you want me to be sorry, I’m sorry!”

He moved to the side of the bed. Putting one knee on the bed, he bent down to kiss me on the forehead. He moved to my lips and kissed me passionately. Lying sedately, I did not return his kiss. He reached to the foot of the bed to bring up the top sheet and covered me.

“Love you, mom.” He whispered.

“Love you too, Sean.” I whispered back.

“Jane is going to be gone this weekend. Do you want to see me?” He queried. \

“Of course. Call me.” I replied.

I lay for long moments feeling used up. I hated needing sex. Surely, at my age such lustful feelings should be waning. If I tried to cut off intimacy with my son, could I do it? Or, would he just take me when the opportunity presented itself. There was no way to close the door of opportunities. I supported myself well but I had no car. I had no close friends. I needed my son. Tired from incestuous lovemaking, I drifted off.

I awoke startled and shaken to the bone. There was not a light on in the apartment but the streetlights gave my bedroom a soft glow. I had had a most horrible dream and it was still very vivid in my mind.

As if looking from above, I had observed a much older me. My hair was cut in a boy’s style and it was pure white. My skin was splotchy, white and wrinkled in many areas. The room was a kitchen and I was lying naked in a twin bed. Half of the bed was pushed into an alcove in the corner. My legs were spread with my knees only slightly elevated, my heels resting on the bed. Stretched out atop of me, wearing only a well-worn undershirt was Sean. His buttocks bobbing up and down left little doubt that he was fucking me.

Though he supported his weight on his left elbow, I could feel a suffocating weight. His right hand thumbed my wrinkled plump nipple in the middle of a sagging and deflated breast. Neither my nipple nor my pussy had any feeling, and I sensed that Sean’s cock lacked the firmness of youth.

It would take him many long minutes to come. I stared at the ceiling with my arms outstretched, my hands flat on the bed. I felt no arousal, love or desire for intimacy.

I knew that my son and I shared this tiny apartment. Jane had caught us fucking years earlier and had divorced him, telling him if he contested she would inform the whole world of our incestuous relationship. She would not allow him to see the kids.

I grew weary of watching this horrible scene. It seemed to last forever… his ass bobbing up and down with a monotonous rhythm. Finally, his rhythm faltered and he groaned deeply. I no longer welcomed his orgasm. I now welcomed the thought that it was over for now.

His cum no longer shot strongly into my belly but instead flooded my pussy sluggishly, seeping out of my pussy quickly, staining the sheets. Without a kiss or any hint of “thanks”, he lifted off of me and shuffled off to the bathroom.

Another morning in hell!

How can I end this incestuous affair, and keep my son??

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