A Love of the Past

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I’ve always enjoyed the lure of chat rooms. As I am not the outgoing sort, you could always duck in and out of a chat room, starting a conversation see if it goes anywhere and things can either be a “nice chatting with you” sort of deal, or maybe grow into some sort of online relationship. BBW chat rooms where always my favorite as I have been drawn to BBW woman for most of my life. On one Sunday afternoon about six years ago I was in heading to the rooms and meet Karla. We struck up a nice conversation from the room and proceeded to get to know each other a little better. She was thirteen years my senior at the age of 39, but that only served as a number between us as that first session started to turn into a regular session here and there. We got to know more of each other over the next two months, and talk about everything from life, work, friends, and bad relationships. But we also had our share of flirting and teasing as well.

Karla actually lived the next state over from me which happened to be a two and a half hour drive. We always talked about seeing each other, but something had always gotten in the way. One day we finally made a date to meet each other. I took the drive north up the interstate and followed the directions she provided. Since I didn’t know the area that well we decided to meet in a shopping center right off the highway. When I got there I got out of my car to stretch my feet after the drive. She called me on my cell to let me she was running a bit late. 45 minutes later she arrived, but it was sure worth the wait. She pulled up to where I was waiting, got out of the car and we both gave each other a long hug. Before and after the hug I couldn’t help but stare at her body. Karla stood 5’3″, about 220 pounds but her curves were all in the right places to me. She wore a black blouse and blue jeans which should off what a great ass she had. We both got in her car and started to drive around town. We really didn’t make any definitive plans other than to just be with each other for the day.

We ended up going on a tour of the town that Karla live and canlı bahis grew up in. We talked a little in the car, and then decided to catch a movie. We both agreed upon seeing the latest version of Amityville Horror that was out. Afterwards we went out to dinner, stopped to be introduced to a friend of her’s at work and then proceeded to drive around a bit more. Even though I was just shy of my 27th birthday my dating record was pretty much non-existent. I enjoyed my time with Karla and didn’t want it to end, and I can tell neither did she. Since it was getting late I contemplated heading back to my car and starting my journey home, but that option fell by the wayside as soon as the next words came out of Karla’s mouth. She told me that she was just going to be forward and straight out about what she was going to ask and she wanted to know if I would go back to a hotel with her. It took me no more than a second to agree to that as we quickly headed over to pick up my car and head to the hotel on the other side of the Shopping Center. We checked in, headed to our room and got settled in.

She flipped on the TV for some background noise and found a movie that neither of us had seen that we both decided to watch. Half way through Karla excused herself to the bathroom, saying that she wanted get more comfortable. She came out a few minutes later in a silk black teddy that feel just below her ass. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as she sat down on the side of the bed that was closest to the bathroom. It’s here where I wish nerves and shyness didn’t get the best of me but yet again it did as we sat on the bed for awhile watching the moving. She joked about the distance between us as I didn’t move closer when she got to bed. There was a big chunk of white sheets between us. I moved closer and placed my hand on her thigh. I slowly started to move my hand up and down her thigh, stopping right around where her linger- stopped and then down again just to above her knee. I turned to look at her and that seemed to have turned on a switch inside me as we embraced in a kiss. At first it was slow, bahis siteleri but then it quickly evolved into passion. We settled into lying on the bed as my hands traveled up along her body.

Our lips where in tangled for awhile before I started to moved down to her chin and then her neck, kissing and lightly sucking from the front of her neck to the back. I would just let the reactions of her body tell me where to go. And then moved down to her shoulder; I started to slip the straps of her lingerie off her shoulder so I could taste more of her skin. I then proceeded to push the silk material down her body revealing her breast to me. I quickly made my way to nuzzle in-between then and then started to kiss my way to her right nipple. I teased it at first before hungrily sucked it into my mouth while my hand fondled the other one. Moans started to escape her lips as this happened. Her hands where on my back and she started to pull at my shirt. I broke away from her body for a pulled my shirt over my head. As soon as I did that she was sitting up on the bed going for the belt on my pants, unbuckling it and then headed for the zipper. She started to pull them down, which released my throbbing member right in front of her. She reached out for it with her hands when I pushed her back on the bed and resumed my assault on her breasts. She squirmed when I did this and tried to reach down for my dick but I wouldn’t let her as I pulled both her hands over her head to prevent her from doing so. This caused her to moan louder and the withering of her body was priceless.

The echoes of her moans throughout the room where pricesless as I went back and forth between both brst, varying what I did to each, licking, sucking, biting, until she couldn’t stand it any more and orgasm. And that didn’t even stop me as I kept going. But I wanted to move further down her body and as I did so I need to release her wrist which I was holding above her head. Once her hands where free she wasted no time and pushing my down on the bed and start to kiss on my neck and have her hands on my body. She kissed bahis şirketleri my neck and then moved down to my chest giving my nipples almost the same treatment that I did to hers. She gave me this look of naughtiness, desire, and sexual humor all in one as she did this, she started to move down from my chest, as her hand was already on my cock and when she did that I pushed her on her back, stopping her from what she was doing and proceeded to go down on her. My tongue went from the licked its way from the bottom of her pussy to the top before I took my fingers to spread her lips apart and dive right in. While my experience eating pussy was little, my enthusaims made up for it. I let my tongue work over her cl, then sucked it occasionally, I let my tongue dive in and out of her waiting hole, sometimes letting a finger or two replace it. And after the first time she came, I didn’t stop and proceeded to see how long I could keep this up and how often I could pleasure her. She wanted begged for me to have my dick inside her but I just kept on at what I was doing, though eventually I gave into her demands, if you want to call it that.

I moved up her body and spread her legs a bit wider as I started to slide inside her. While she was plenty wet, she was tight as well. My six inches slowly slide inside her, and the look on her face was totally ecstasy. We began to build a steady rhythm with each other, but due to the lack of a condom, and not having cum yet through our activities I couldn’t last long and pulled out of her as she asked me too. She then sank down on me and took my dick in her hand and before I came she slide it inside her mouth and took it all eagerly.We both collapsed in a tangled mess on the bed and fell to sleep. The next morning we woke up pretty early as she needed to get home before her kids got back from their dad and I started on my trip as well.

We found a way to meet up once a month over the next year before a job moved me closer to her and we embarked on a relationship which came to an abrupt ending about a year and a half later. Even though we have both moved on our separate ways, every time I think of her it brings a smile to my face and a nu grin as well just thinking about all the things we did while we were together. Maybe I will write about those experiences as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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