A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 05

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Lori and Lauren led me into the bathroom. They were giggling and talking to each other so quietly, that I could not figure out what they were saying.

My wife, Serena yelled to them as they walked me to the bathroom. “Girls, I bought a liquid depilatory at the drug store. It’s in my purse.”

“We can spread the liquid all over his body and watch the hair just wash away, what an exciting idea. Thanks mommy” squealed Lori

Lori looked at me straight in the eyes. She just looked at me. “Do I even know you, daddy?” she inquired quietly. She reached down and felt my cock in my panties. She gave it a squeeze and looked at me again. “I’m afraid, daddy … I really don’t!” She looked down at her fingers and then at my panty covered cock. “You’re leaking! Are you excited by me and Lauren?” She touched her slimy covered finger to my lips. “Lick your precum, daddy … you sick fucking pervert!”

“Lori, sweetie … you have to try and understand. I never did anything to hurt you or mommy. I was never disloyal to her and all I did was wearing … all I did … was wear women’s panties. It didn’t hurt anyone. It never had any effect on our family. It hurt no one.” I said almost in tears.

Lori smacked me across the face. I saw Serena walk to the doorway. Lauren looked at us. “Never hurt anyone! Never hurt anyone! Do you actually think that because you weren’t … because you weren’t … disloyal, that you never hurt anyone? Look at you … you’re standing here in front of me … your daughter … and Lauren … your niece, dressed like a woman. Your cock is oozing precum into the panties you’re wearing … and you haven’t hurt us!” Lori scolded.

Serena was standing in the doorway shaking her head. I saw Arlene behind her. Lauren was standing watching Lori berate me and I was standing in the bathroom, practically in tears, dressed as a woman. What could I possibly say? Lori calling me daddy made me ache every time she said it. I would rather be called a sissy boy or rickiee or anything … but “daddy” cut hard and deep.

Lori continued. “You actually think that nothing was wrong with you wanting to look at your niece’s panties when she was a young girl is hurting no one? You think that having sexual thoughts about my girlfriends when they were sleeping over or in our pool or just visiting was ok? What about mommy. You think that having thoughts of the perverted things you thought didn’t violate mommy and your vow with her to be a loving, caring husband?

Lori had inadvertently, or maybe intentionally, gotten so close to me, that her leg was pressing against my panty covered clittie. She pressed her leg against me and I started to rub myself against her, unconsciously at first. She slapped my face again.

“Ewwww, you fucking pig … you’re humping my leg and have it wet from your putrid precum. I really don’t know you at all, daddy. What the fuck happened to you. How can you be this way?” she yelled.

I was speechless. Lauren had walked up behind Lori and softly kissed her neck, looking into my eyes the whole time. My cock strained at the panties. My nipples hardened and my mind started racing. Lauren gently reached around Lori and began to gently play with her breasts … still all the while … looking directly into my eyes.

Lauren gently pushed Lori’s leg between mine, so that it once again was pressed against my panty covered clittie. I mindlessly humped it. Lauren pulled Lori’s shirt up and exposed her bare breasts and pinched her nipples. Lauren licked her own lips as she still leered into my eyes. I was gone. I was humping my daughter’s leg with my wife and sister in law looking at us. Lauren was beginning to make love to my daughter and I was a mess.

Lauren reached down and fumbled with the button on Lori’s shirt skirt. I broke my contact of eyes with Lauren and looked down at my daughter’s suddenly exposed panties. They were pale pink nylon and I could see some stray hairs escaping the confines of her panties. My clittie cock was oozing precum and I could feel it escaping the pee slit of my clittie.

Lauren reached into Lori’s panties and Lori closed her eyes. I could see Lauren’s fingers slide up and down Lori’s hairy slit. My daughter had a hairy pussy too. It was beautifully covered in thick dark hair. Lauren was kneading Lori’s nipples and masturbating her cunt as I continued to thrust my precum soaked panty covered clittie against her leg. Lori let out a moan and I came in my panties. I soaked my panties and my daughter’s leg with my semen.

Oh my god, güvenilir bahis what have I done. I masturbated myself on my daughter’s leg as my niece made love to my daughter right in front of me. I could smell their perfume and the sex in the air. My wife started to approach us as Lori moaned from an intense orgasm. I looked down and my semen made my daughters leg soaking wet.

“Look at the mess you just made on YOUR DAUGHTER’S leg. What is the matter with you? Who are you? What the fuck has become of you? You realize that you just humped yourself on your very own daughter’s leg! I don’t know if I can deal with you and all of this! You probably should just get the fuck out of our lives and go on with yours. But I have something to settle with you … and your daughter does too … so I’m not letting you off.” Serena freaked.

“Sissyboy, it’s time to get rid of that hair on your pathetic body” Lori exclaimed. “Come with me and get yourself undressed … in fact … let me undress you. I think it’s fitting that I undress you … my sissy father and rid you of your hair. I cannot believe that you squirt your hot cum all over my thigh. You should be so ashamed of yourself!”

I walked over and stood before my daughter, dressed as a girl with soaked panties. “Well daddy sissyboy … let me see you pee before I wash away your body hair. Go ahead and just pee your little panties. You can pee them like I used to do when I was an infant.”

Wow, that cut me deep. How much could I possibly do with my daughter? I was now being disciplined by my daughter, who by the way, had just been masturbated in front of me by my niece, her cousin. I closed my eyes and soaked my panties in piss. She cupped her hand around my panty covered cock as it let loose. I soaked her hand in my hot piss. I was never so mortified in my life. After all, here I was dressed as a girl, peeing in my cum filled panties with my niece, wife and sister in law looking on.

“Sissyboy!” I was startled out of my daydream. “I am going to undress you now, daddy sissyboy. You can suck your piss and cum out of your panties while I finish undressing you.” Lori ordered

She took the panties and held them up to my face. “Open your mouth like a good sissyboy and suck on your disgusting little panties” she mocked.

I opened my mouth and she shoved them in. I closed my mouth and obediently sucked the gooey, salty mixture.

“Let’s go … go stand in the bathtub” Lori ordered.

I climbed into the bathtub and she squirted the depilatory on my pubic hair. She rubbed it in and reached under my ball to coat the cream on my balls and into the crease of my ass.

“We have to get rid of all that hair. After all, if you’re going to be a girl, you need to be presentable to all who you come to service. Since you have a hair fetish, it’s only right that we deny you the hair on your own body that you desire on others, don’t you think, daddy sissyboy?”

She rubbed the cream onto my legs. I tingled everywhere that the cream was. She coated my legs and then my chest and finally my arms. My cock was standing straight out. I was hard and excited by my own daughter exfoliating my body.

She reached up and turned on the water, grabbing the hand held sprayer. Without adjusting the water, she washed the hair off my body with cold water. It was freezing cold and I washed the hair drip off my body. I was totally bare. Every hair had been removed from my body. Not a hair on my chest. Not a hair around my cock. I was totally hairless like a little boy.

“Awwwww, you look like a little girl. Maybe we should dress you in a diaper and let you go pee pee like a little girl. We have more important things to do now … so that will have to wait. I bet you would like to be a little girl, wouldn’t you sissy daddy?”

I knew that question was not asked with an answer expected. I just looked down at the floor. Serena approached me with Arlene.

Serena looked me straight in the eyes. “I think it’s only fitting that I, your wife, be the one who decides whether you deserve any pleasure. I think it’s obvious that you can’t be trusted to be loyal to me; after all, you did have sex with my sister and our niece. So, I found this device called and sb6000. It’s a male chastity device.”

She held a handful of pieces in front of my face. “You see this, sissyboy? It’s what you will wear for the rest of your life. I will determine when it can come off and ultimately decide when and if you will be permitted to cum. You will have to earn that and I türkçe bahis don’t know how long it will take you to make up for all of this devious bullshit you’ve been up to for all these years.

“I want you to put your hands behind your back and kneel down. I will attach this device to your clittie cock right now.” Serena continued

She took a ring and opened it and attached it around my balls and over and around my cock shaft. She then took a plastic hollowed out penis shaped device and slipped it over my shriveled cock. Another ring then went over that and latched to the other ring with three pieces of plastic that jutted out of the bottom ring. She then locked it all in place with a brass masterlock. My cock was now fettered in its plastic sheath. It was very much uncomfortable as it squeezed my balls.

“I’ve read that you will get used to the discomfort, though I frankly wish that it will always cause you discomfort. You will wear this until I remove it. You can see you can take a piss with it on, because there is a slit at the end that allows for that. You can wash yourself with it on, and try to keep your clittie cock clean. If you don’t and you get an infection, that will be your own problem, so be careful, little man! Serena exclaimed.

“This will obviously make it impossible for you to get an erection. My dear sister, Mistress Arlene, was way too generous to you. I can’t believe she allowed you to masturbate and cum in her panties whenever you wanted as long as you never washed them. She allowed you the pleasure of your fetish! I can assure you, I will not be as generous.” Serena continued

“You will earn the removal of this and it will be solely at my whim. If you will have a session with Arlene or Lauren or even Lori … you will beg me to remove it so that you can be disciplined. It will cost you $1000 for every removal, regardless of the reason. You’re lucky you are rich, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.” Serena laughed. “I’m only taking what I already own, but having you pay me to remove it just feels so right.”

“I want to see you suck a cock. I heard you were a willing and good cock sucker, sissyboy” exclaimed Serena. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a willing male here right now … so … hmmmm … how about you suck the dogs cock!”

Lori brought my nieces dog into the room.

“Serena, I … uhmmm .. I’m not going to suck a dog’s cock! I just can’t … I just won’t do it.” I said trying to be firm

“Rickiee, I really don’t care what you want to do … I really don’t care what you’re willing to do … you’re going to suck that cock or I will ruin your life. I have enough things to destroy you … I think it would be in your best interest to do as I say” Serena said matter of factly.

“Yes daddy … I can’t believe you would draw the line at anything. You are the sickest, most perverted person I have ever known or heard about … so I think you will probably end up liking it as well. You had just better hope we don’t have the dog hump your pathetic ass afterwards” Lori giggled

My cock was trying to get hard, but that damn cage would not allow that to happen. Arlene walked in the room, with Lauren right behind.

“I hear you’re going to suck a dog’s cock, auntie-rickiee” Lauren giggled.

Arlene walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulder … pushing me down to my knees. “You start sucking that dog cock, right now … you understand … you fucking worm” Arlene said.

What was I to do? I got down and laid next to the dog. I reached over and began to fondle his cock. Lauren held him in place. His cock began to grow out of its furry sheath. It was red and shiny. Lori came over and pushed my face toward it … I complied.

I hesitantly opened my mouth and took the dog cock into my mouth. My own cock trying again to get hard. It was leaking precum … I could feel that … but I could not get hard. It was very frustrating. My balls hurt from the contraption. Slowly I began to work the hard cock in and out of my mouth. I could see the huge ball that formed at the base of the dogs cock … and I grabbed it. It no longer mattered what I was doing. I was sucking a cock. Cock is cock and I started to get into it.

The dog was humping my mouth as I slipped its cock in and out. The dog was grunting and the four women watching were laughing and giggling at me. If I were them, I would do the same thing!

I sucked and sucked that dogs cock, and then it grew and started to vibrate or pulsate. Then it squirted it’s cum into my mouth. güvenilir bahis siteleri It tasted totally different from the cum I drank from other men. It came out hard and hot and in huge amounts. That dog just kept cumming and cumming. I gulped it’s cum down. My own cock, confined to its plastic cage … was dripping precum that oozed out of the plastic sheath and onto my thigh.

The dog’s cock finally started to go shrink and the took the dog away. Lori looked at me and shook her head.

“Daddy sissyboy … Lauren has a surprise for you. I know you worship her pussy and have wanted it for years. So now is your chance.”

I wiped the dog cum that had oozed out of my mouth off my face. I looked over at Lauren. She was standing there in a very small pair of cute nylon panties. She had no bra on and nothing else. Lori led me over on my knees, like a dog.

“You must be a dog … after all, you just had sex with one. I like the idea about having the dog fuck you too … maybe later. For now, I want you to pleasure your niece. I want you to suck the pussy of your young niece, you pathetic fucking man. Slide her panties down, gently and worship her hairy pussy.” Lori said. My wife and sister in law watching from the distance.

I reached up and gently tugged Lauren’s panties down. Slowly I took them down and her pubic bush came into view. It is a magnificently shaped pubic bush and I am totally in love with it. My niece is sexy and thin … and young … and I can never get enough of seeing her sexy bush.

As the crotch of the panties descended, I saw it. I saw the white string hanging down from her crotch. Oh my god … she is having her period. Holy shit … I never sucked a menstruating pussy.

I started to back up, but Lori was right there and forced my face forward.

“Don’t tell you won’t worship Lauren’s pussy … just because she is bleeding. You love everything about her. You’ve cum how many times thinking about her. How many times have you masturbated over the years, dreaming of her pussy? Now you’re going to say you have your limits?” If you love her pussy … if you worship her pussy … then you have no limits and YOU WILL EAT HER PUSSY, NOW! Do you understand me, daddy!” Lori exclaimed.

I looked back at Lori … then I looked at the hanging string. I looked over at my wife and sister in law. I sucked a dogs cock. I’ve done everything imaginable. I could never even have sex with my wife when she was menstruating. Now I was being forced to suck my gorgeous niece’s pussy with a tampon in it.

I touched my tongue to the string then to the hair on her pussy. I began to think… this isn’t too bad.

“No asshole, you must take the tampon out. You think you can learn anything by leaving it in. Reach up and tug it out … gently” Serena yelled from the distance.

My heart began to pound … my cock was leaking furiously … even though it was confined to the plastic sheath. I wanted to get hard … I wanted someone to play with my nipples. That wasn’t going to happen.

I reached up and pulled it out, gently. It had resistance, and then all of a sudden it plunked out. I saw as it slid out … that it was misshapen and red and slimy.

“Lick the tampon, you sick bastard. Give that tampon a kiss. It deserves your loving attention, after all … it was inside your niece-goddess’ cunt!” Lori observed.

I licked it. I felt like I was going to puke. I licked it again and it was taken from me. Lori pushed my face towards Laurens pussy. I could see the blood on her hair and some had dripped down onto the inside of her thigh.

“Lick that blood off her thigh then get to sucking her pussy. I want to hear her moan and I want to see her menstrual blood on your face.” Lori instructed.

I licked the blood off her thigh and felt like I was going to throw up again. I actually started to salivate like you do before you throw up. Then my face was thrusted into her pussy. It didn’t smell the same. It was kind of nasty but I pushed my tongue inside.

I felt Lori pull my butt plug out and then felt her push something else inside.

“You will wear Lauren’s tampon in you ass pussy … just like a menstruating girl. In fact, every time Lauren has her period, you will wear a tampon that she has used and a pad that she has used. You will wear her bloody pads and tampons every month she has her period for the entire time she has it. That means, you will make multiple trips to where she is to get your new pads and tampons.” Lori instructed.

I couldn’t believe I was licking and sucking my nieces bloody pussy and was wearing her hot wet bloody tampon in my asshole.

This was too unbelievable. My cock leaked. I heard the laughter of my wife and sister in law.

To be continued …

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