A Love that was Meant to Be

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Hello everyone. First off I want to say thank you for reading my story. I have been on here for a while now and have only read other’s stories. A friend asked me to write this for her. (SHE IS NOT MY MOM) She’s a very special person to me and I enjoyed writing this story and seeing how it develops.

This is a actually story so it won’t be all sex. There is romance and drama and all. I’m going to try to have some sexy things in there for you guys for every chapter. This is a story about a mother and son falling in love.

Warning: Some of my story may involve non heterosexual sexual acts (this first chapter has a transexual in it). Since I don’t have my story all planned out exactly it could contain more. If this isn’t your tea then leave don’t read it. I don’t want comment being upset about it. I warned you.

Some of the chapters may be longer than others. I’m kinda just deciding when I want to end a chapter.

Anyway if you enjoy this first chapter and want more please feel free to comment and tell what you think. I am willing to take constructive criticism. So thank you for reading again and ENJOY!

*All characters involved in sexual acts are age 18 and above*

Chapter 1: Spark

I stretched as I woke up from a very good night of sleep. I look over at my Spider-Man clock (yeah I said it) sitting on my bedside table. It’s 9:47am. I sighed. Then smiled about two things. One I always sigh. It’s a very bad habit and any chance of breaking passed long ago. My mom is still trying though, constantly pointing out almost every time I do it. The other reason I smiled is because of my Spider-Man alarm clock. I still love it even if my mom bought it for me when I was 7. Around that same time she bought me my first Spider-Man comic. She had no idea the monster she created.

Anyway, I got out the bed and threw on a T-shirt and that’s it. I usually sleep in my boxers and nothing else. Since it’s just my mom and me in the house, and we are completely comfortable with each other, I usually don’t put on much. I walked to my bathroom which is in between my room and my mom’s. I washed my face and brush my teeth and my hair. I took a quick pee and on my way out looked at myself in the mirror. Not to brag (but kinda to brag) I looked pretty good. I was mixed but looked close to fully African American. I had slightly lighter than milk chocolate skin. I was 6’3″ and fit but leaning on the skinny side. I had true brown eyes and big full lips. I had a smile that could kill.

I walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to the front of the house where the kitchen and living room were. We had a decent sized house. 3 bedroom 2 bath. A living room, den, and amazing kitchen that my mom had to have. My mom had the master bedroom and I took the other room. My room looked like a master bedroom so my mom’s room was enormous. She has a bed made for a king (I’m pretty sure she ordered it online from actual royalty), a walk-in closet, a bathroom installed with a rain shower that fits like 8 people and a Jacuzzi jet bathtub. She’s very proud of it. The rest of the house is similar. Amazing comfortable beds and furniture. The living room has a TV built into the wall. Surround sound too. The kitchen is state of the art. From the outside it looked like a pretty normal house. It was just upgraded inside. How did my mom and I get all this well… My mom won the lottery some years back right before I started high school. It came at a great time cause my mom was struggling with bills and things. When she won the lottery she had no intention of moving to a mansion or anything like that. She said all she wanted was me and the ability to live comfortably. So for the next five to seven years she consistently and continually worked on the house. After she won the lottery (it was about 17 million) she quit her job. She said there was no point and she didn’t like it anyway. She decided to become a stay at home mom being there for me and doing what she felt like while I was at school. So that’s why we have this dope house.

As I arrived in the kitchen I noticed my mom was down yet. I frowned. She’s usually up before me every morning but I thought little of it and begin to make myself breakfast. I grabbed the eggs, sausage, cheese out of the fridge to make a couple of McMuffin sandwiches. It was my favorite breakfast and I had mastered how to make it taste amazing. I took pride in it. I finished making them and sat on a stool at the island in the kitchen. My back was to the entrance of the kitchen. I ate and thought about my life up until with point. I was born in late November to my mom Cheryl and my dad Benjamin. They met at college and hit it off immediately. They dated for a couple years before they had me. After having me they figured they ought to get married. I don’t think my mom ever really wanted to but she did for me. We lived in San Diego until I was 6. Around that time my mom decided to leave my dad. He didn’t cheat or anything like that. He güvenilir bahis was just lame. He didn’t try in life and my mom I guess eventually got tired of it. So she left and and we moved North of L.A. around Santa Clarita. Been there ever since. The following year was rough. We had to adjust to life without him. My mom took on two jobs and we were good for a while. She didn’t really want anyone else so she spent a lot of time with me. Once I reached middle school years my mom lost one of her jobs and things started to get rough. We got a lot closer during that time. I trusted my mom completely and she did the same. We shared everything and told each other everything. My mom held nothing back. She allowed me to express myself and taught me all I needed to know outside of school.

After that she won the lottery and I started high school. I didn’t slouch cause we had money either. I did my school work and got good grades. I was on the soccer team and even had a girlfriend, Katelyn. She was a cute caramel black girl that was quirky and fun. She was also my first. It was awkward and weird just like you’d expect. After a few porn videos and very hilarious conversations with my mom I got the hang of it. We dated for about the first two years of my high school life. The end of our relationship came when she wanted to tie the knot. In high school. I loved her but didn’t really think about the future much especially one with her. So we broke it off. It was rough at first. She didn’t take it well and remind me quite often how much she missed me but eventually she let me go. After that I pretty much had no one for the rest of school. My mom was more than pleased. She thought Katelyn was way too attached to me. She was probably right but I didn’t mind. After high school, I graduated easy with a scholarship to CSUN. I got a degree in journalism and got a job being a game/movie critic for a media company. I was great at it. After a year I left the company and started my own. It’s early and I’m just starting out but I got a lot of attention at my old job a few people followed me and now work for me. With the connections I had I was already highly recommended.

During CSUN I met a girl. Jennifer. She was a chubby-ish Hispanic girl who was a psychology major. We met at the movies of all places I was with friends and she with hers. We hit it off and ended up ditching the movies all together. I woke up the next morning naked in her dorm room. We went to breakfast and haven’t separated since. She is a very fun girl in bed. Adventurous and kinky. I really got to explore my sexual side with her. I found out I was into BDSM and other things. She wanted me to own her. After a while I became really comfortable with it and really got into it. She also introduced me to anal sex. I really really enjoyed that. Her asshole was tight and she knew how to work her hips just the right way. Then I got shock of a lifetime. She wanted to try add people to our fun. I naturally assume she wanted a guy but she said no. I then assumed another girl was about to join us. I was wrong again.

One night I was relaxing in my apartment (I moved into a dorm my freshman year of college. It was more like an apartment though) and she texted me and told me she was on the way with a big surprise. I was pretty excited so I tidied up the place and stripped to nothing but my boxers. I didn’t have a roommate cause he left halfway through my last year. When she finally arrived I was nervous. There was a knock on the door. I hurried to it and open eager to see what was out there. Jennifer was standing there in a long trench coat. I knew she had nothing if not very little underneath. She smiled devilishly at me and gave me a quick kiss. She turned slightly to reveal her “big surprise”. This woman was beautiful. She was Asian and short but somehow had long legs. She had full lips and long black hair. Small breasts, not like Jennifer big boobs, but a very plump ass. It looked soft and inviting. I moved aside so both of them could come into the apartment. We sat on the couch me on one side of Jennifer and our new friend on the other.

“So who’s this?” I asked.

Jennifer looked from our friend to me. “Her name is Anna. I told her all about what we were looking for and she is very interested.”

I squinted. “What are we looking for exactly? I would like to know too.”

She put one hand on the back of my neck to rub it. I love it when she does this. Her other hand was on Anna’s thigh. “Just some extra fun. I promise you will love it. If you keep an open mind. Open mind gets other things open.” She was mysteriously vague.

Anna finally spoke up. “Yes Christopher. I just want to join in the fun. I promise I’ll be a good girl for you.” She had a husky voice and her words awaken a stir in me.

“Alright. You already here and I’m certain it’s not up to me. So what fun are we having?”

“Uh uh. First we have to put on a show. Jennifer and me want to get you prepared.”

I türkçe bahis looked down at my boxers. My dick was fully hard and that was clear. The tent was visible to both ladies.

“I think I’m prepared.” I laughed.

Jennifer leaned in before standing up. “No you’re not.”

Then she was standing in front of me and swaying her hips. Anna got up as well still in her tight dress started sway with Jenn. Jenn turned away from me and looked back at me while slowly pulling off her trench coat. I audibly gasped. She was in red lingerie outfit from head to toe. I guess I should say breast to toe. She had a red lace bra that was definitely choking the hell out of her big breasts. Red lace panties with straps that attached to her matching red thigh highs. Red heels finished the outfit. She was a sight to see. I was so mesmerized by her I didn’t noticed Anna had followed suit. She had her back to me and had unzipped her dress and pull it down. Although she didn’t have an outfit like Jeen she had matching bra and panties. Lace as well. Purple. Her ass looked amazing in it.

Now that they were revealed they started rubbing each other. Both were so close to each other their fronts were rubbing too. Still with their backs sort of to me they begin kissing and licking each other’s face. Anna slowly ran her tongue along Jenn’s plump lips. It was eroctic. Jenn returned the favor by taking a long lick on Anna’s cheek. This continued for a while until I was so hard it begin to hurt. Jenn noticed my pain and giggled. I always loved that giggle. It was so cute and genuine.

Jenn came over to me. She stood right in front of me and bent over slowly. Her big boobs were staring me right in the face from the strained lace bra. She pulled a scarf from somewhere and held it in front of me.

I groaned. “Oh come on. Don’t do this to me. I’ve been teased enough. Please, I’m ready and raring to go!”

Jenn begin putting the scarf over my eyes. “I know baby. Just trust me. Relax and sit back.” I sighed. I did as she asked. I sat there blindfolded doing my best to listen to what was happening in front of me. I could hear them kissing and rubbing on each other. All of a sudden it got quiet. I could barely make out what was happening but I’d say they were undressing. My guess was confirmed when I felt something dropped in my lap. I picked it and rubbed the material. Lace. It was Jenn’s bra. I brought it up to my nose and took a big whiff.

“Oh god. I love this perfume.” I thought. I keep it at my nose while I felt more garments being placed on my lap. I felt a couple of panties both lace. I was sure Jenn and Anna were completely naked now. The kissing and rubbing resumed because I heard the smacking and they begin moaning too. They were really getting into it now. I could feel the sexual energy in the air. After a few more minutes I started to get really antsy. I was about to say screw the blindfold and get into the action. Suddenly I felt a soft hand on my knee. Then another on my other knee. A voice whispered into my ear.

“Are you ready…. Christopher?” A husky voice that could only be Anna.


“We are gonna keep the blindfold on babe.” Jennifer ordered. Before I could complain she added “Don’t worry we are now gonna add you to the fun. Just sit back and enjoy all the sensations you feel. You trust me right?”

“Yesss…” I answered puzzled.

“Good. Anna is so eager to please you and me. She’s special Chris.”


I sat back on the couch and spread my legs. A pair of hands started rubbing up and down my thigh real slow. The long fingers really working the muscles. It felt great. About thirty seconds later I felt really warm hands on my chest. Rubbing in circular motion. I smiled. I knew it was Jenn. Whenever we had sex she would always start there. She loved rubbing my chest and honestly I loved it.

Anna was starting to rubbing very close to my crotch. My dick was aching for release and it was coming very soon. Anna started rubbing on my dick through my boxers. I felt her fingers rub around until she found the head that was basically sticking out of one of the legs of my boxers. She squeezed it and precum leaked out. She rubbed it all over the head of my cock. I heard a smacking sound.

“Mmmm he tastes great.” I heard Anna exclaim.

“Oh just wait till you get the real thing.” Jenn replied.

“HE is ready to give it to you now.” I quickly inserted. I heard both the girls giggle.

“Oh shut up” Jenn said. Which I did because she started kissing me throwing her tongue in my mouth. I returned the favor and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I reached up and felt around for her breasts until I felt the big fleshy orbs. I gave them a good squeeze and she moaned in my mouth. I repeated that a couple more times then found my way to her nipples. I gave one of them a light pinch and she moaned louder this time. Then the other. Another moan. She loved when I played with her güvenilir bahis siteleri breasts and her nipples were very sensitive. I kept my pointing fingers and my thumb on both nipples and twirled them. I remember vividly what her breasts look like. I believe they were like 36-38DD size. Her nipples were about the size of and eraser on a pencil and pink. The areolas a pink brown and the size of a half dollar. She had begin moaning so much that she had to stop kissing me.

It was around that time I felt a hand reach into my boxers and take my cock in it. Anna started jacking me off just like that very slowly. The soft but long fingers felt perfect. She really knew what she was doing. It was nothing but this for a few minutes. Jenn and me kissing with her stopping to moan loudly while I teased her nipples and Anna gently stroking me. I felt Anna stop all of a sudden and felt disappointed but that quickly faded as I felt her grasp on the waistband of my boxers. I got the message and lifted my butt off the couch never letting go of Jenn’s tits. My boxers were now off which left Anna with a full naked view of my body. More so my cock. I was in no way a pornstar but I had a pretty nice looking just down there. A good seven to eight inches and about two inches thick. It was the same color as the rest of me (maybe a little darker) and circumcised. I never shaved down there just a little trim. If Anna wasn’t pleased with it I couldn’t tell but after I felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin jacking me off again. She was moving her hand faster and more firm now. Precum was continuously seeping out of me. Anna seemed to notice so she stop pumping me and whispered something to Jenn I couldn’t quite make out. Whatever she said made her stop kissing me and move away from me. Her breasts left my hands leaving a empty feeling.

A new wet and warm feeling slowly enveloped my cock.

“Woah!” I thought. This feeling was sensational. The mouth was sucking me hard and slow. Whoever it was was just sucking the head but I was already ready to explode. I felt a tongue massage and play with the tip of my penis. Flicking it back and forth. Then the mouth pulled back and with a loud pop my cock was free. I then felt a tongue start licking me up and down my shaft slowly getting very wet. Then I felt the mouth around my head again but this time it slowly went down all the way to my base. It felt incredible and I had already figured out it was Anna’s doing. As much as Jenn is a wizard when it comes to sex she isn’t THAT good at giving head. I enjoyed her oral giving but she could never make me cum from it. This mouth…. Anna’s mouth… was another level. I could feel my need to burst bubbling up inside me. I begin moaning gradually getting louder. At this point Anna was deepthroating me with ease and I was losing my mind. I attempted to keep my mind from it and listened for whatever Jenn was doing. That’s when I heard slurping sounds from somewhere other than Anna on my dick. I figured Jenn must have laid down on her back and got underneath Anna who was kneeling in front of me with my dick in her mouth. Whatever Jenn was doing made Anna more enthusiastic about what she was doing to me. Anna was fucking my dick with her throat and I was about ready to come. I grabbed her shoulders and squeezed letting her know. She grabbed my hands and put them on either side of her head. I placed them gently at first and Anna hummed her approval. She was really going at my cock. It was deep in her throat now and a mess. I could feel how wet my cock was. I begin to move her head myself and she fully let me. I was moving her head up and down quickly on my cock. I also begin thrusting my hips a bit. I could the swell coming. I wanted this so bad.

“Oh my god I’m gonna cum.” I breathed. “This feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmmm.” Anna moaned. She didn’t slow down either. I took that as an invitation to cum down her throat. I was fucking her throat deep and hard and I was ready. I thrusted a couple more times and shot my load down her throat. Squirt after squirt as my cock pulsed in her mouth. She. Took. Every. Last. Drop. I was moaning loudly. I collapsed back into the couch as my sexual high came down. I was breathing heavily, feeling Anna pull my dick out of her throat. She never let it leave her mouth. She licked and sucked on it gently. I jumped every time she sucks a little too hard. I still can hear slurping from below and thought Jenn must be still at it. I heard a loud pop and then Jenn spoke.

“Babe. You ready to take the blindfold off?”

“I don’t know. I’m kinda enjoying this now.”

“Hahaha. I know baby but I want you to watch me now.”

“Alright I guess so.”

“His cum tasted delicious so I’m definitely want more.” I heard Anna add.

I felt hands reach and grab my blindfold. Then suddenly light hit my eyes again. It wasn’t much light as there was only one lamp on in the living room. I glanced down at Anna who was still on her knees in front of me. I couldn’t see Jenn from how I was laid back on the couch but Anna face said it all. She was biting her lips and moaning. Staring me straight in the eyes she jack me off lightly. Then in her husky voice she said “Come look.”

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