A Moment in Time

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I am glad that I told my best friend and lover Keith how I felt about him. And he took it as well as can be. Hell we are together that’s all that counts.

My name is Greg, and Keith and me have been together for so long now that I think we have both forgotten what single life is. Not that either of us mind. Here is our story.

It all started back in 12th grade. We met during football practice that first day of school. He was the start quarterback and I was the starting fullback. An odd combination I know but still. We became best friends from that day forth. Both of us being the oldest on the team, both 19 it did kind of make sense that we became best friends. And to this day I’m thankful for him being my friend.

About half way through 12th grade I started to realize that I was more interested in the male figure. It scared me but I seemed to accept it right away. I still had a thing for girls, but it wasn’t like the way I felt for guys. Every time I would see a hot guy my dick would spring up and start to throb.

It was never like that for a girl. The few times that I was with a girl it took forever to get it up. And yes it was embarrassing.

But enough chitter chatter. I first started noticing my attraction for guys after practice one day when we were showering. Keith was standing in the stall next to me, and I happened to look over and see that he was hard.

I don’t think he noticed, and thank god for that. Because just looking at him got me rock hard. I didn’t know what to do. Do I jack off or do I try and calm it down. I figured that it would be best to calm down. So I thought about girls and it left.

It kept happening for the next couple weeks. And it got harder and harder to hide. The next major time it happened was during practice. Watching him bend over and shake his butt like he was just got me started again. I was scared; I didn’t know what to do.

So finally I thought it’s either tell him or leave the team. And I couldn’t do that I loved playing football too much. So I got up the courage to ask him to my house to tell him.

I think he realized that something was wrong. Because I know that I was acting funny around him. He tried to talk to me but I couldn’t look him in the eyes. So he agreed to come over that Thursday after practice.

I thank god that my parents’ stock investments paid off. I now have my own bedroom in the basement. And the room has a refrigerator, a bathroom, a big screen T.V., a VCR and anything else that I could want. So I knew that we would have privacy.

He finally got there and we headed down for my room. I had made sure that I had plenty of food and soda for us so that we could talk canlı bahis şirketleri and eat at the same time.

We headed down there but before I got the chance to talk, he said he had something to tell me. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to talk to me about.

He sat down and I put out the sodas and the chips and sweet stuff I had. He opened a soda and started to talk.

“Look I know that you have been avoiding me for a few weeks and I think I know why. Please don’t hate me for this, but I have to tell you. I have been watching you and checking you out during and after practice. And I have to tell you that I find you very attractive and god I don’t know how to say this. I’m gay. I have known for sometime.” Keith said.

I looked at him in shock. He wouldn’t look me in the eye. I walked over to where he was sitting and lifted his chin with my hand.

“Keith I have a confession to make as well. I have been watching you. That’s why I have been avoiding you. Every time we have been in the showers after practice I have to keep myself from looking at you and getting hard. I know I’m gay as well and I know that I’m falling for you.”

When I finished speaking, I leaned over and kissed his lips. Very softly and very gently at first but then with more pressure. It was different then kissing a girl, but nicer in many ways.

He kissed me back and took me deeper into his arms to hold me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with all the passion that I had been holding back for weeks. I cold tell he was doing the same thing.

I could feel his cock pressing against his pants and I know that he could feel mine. I started to push his shirt up so that I could feel his naked skin against my hands. He did the same with me without breaking the kiss.

Finally it got to be too much and we both ripped each other’s shirts off. Then I broke the kiss and started to suck his nipples. His hands were going through my hair and he was moaning very loudly.

He pulled me up and started to suck on my nipples. I couldn’t help but moan and drip his hair. He moved down and started to undo my pants with his teeth. I started to gyrate my hips cause I was going nuts.

I was ready to blow my load right then and there. But I knew that I wanted this first time to last.

“Keith have you ever done this before?” I asked breathing very hard.

He shook his head and continued to undo my pants. He pulled my zipper down and then raised his hands up to pull my pants down. I’m not wearing any underwear because I prefer going commando.

I could tell he like that because he dove right for my 9-inch cock. I was throbbing and when he engulfed it canlı kaçak iddaa in his mouth I went nuts. His hot mouth felt so nice on my cock.

He started to bob his head up and down and moan against it. I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder. I knew we wouldn’t be heard or interrupted so it didn’t matter. I was in heaven and from the sound coming out of him he was in heaven as well.

He looked up at me without breaking his suction and his eyes just conveyed a message of love and heaven. I pulled him up and changed places with him. I didn’t want to blow my load too soon.

I pulled his boxers and sweats down and started licking his 9-inch cock like a lollypop. His head rolled back and he started moaning and thrusting his hips up and down.

This went on for a few more minutes and then he pulled me off and suggested a 69. I agreed wholeheartedly. So we walked over to my bed, both of us supporting massive hard on’s. We lay down on my bed face at each other’s feet and just started sucking each other again.

It felt so good. Sucking his cock like I was and him sucking mine all I wanted to do was blow my load in his mouth. I started to move my hips faster and faster fucking his mouth. He started to do the same thing and I could feel his cum building up. I knew that I would cum soon and I wanted to make sure he was ready for it.

As I started to pull off he shook his and I took that as an ok to blow my load. I shook my head at him so that he knew that he could blow his load in my mouth as well. Both of us started to pump cum out at the same time.

We both stiffened up and pumped harder as it flowed out in spurts and spurts. Both of us swallowing every drop of each other juices.

After we pulled off we just lay there looking at each other. I smiled and came up to kiss his mouth. Tasting my cum and him tasting his cum.

I snuggled into him and just relaxed. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

“God I have wanted you for so long now. And now I have you. And you have me.” He said kissing me slowly.

“Yes my love I am yours. What are we going to do about school though? How do we hide our love?” I asked.

“I don’t think we will have to worry about it during football. The whole team is pretty much gay. As for the rest of the school, I don’t care. What about you?”

I shook my head and said, “no I don’t. If the rest of the team doesn’t hide it then why should we?”

With that said we started kissing again and I could feel him betting hard.

I reached over and pulled out a bottle of lube. I looked at him and he took the bottle from me knowing what I wanted.

He lubed himself up very well canlı kaçak bahis and I flipped over so that I was on my hands and knees. He lubed up my whole and slid a finger in there.

I had done this to myself a few times, so it felt great. His fingers felt better then mine ever had.

“Baby? Are you ready for me?” He asked his voice full of concern.

I looked at him and said “yes baby, please I want you to make love to me.”

“Good I can’t wait to make love to you. But after will you make love to me?” He asked.

“Of course.” I said slowly.

With that he slid himself into me very slowly. I could feel him slide in and oh god he felt so good.

“God baby you’re so tight. You feel so good. I have waited for this for so long.” He whispered.

He started to move in and out slowly. Going faster and deeper every time. Finally we built up a rhythm that was quick and very pleasurable.

When he started to cum he filled my ass so well. When I felt the first spurt I started too spray all over myself. I couldn’t help it he felt so good. He kissed me hard as we both collapsed.

We lay there side by side for a little while until we both cooled off a little bit. He just held me the whole time not moving. I didn’t want to move I felt so safe and loved laying there in his arms.

After laying there for about 30 minutes I started to get hard again. I looked up at him and pointed my head down. He looked and saw and gave me a mischievous grin.

He then flipped himself over so he was laying on his stomach with his ass up in the air. I took that as a full invitation to make love to him.

I grabbed the lube and started to lube up my cock and his ass. He started to moan when I stuck my well-lubed finger up there. He was so tight, I loved the feeling. He was much tighter then a girl’s pussy could ever be.

I asked him if he was ready for me and he said yes. So I took my cock in hand and guided it toward his perky little ass. When I get to the hole I just shoved it in. Just the head but still I was kinda of rough. He seemed to like it though cause he didn’t complain, in fact he moaned even louder.

I started to pump my self in and out till I was fully imbedded inside his ass. I was in complete heaven. I didn’t want to leave. I just made love to him like I had never made love to anyone else. And I love it.

I reached around and played with his balls a little bit and jacked him off. The faster I went, the louder he moaned. Within moments I started to spray his ass with my cum. I had never cum so much so fast.

As soon as I started to shoot I felt his cock throb and explode. By then we were both screaming in ecstasy. After a few moments I lost my hold and collapsed onto him. He just rolled over so that I could be back in his arms.

Within moments of that happening we were both sound asleep. Each of us holding the other, not caring what happened at that moment in time.

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