A Long Weekend in May Ch. 04

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Saturday evening, still warm, mid-80s.

We’d gathered at 4:30 PM – Me (Karen), David (my husband), June (my Mum), Evie (my best friend and business partner), Richard (David’s older brother), and Megan (Richard’s wife). Richard and Megan were heading home early on Sunday morning.

We sipped on iced tea, or sparkling water, under a big umbrella on our patio. A light breeze came up, bringing a welcome cooling. David barbecued steaks. I made a big green salad. Mum had brought garlic bread, which David heated on the grill.

Out came the Prosecco, then some Chardonnay, and some Cabernet Sauvignon. We sipped and chatted, joked and laughed. Everyone bright and friendly. A loving family.

Sunset, then dusk. And all hands helped move the dinner remains, dishes and detritus off the patio and onto the dining table, to more easily get it to the kitchen.

Mum and Evie were in the kitchen, washing dishes, putting away left-overs. I was bussing dishes and glasses from the dining room table to the kitchen, as the others finished bringing things in from outside.

From the kitchen, I heard Megan call out, “All clear on the patio!”

I peeked out the kitchen door, and saw Megan leading David and Richard back out onto the patio. In the lowering darkness, she seated them both in chairs, with their backs to the house and windows. She stood before them, and, looking up, caught my eye where I was watching them, from inside.

Megan smiled at me. I smiled back and nodded, then turned back into the kitchen.

As I turned back through the kitchen door, Mum went out past me, saying, “I’ll help get in the last of it.”

To Evie, I quickly said, “We haven’t had a moment alone together since Thursday night. How’d it go? My imagination has been running wild.”

Evie smiled slyly. “How did what go, Karen? I don’t know what you could mean.”

“Ha! You know exactly what I mean, Evie,” I said, smiling back at her. “You and David and the hairy pussy review.”

As I spoke those last words, Mum had walked into the kitchen.

We were all quiet for a moment. Exchanging glances.

“OK,” said Mum. “I have a couple of questions. What about David and the hairy pussy review? And what’s going on outside, on the patio?”

Evie looked at me. I looked at Evie. Evie smiled at me.

“All right, Mum,” I said. “Cutting to the chase. Sit down, because I don’t want you to fall over in a faint.”

Mum and Evie both sat down in the two chairs of our kitchen breakfast nook table. Neither spoke.

Standing, I said, “Mum, I know that you and David have been enjoying one another’s intimate company pretty regularly.”

“Oh, Karen,” said my mother, quickly. “Let me explain.”

“No need to explain to me, Mum,” I said. “I’m not upset.”

“Oh,” said Mum.

“And I’ve told Evie about masturbating with you, and one particular evening with you and me and David,” I said.

“Oh, my God,” spluttered Mum. “Everything?”

“With graphic details,” said Evie.

“But you’re not upset?” asked Mum.

“I’m not upset,” I said.

“I’m not upset, either,” added Evie.

“Oh, my God,” said Mum. “OK, OK … then what about the David review thing?”

“Evie has a lot of hair, down there … you don’t mind my sharing that with Mum, do you Evie?” I asked.

“I don’t mind,” answered Evie. “I do have a lot of hair down there.”

“Oh, my God,” said Mum. “But how could you know that, Karen?”

“Because I’ve seen it, Mum,” I said. “Evie gave me a good look, once, before she took an even closer look at my pubic hair.”

“And we’re planning to give bahis firmaları Karen a really intimate look between my thighs,” said Evie, smiling at me. “We just need to set the date and time.”

“Oh, my God,” said Mum.

“Mum,” I said. “You’re sounding very repetitious.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” said Mum. “This is all just so … so … surprising! In a fun way, I mean, of course.”

“Yes,” I said.

“And the David hair review, Karen?” asked Mum. “What’s that all about?”

“David’s been rather obsessive about your hair down there, Mum,” I said. “I told him that he ought to check out Evie’s, for comparison.”

“And we did, this past Thursday night,” said Evie.

“How did that go, Evie?” I asked.

“Really well, Karen,” answered Evie. “David got a really close look down there. He probed a little, and he seemed quite satisfied with the outcome. I was quite satisfied with the outcome, myself.”

“Oh, my God,” said Mum.

“You’re doing it again, Mum,” I said.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” said Mum.

“And did David reach any conclusions, vis-à-vis your hairiness versus Mum’s, Evie?” I asked.

“I asked him that,” said Evie. “David said that he found us both quite exciting, equally delicious in different ways, and that you were a little bit of a snugger fit for him.”

“Oh, my …” began Mum. “Never mind. I’m finding this all very interesting, girls. And you’re both feeling OK about things?”

“I’m feeling more than OK,” said Evie.

“Me, too, Mum,” I added.

“Right then,” said Mum. “Then what’s going on with Megan and Richard and David on the back patio?”

“I rather think,” I said, “That Megan is putting on a bit of a sensual show for Richard and David. She likes to show off, Richard likes to watch, and so did David, spying on them, when they were all kids.”

“Wow,” said Evie. “How does this show work?”

“Megan performs, Richard and, probably, David, pleasure themselves as they watch,” I explained. “Then Megan takes Richard in her mouth to finish him at the end of the show.”

“Oh,” said Mum. “Does someone finish David in their mouth? Just wondering.”

Evie stood up, suddenly. “Do you think they’d mind if I joined them, if I was quiet and didn’t interrupt? Would you mind, Karen?”

“I expect you’d be welcome, Evie.” I said. “And I don’t mind.”

“Then I’m off to the show!” said Evie, heading out the kitchen door. “I don’t want to miss the finish!”

I sat down with Mum at the breakfast nook table. “There’s quite a lot going on, isn’t there, Mum? Are you coping OK with it all?”

Mum smiled at me, and said, “I think I should tell you about my D-Day plan, sweetie. Because it seems to have set a lot more in motion than I anticipated.”

“Your D-Day plan?” I asked.

“After your father died, Karen, I felt a bit at a loss. I thought about hobbies and clubs, but nothing inspired me. Then I made a ‘bucket list,’ since I didn’t know how much longer I might have.”

“You’re in great shape, Mum.” I said. “I’m sure you have a good, long run left in you.”

“That’s as may be, sweetie,” said Mum. “But I made this bucket list, and I refined it down to two things I really, really wanted to make sure I didn’t miss in however many years I have left … and I hope it’s a lot of years.”

“Me, too, Mum,” I said.

“The first thing on my bucket list was closer bonding with family,” said Mum.

“Well, we’re doing that, for sure, but in a rather unexpected way,” I said.

“I think it’s really a bit my fault, Karen,” said Mum. “Because of the second thing on my bucket list.”

“And that kaçak iddaa was?” I asked.



“Your father and I never had much going on in that department, after you kids came,” said Mum.

“Mum, that’s like 50 years!” I said.

“Yes,” said Mum. “50 very peaceful years. I loved your father dearly, Karen. But he was a very peaceful man.”

“Understood, Mum,” I said. “So you decided to have sex with my husband?”

“Not exactly, sweetie,” Mum answered. “First, I spent a lot of time alone in my bedroom, touching myself, learning to pleasure myself, learning to fantasize … all very new things for me, Karen.”

“Oh, Mum!” I said, sympathetically, and feeling a little warm.

“I fantasized about long-ago beaus, and your father in our early days together. I even fantasized about you, and Susan and Sean … not in any specific way, you understand, just vague, dreamy fantasies, as I rubbed myself.”

“I understand,” I said. “And I would never judge you, Mum. I love you.” Feeling warmer.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said. “Now, here’s where I might be the cause of our recent wildness: I began to fantasize about David. Here was a man I love and trust, married to my daughter, who I love and trust. David is a sure man, a kind man, a gentle man.”

“You don’t need to sell me on David, Mum,” I said. “We’re in this with you, together, through thick and thin.”

“Well, last May … just about a year ago, I came up with my D-Day plan. My David-Day plan,” said Mum. “I didn’t know what might happen, but I thought I could just try to start something, and see what might happen.”

Mum continued: “I began touching him more, hugging him tighter, asking him to stop by the house more often. Then, just before last Christmas, I decided it was D-Day … time to try something, like a test.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I asked David to kiss me under the mistletoe, when we were alone at my place. I was pushy, even when he tried to say ‘no.’ And he did try to say ‘no,’ sweetie. But I pretty much threw myself at him. I seduced him, and told him that everything would be OK, with you, and me, and him. I didn’t know how, but just felt so full of love after he licked me, and came inside me, that I was sure things would work out OK.”

“Well, they did, Mum,” I said. “Lucky for you. And lucky for me, and David. All three of us are happier than ever, and closer than ever. The sex is certainly more and better!” Warm, and getting wet, down there.

“Yes, sweetie,” said Mum. “I’m so pleased my D-Day, my Christmas gift to myself, turned out good for all of us.”

I stood up, took my mother’s hands, raised her from her chair, and hugged her, long and hard.

When we stood back from one another, she looked me in the eye. “I gather, from what you and Evie were saying a few minutes ago, that you might like to lick her, down there?”

“She licked me down there, Mum,” I said. “One evening in her spa tub.”

“Do you often … do things … with women?” asked Mum, a bit shyly.

“That was the only time, Mum,” I said. “Although I’m actually pretty excited about trying it out. I think I know what to do.”

“I’ve never been alone with a woman that way, either,” said Mum. “Except for when you and I masturbated on opposite sides of the same room.”

“We didn’t touch one another,” Mum. “And nobody made us do that. We both wanted to.”

“What did you think about, when we were rubbing ourselves that day, Karen?” asked Mum.

I hesitated, then plunged ahead. “I thought about David licking me, like you suggested, but then he turned into Evie, in kaçak bahis my mind, and that seemed too weird … but it turns out to have been foreshadowing. So, I opened my eyes and looked at you, looking at me, and I imagined David licking you.”

“I was imagining David licking me, too, Karen,” said my Mum. “But then something else. Remember I said I used to fantasize a little about you kids, in a vague way?”

I could see where this was going, and it was turning me on a little. “Mum, when I was imagining David licking you, and trying to think what you might be imagining, I suddenly was imagining me licking you. That’s when I came.” Really warm and really wet, now.

“That’s when I came, too, Karen.”

We just looked at one another, standing in the kitchen.

“What are you thinking, Mum?” I asked, quietly.

“I was thinking that since you want to lick Evie, you might like to practice a little, first, with someone else who has a lot of hair.”

“Is that all, Mum?” I asked.

“I thought if that went OK, you might let me taste you, just to see what it’s like.”

I looked at her for a moment, then said, “They’re going to be busy outside for a bit longer, I expect. Why don’t you lift your skirt and sit down again, Mum.”

Mum did as I asked. She lifted her summery skirt to her waist, and sat down in one of the breakfast nook chairs.

“Lift your bum and slide forward a little, please,” I asked my mother.

As she raised herself, I reached up with both hands to the waist of her panties, and pulled them down. As Mum set her big bum down on the edge of the chair, she put her chubby white legs out straight, and I pulled the panties off her legs, setting them on the breakfast nook table.

“Spread you knees, Mum,” I asked. She complied.

I’d seen her hair before, but not this close up. And, at this short distance, just inches from my mother, I could smell her, a little sour earthiness. It was intoxicating.

I pushed my head in between her thighs, and with my right hand stroked her thick orangey-gray bush before using my fingers to spread her labia lips.

“Ohhh, ohhh,” sighed Mum.

I nuzzled in, and began to gently lick my mother. Up and down and around, teasing her clitoris, and lapping up her wetness. I pushed my tongue into her vagina, in and out, and then licked faster, sucking at her clitoris with each pass. She climaxed very quickly, straining against my pushing mouth and probing tongue.

I leaned back on my knees and looked at her. She was looking at me. We smiled at one another.

“My turn?” I asked. Mum nodded.

We switched positions, I pulled up my skirt … I wasn’t wearing panties.

Mum pushed my knees apart, as I sat on the edge of the chair. “Not so hairy as me, but, oh, so lovely, Karen.”

As my mother leaned in to lick me, her on the floor on all fours, I watched the kitchen door open behind her.

David, Evie, Richard, and Megan, all entered the kitchen at once. But Mum didn’t stop licking. Indeed, she licked harder, and shook her big bottom, still exposed with her skirt riding high, for the new-comers to see.

There was a surprised silence. One second, two seconds, three seconds, Mum still licking madly, me looking from face to face, as I felt myself approaching climax.

Evie said, “It looks like you all are having as much fun in here as we were having out there.”

Then I came, with a long, squealing sigh, with my mother lapping away between my legs, and my family watching.

Mum sat back on the kitchen floor, twisting around to face David, and Evie, and Richard, and Megan. Her skirt was still about her waist, her lower half in full view.

“We were just practicing,” said my mother.

Evie laughed really loudly. The others grinned. I didn’t move to cover myself, not right away. Nor did Mum.

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