A life of service the end (4 now)

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Kelly sat in class day dreaming. Monday is such a drag she thought. English was such a shit class. Gym class was next and she would absolutely get out of that one. Mr. Nelson the gym teacher was a push over.
Her thoughts drifted to her little weekend outing. She was glad her little ploy had worked. Her little ski trip turned fuck session. She was also glad he had caught on to her game. These rich fucks, she though throw them a bit of ass and they will give you what ever you want. Next time he wants her he’s going to pay for it. She was well on her way to establishing herself in this new town. She was now Friends with the most popular girl in school and already having a sugar daddy. Kelly could be said to be rather enterprising for a fifteen year old.
The bell rang then and she grabbed her books and bolted for the door. She still had the whole day ahead of her. What a drag. At least it was gym, she would sneak out for a smoke, and then it would be lunch. She moved through the girls of her high school, clad in there uniforms laughing, talking, acting the way young girls do when they are together. Kelly hated being new, the dirty looks and the solitude but she knew it wouldn’t be long.
She turned down the hallway that led to the phys Ed department. She rushed to Mr. Nelson’s office hoping she’d catch him there. When she got to his door it was slightly ajar and she pushed it open and found Mr. Nelson rummaging through his drawers behind his desk.
“Sir” Kelly said “hi can I come in?”
“Sure, come on in” Kelly entered and made sure to close the door.
Mr. Nelson was in his mid forties balding and kind of chubby. He had nerdish qualities; maybe it was his thick glasses or his shy behavior. He eyed Kelly as she sat down on the chair before him. Mr. Nelson was what could be called a pervert of the first order. All the girls at St. Mary’s new it. All they did in gym class was stretch, play volleyball or swim. Kelly caught on to it right away.
“Sir I don’t feel well today, may I be excused from class?” Kelly said in her most innocent way.
“Young lady you have arrived at this school half way into the year and you have been here two weeks and have missed both my classes. What should I do? I have to grade you on something”. He said to her sternly.
Kelly turned her head away and pretended to ponder her answer. As she did this her legs open a crack to reviled her cute white panties for the fraction of a second. When she turned her head and say him eyeing her she knew she had him. She shifted in her seat and showed more of her thigh
“I’m sorry sir it just…… I’m shy about…..” She faked he discomfort well. “…. my body” She turned her head away to give her story some realism.
Mr. Nelson sort of froze. He’d fuck her right here. His wife was a fat mean cow; he hadn’t got laid in years. He was condoned to jerking off in the shower like he was a high school boy all over again.
“Kelly I can understand how you feel, puberty is a hard time for a girl but you have nothing to be shy about you are a lovely young lady.” He felt the surge in his loins as he thought of tearing into her teen cunt.
“You think so” she batted her eyes
“For sure your very lovely” He now had a semi from imaging her lips on his cock.

Kelly stood then and moved to behind his desk; she pretended not to see the bulge in his shorts.
“Thank you” she said as she turned around and sat on his lap, making sure to land her meaty butt on his bulge.
“Ahhhh what?” He was shocked.
“Mr. Nelson… what’s that in your pants” Kelly asked. She began to roll her hips on him massaging his rod.
He stood right then and Kelly fell to the floor on the ground before him, his cock was now eye level. Before he could protest she had pulled his shorts down and was stroking him off. Her free hand opening her top.
“Kelly stop this right now” he ordered because he had to but the second she had her lips on his shaft he knew the battle was lost.
She licked and sucked on his tiny shaft and balls. Stroking the whole time as fast as she could, she wanted to get this over with.
He looked down at her tits bulging out of the white bra she had on. He admired how they shook as she stroked him
She knew he was going to cum by his breathing. Wow it must have been so long for this poor sucker, she thought, it hasn’t even been a minute she’s been blowing him.
“Do want to cum on my tits” she asked as she stroked him she leaned back and thrust out her tits
“Yes … yes” he said practically drooling
“I want any A grade for the semester” she said to him “and you can cum on my tits”
”Ok…ok” he said but he had other plans.
He swatted her hand away to stroke himself off but placed his hand behind her head as he brought her forward he unloaded on her face. Her nose her lips her chin, it ran off onto he tits.
“that’s the cost of an A grade now get out” He said as he shook his last drops out on her.
She wiped herself off and buttoned her shirt and left in silence.

“Kelly” she heard a voice as she entered the hall. It was the secretary of the school.
“yes” Kelly answered hoping she got all the jizz off her face
“There’s a man here says he’s a friend of your fathers. He asked to speak with you. He says he’s from the marines.”
Kelly panicked she envisioned her father dead in a casket somewhere. But her father was in the navy. She calmed right back down as the both headed to the office. As they entered Kelly spotted the imposter. He was no friend of her father, less then 24 hours before he had been fucking her on the kitchen table of his chalet. She went along with the introduction and told them it was ok that she would be fine when he asked to speak to her along. They where lead to the interview room and Kelly closed the door.

He undid his fly and pulled out his meat then opened his money clip and placed a fifty on the desk beside him.
Kelly grabbed the fifty and knelt before him taking his dick in her hands. That’s a dick she thought to herself.
“Get with it we don’t have much time.” He ordered.
She began for the second time that morning to suck and stroke some cock. His fat cock stretched her mouth. Her jaw was hurting from all the sucking she had done in the last hour. He tried to force her deeper onto his cock but she could not take more. He slapped her face with his cock and reached down to her tits for a quick groping and then slid his rod back into her warm mouth. She sucked him off and stroked quick.
He reached down and pulled her head back. He nailed her with his muck. He sprayed her entire face it ran off her chin on to her shirt.
He put himself back into his pants and handed her a handkerchief. He walked Out of the room as she cleaned her face off.
It had been a good morning, fifty bucks an A in gym class and two facials in ten minute.
“I’m such a whore” she said out loud…….

Kate opened the door to her parent’s house for the first time in weeks. Strangely it did not feel like home anymore. She entered with trepidation, sort of sneaking in. she knew her parents where on vacation in Greece yet still, her behavior puzzled her. She removed her shoes and headed to her bedroom in the basement. She grabbed a change of panties and headed for the shower.
As the warm water cascaded down on her she reflected upon the events of the past month. She realized how she was conflicted. She wanted to be free and she resented being owned, yet in another way she felt a sense of belonging, she felt cherished. Though she knew in a way she was not being respected by the two of them simply by the fact that they where three in this relationship, which conflicted with her monogamous upbringing. She also saw in this the fact that there was no respect to being had in her other flings she had had previously. They belonged to each other and that was her over whelming feeling. Yet still.
Her experience in her master’s house had brought about strong feelings for Sandra, which she knew. Yet what she struggled with was the fact that she was essentially feeling was love for a woman. This she found strange. Never had she even remotely felt anything like this for a woman. Just the mental image of Sandra sent a charge to her fuck hole.

Kate’s feelings towards her master had strangely softened over the last month. She easily would have killed him on the spot three weeks before. But know she was able to spend hours with him, in his grasp. There was a strange duality here for she saw him as her man and as her slaver. She was for sure not in love with him but she was for sure in love with his cock. canlı bahis She enjoyed his “hands on” style. She enjoyed being pushed to her limits.

Lisa had almost not noticed her sister’s shoes in the entrance when she had got home. She had been too involved in the details of Kelly story on how she had sucked off there gym teacher.
“Oh my god” Lisa yelled out “she’s here”
“What … who is” Kelly asked as she removed her jacket.
Lisa raced to the basement of the home and bolted into her sister’s room. Kate stood over her bed packing some of the things she would be bringing to her masters house.
She turned and smiled to greet her little sister. The two hugged excitedly and spoke a mile a minute.
Of course Lisa wanted to know where her sister had been and why she had not come home at all. These questions came unanswered as Kate did her best to deflect her little sister by asking her question.
Kelly arrived in the basement and entered the room.
“Hi, you must be Kate” Kelly asked
“Kelly this is Kate …Kate …this is Kelly” Lisa performed the introductions and continued in the blurred interrogation of her older sister.
Kelly on the other hand was very interested to meet the “other woman” so to speak. Kelly found her rather attractive. Admittedly she was jealous of Kate’s fantastic figure and dark hair. She doubted the Kate had any idea who she was or that they where sharing the same cock. She was sure that the two of them would be very interested to find out that that morning she had had his fat rod in her mouth or for that matter twenty four hours before she had had her tight little clam pounded by that fat cock.

Kelly thought she knew a lot more then she did. Neither of the teenage queens had any idea that Kate was in a three way relationship with another woman, or that in fact she had been kept in a cage for weeks fucked in all her holes pumped with cum pissed on and had been used in all imaginable ways…or at least she thought in all ways.

He sat in his Germany made luxury car across the street from the home of the two sisters he had grown rather fond of over the last month. He knew Kate was there, he had given her permission to go there. But Kate had no idea he had followed her the whole day. It was after all her first day out of his home in a month. Things had played out rather interestingly. He had never thought that he would come across the two teen girls, let alone have fucked them. He thought then of the weekend that was to come. A plan was beginning to form in his head as a bulge began to form in his pants.

The end game.

Everything was in motion. His plan had come together perfectly. The week had gone by without a hitch. This day would be a day for all of them to remember. It was a shame that he would not be a part of the festivities. But he would watch and have his dessert. He cruised down the highway, returning to his home from Lisa and Kate’s house. Kate and Sandra were packed and waiting for his arrival, thinking they were going to a friends chalet. Little did they know their true destination, a quiet farmhouse an hour away from any sign of life. They would have all the peace and quiet they would need.
Lisa and Kelly were gagged, bound and drugged and stuffed in the trunk of his car. Just the idea of that was enough to make him want to pull over and jerk off. When he arrived he rushed Kate and Sandra into the car and sped off to the destination. Sandra sat in the back seat and read. Kate sat next to him in the car and ran her hand through his hair as they drove.

Once comfortably on the highway he reached down and undid his fly. Kate smiled when she say this and proceeded to pull out his fuck stick. Kate stroked it gently. Sandra caught wind of the activities and leaned in for a better view. He reached up for Kate’s Head and brought her mouth to his rod. Soon he was sliding in and out of her throat, her mouth warm and wet, and his dick long and hard. What was the harm in popping one off before he got there? He enjoyed the sound of Kate gagging on his cock, the gasps of air she took as she came up for air. Sandra watched intently but was confined to the back seat. She felt the wetness in her panties. The fact that he had two teenage girls drugged and bound in the trunk made him that much more aroused. He forced Kate back down and kept his rod in her throat till he blew his load. Kate choked and gagged but was pleased to please her master. When she was done she cleaned him off and placed his rod back in his pants and lit a smoke. She needed a good fuck right then.

Soon they were driving on country roads and it was getting dark. After about a half hour of driving they stopped in front of what appeared to be a gated driveway. The gate opened electronically and he proceeded along the “driveway” for about ten minutes when they came upon a clearing. In the fading light the girls could make out an enormous mansion, well light and ultra well maintained. There was a lot of money here.

He brought the car to a halt in front of the steps and told the girls to stay in the car. He stepped out of the car and a man in a black suit appeared from the steps and was instructed by their master to take the car with the girls in it. The suited man proceeded to climb into the car and drive off with the girls.
The enormous front doors parted and a servant came to great him and led him to the main hall. As he entered the hall he saw all the members of his secret society rise to their feet and the hall went silent. All the men present where prominent and powerful men. All had kept slaves and had formed a union of sorts. It was rather simple there where thirty members and one member per month would have to set up an evening of events which involved his slaves.
He had prepared a night to remember.

“Master blue” thundered a voice from the end of the hall. All eyes turned to face an older man in his fifties who sat calmly in a large throne-like chair.
“Master Black” He replied equally calmly.
“I trust all is well and we will not be disappointed by the night’s events?” Master Black said rather pompously.
“You will find that there will be not disappointment on any ones part.” He replied as he looked around the room. These men knew little of each other but united once a month. It was forbidden to greet each other on the street or anywhere in public.
“Gentle men if you would like to proceed to the ceremonial hall so we may begin….”

The hall was dimly lit and cold. The room seemed to be made of stone. In the center of the room there was a twenty by twenty foot stone pit 10 feet deep. There were two sets of stairs that went down to the pit. On the opposite wall the there was a large wooden door that stood the full ten feet tall.

The men gathered around the pit and stood in silence as the wooden door opened. Into the light entered three women being led in by three servants for the women where gagged and bound and blindfolded and clad in black lingerie with knee high stockings and high heel shoes. The women where made to kneel in the center of the pit as the servants chained them by there collars to loops in the wall.

He came down to the side of his women. He removed Kate’s blind fold then Sandra’s then Kelly’s. They were gagged but when they saw where they were and who they where with the girls eyes pleaded with him to let them go. He knelt beside Sandra and Kate and said.
“For you my loves this is the final stage of your training. After this you will be free to leave me if you so desire or stay if you choose to.” He turned to Kelly then

“But for you my little whore this is only the beginning and you will be taught your place in the world as a cum receptacle.”
He stood back from them and gave his final words to them.

“Do as you are told and you will be alright, disobey and these men will show you no mercy. There would be punishment beyond your imagination.”

Kelly struggled to get away, to make it to safety which was ridiculous but her chains held her in the pit. The men smiled to each other as they thought of punishing her tiny holes. Kate and Sandra seemed to have kept their nerve a bit more yet still they where confused and bewildered to what was about to happen.

He prepared himself to address the audience. He took the time to look through the faces in the crowd and began to speak.

“My brothers you have before you an appetizing collection of fine young women to fulfill your lustful needs. If you notice amongst you now there bahis siteleri are servants passing out a set of instructions and rules of engagement per say or a chronology if you prefer.”

Three servants mingled through the crowd handing out black sealed envelopes. The men opened their envelopes and smiled to each other as they read its contents.

Suddenly the wooden doors cracked open and there stood before them the final addition to his plan. Lisa stood bound and gagged. Black latex boots went to her knees with fishnet stockings that reached halfway up her thighs. She wore a black satin thong. She stood bare breasted before them. She wore a nipple clamp on each nipple that had a chain that went between the two. Her hands were bound behind her back by rope tight around her wrists and forearms, the knot completed at elbow height which put her in an awkward position that forced her luscious young tits outward. She had around her neck a choker with a leash that ran to the hand of the servant that led her to him. She had bright red gag ball in her mouth and a black scarf to arrest her sight.

The men eyed the gothic prom queen as she was forcefully led to the center of the pit.

“Gentlemen forgive me” He addressed the members of the elite club “Our little addition will not be part of the attractions this evening for her training has not even begun. She will be with me and will bear witness to the violation of her sister.”

The bile rose in Kate’s throat. She prayed to god to not turn and see her sister. When her eyes fell upon the bound and gagged figure behind her in the center of the pit tears began to pour from her face. She struggled to free herself to rescue her little sister but to no avail. She turned and eyed her master with a mix of pleading and hate. Her muffled please went unheard.
As he walked by Kate on his way to his new pet he passed and leaned down to her
“I will be the only man she will experience tonight I give you my word”

This was of little comfort coming from a man that kept women caged in his cellar. Kate looked to Sandra who had a mortified look on her face. Sandra’s eyes were fixed on her master. She knew deep down she would do what ever he told her to do, yet she was still scared. He gently caressed her face and told her that it would soon be over and to just bear with him.

With his pets leash in hand he climbed the stairs from the pit slowly for she was blind folded. Strangely she would not struggle with her leader. When they came to the top of the stairs, he turned to his allies and said “Gentlemen you may commence at will”

And commence they did. Some of the members of his club went straight done into the pit fully clothed others removed their shirts or pants or both. The voyeurs amongst them stood back to watch.
The girls tried vainly to get away before they were devoured by the drooling men. The scene was almost horrific as his brothers began to rip the clothes from off of their catches bodies, like lions feeding on their prey.
Around each woman there stood a half a dozen men or more each with their rods out and either slapping them in the face with their cocks or tit fucking them.

Kate was forced into doggy position on her hands and knees as one man tongued her tight ass. Another removed her gag ball and whispered to her the sweet horrors he would perform on her if she bites his cock, and then jammed it all the way to its base in her throat.
Kelly was already vomiting on the ground before her as a black man with an enormous cock face fucked violently.
Sandra was also being throated by an enormous rod, drool hanging from her chin and dropping onto her firm breasts. Soon all three of the girls had black mascara running down their faces and drool pouring all over their bodies as the men took turns fucking their throats.

He watched with pride as the men enjoyed his property. The view before him naturally led to him having an enormous bulge in his pants. His thoughts turned to his newest fuck hole. He quickly yanked on her leash and ordered her to kneel which she did not.
He repeated his command but this time he gave a tug on the chain that lead to the clamps on her nipples and she winced in pain and complied as quickly as she could. He undid his pants and pulled his throbbing hard rod out from his pants and began to rub it on her young face as he watched the action before him.
By now every hole and mouth and pair of tits, hands and even feet where being fucked rigorously. Kelly cried in agony as one man tried to force his dick into her snatch with one already in it. Tears poured down her face vomit in her hair. Two men waiting for their turn took turns spitting in her face.
Sandra who was also covered in her own drool was having her holes fucked franticly. Master thought she looked almost pleased with what was happening to her. She stroked the cocks around her with fervor. Some members of the group had whips and some feathers. One even had a candle for the wax that he poured over their bodies.

Kate was bounced around roughly between her group of slavers, being analized without mercy. She felt her guts be pushed around inside her body. When ever she could she would turn to see if her sister was safe, but someone would soon give her a slap in the face and stuff her mouth with dick and block her view.

Lisa remembered leaving school and then waking up in a barn, alone tied up and blindfolded. She had some strange ball shaped object in her mouth. She was cold and afraid and was definitely panicked. Then she was moved to another room where she heard a familiar voice. She also heard the voice of many others and wondered where she was. In her panicked state she hadn’t noticed the dull pain to her nipples till she felt them being yanked on then she was kneeling.

Master thought now would be the time to remove her blindfold. And he did. His cock was the first thing she saw as he rubbed her face with it. Then she saw his face. She froze. She was astonished to see someone like him before her.

“Tonight you will experience things that will forever change you. They will scare you and shake you to the core. The first thing you must understand is that you now belong to me. The sooner you realize this, the better. If you do not except this then what is happening behind you will be your future.” He then turned her whole body around to face the orgy before them.

Lisa went into shock. Tunnel vision, her heart rate sped up and her hair stood on its end. She would have fell face first if her new master was not holding her by the pony tail. Her sister, her best friend and some poor other girl she did not know where being decimated by group of men. The horror penetrated down to her soul. She saw the despair on there face despite the spit, drool and vomit that cover them. Their bodies covered in sweat. The tears poured down Lisa’s face as she watched what unfolded before her.

When the men had all had a turn on each one of their holes the fuck dolls where then placed on there knees and bunched up together so there faces were pressed together.

Lisa turned her head to look at her master as if to ask what was happening but soon her questions where answered as one after another the men fired of their cum onto the girls. Soon there was a thick slime that covered the fuck dolls bodies burning their eyes and running all over them.
Kelly could not help it, their face faces held together and cum pool all over them was too much for her. Her vomit covered Sandra’s face and hair hitting her with a splash. Sandra pulled away trying to wipe it off but was quickly shoved back to her place. The shame was unbearable for all of them. At least they thought, it was over now but they were soon proven wrong.

All the men tired from there efforts returned to there places outside the pit leaving the girls quivering and kneeling in a pool of cum. Lisa felt terrible for the poor girls but deep inside she was glad it was them and not her.

The fuck dolls dripping with cum and vomit dared not to move until the heard the sound that came from behind the wooden doors. With every heavy foot fall they heard, panic struck deeper in their hearts. When the wooden doors finally swung open the women scrambled to their feet to try and get away. For before them stood an enormous muscular and dark stallion being led in by a man that could have almost been equally as massive. The man tied the reigns of the male steed to a loop on the ground. The fuck dolls looked like a bunch of sick cats trying to get away from water, bahis şirketleri but it was futile but they did not stop trying.
One by one they were forced to kneel before the horse monstrous shaft by the menacing beast of a man who punished any disobedience with a crack of his horse whip on the tenderest of body parts. With a bit more coaxing from the wipe they were soon sucking and licking and stroking the huge putrid revolting dick.

Lisa could not believe her eyes. Could this get any sicker? She panicked when she heard his voice addressing her.
“Do you feel bad for your sister” he asked “the reason she does this is for you. Because she feels bad for you”
Lisa looked at him with a look of confusion.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved his phone which he fiddled with for a moment before holding it before her to see the video that it played. She watched as she saw what appeared to be some young girl with a big dick in her ass. Then the cock pulled out of the ass as cum began to leak out. Then the camera moved up to show the face of a passed out girl……. Her face.
Her heart skipped a beat and the blood drained from her face as she came to realize what she was watching. He relished ever second of her panic.

“You see my little whore, I’ve already cum in your ass and you did not even know I was there. I had equally as much fun with your mouth.” He said down to her

Lisa’s sobbing was renewed as she felt the shame of her violation. She felt dirty and cheap. She looked at his large hard dick that hung between them and wondered how it had ever fit into her tiny ass

“And now I will see to it that this time you know what is happening to you” she smiled

Before she could react he had turned her around to face the bestiality that was occurring before them and she was forced down till she lay on her belly. She felt him tear off her thong and kneel over her. He pulled he lovely little ass up to his rod and without hesitation drive his dick in all the way. Lisa saw stars and felt searing pain in her rectum her mind reeled from the pain but was quickly refocused by the second thrust. She yelled like she had never yelled before but they where all muffled by the ball in her mouth.

He plowed her from the first thrust as fast and as hard as he could. She would remember this forever. Her ass was so tight it hurt him as he nailed her violently. That would not stop him. He reached for a handful of her hair to pull. Her head snapped back with the force of his tug tears and mascara ran down her face, he spit into her face to add to the mess and the humiliation. Drool poured from mouth, her eyes glazed over as if she were day dreaming. He wanted her to be the here with him so he quickly flipped her on her back and pushed her ankles till they were behind her head. Again he stabbed her ass with his dick He knew he was going to cum soon…. She was so tight.

Some men gather around to watch Lisa’s eyes roll back in her head from her violation. Others continued to watch the sloppy whores sucking off the horse. Sandra had the horse in her throat as Kelly stroked its shaft. The taste of the steeds cock was revolting. Sandra threw up right then all over the horse dick and collapsed in disgust. Kelly was quickly forced to suck the puke covered horse cock by the man with the horse wipe. She gagged and choked but did not stop.

Kate knelt transfixed by the sight of her baby sister being raped. She would have done anything to have it be her instead. She remembered the pain of her initiation, the feelings of helplessness, and the shame. She winced at the thought.

The men around Lisa took turns spitting on her as he plowed her little ass roughly.

“Should I fuck that virgin pussy of yours” He asked her. Her eyes plead for him not to.
He wanted to fuck with her head before he came.
“Your right I’ll save your snatch for the horse”
The look of terror on her face made him cum instantly. He filled her ass with his come for the second time. Gulp after blast after gulp was fired into her cherry anus. She felt like his cum was rushing into her intestines. Cum leaked from her ass as he pulled out of her. He quickly disciplined her for this and said that she had to keep his cum in her and would have to ask for it to come out. It hurt terribly for her to clench but she did so any ways. Then to her horror the men that stood around her picked her up and carried her down into the pit. The placed her on her knees and forced her head down so she was in a doggy style position, her backside to the horse and the girls sucking it off.

Her new master appeared next to her with a smile on his lips, one eye on her one eye on the fuck dolls.
The enormous steed began to buck and whine, ready to blow his load. The beast of a man produced a bucket and gave it to Kate and ordered the girls to make the horse cum in the bucket. He gave them each a crack of the horse whip just to be sure. Kate held the bucket in front of the horses giant cock as Kelly and Sandra stroked together to get it off. The horse gave a final whine and thrust forward. The cum hit the bucket with a load splash and it shook the bucket in Kate’s hands. But she held it while gush after gush flew in to the receptacle. To the Lisa’s relief when the horse was done the man untied its reigns and led it back through the doors.
Kate knelt there with a gallon of horse spunk in a bucket wondering what would possibly happen next.
From behind his back there master produce a funnel. He smiled at the girls when they saw what he held. He leaned forward and spread Lisa’s Ass checks. By the time Lisa had turned her head to see what was happening the funnel has already in her ass. Her moans of protest rang loudly at the entry of the foreign object.

He walked to Kate to pull the bucket from her hand but she would not let him. He grabbed her nipple and twisted and pinched as hard as he could, she screamed and released the bucket. He walked back to Lisa and said
“If you spill one drop of this I will personally shove that horse’s dick into your virgin cunt”
She nodded, tears poured down her cheeks as he tilted the bucket and cum poured from the bucket to the funnel to her anal cavity. Kelly thought she was going to puke again. She could not believe what she was seeing. When he was done poring the liters of cum in her ass he tossed the bucket and looked at all those who where present.
“And for the final touch” He said as he reached for his dick and began to urinate into the funnel. By the time he was done the funnel was full of piss and would not drain anymore. The poor tortured girl’s anal cavity was full to the brim. When he was done he reached done and removed her gag ball so he could hear her complaints.
“Why are you doing this” she cried through a sore jaw. “Please let us go we won’t tell any one please….”

All he said was “stand”
She tried her best but could not. Her ass was too sore and her rectum was too full. He pulled her to her feet by her hair and paraded her around the pit for all eyes to see still clenching her hair in his fist.

Each step she took felt like she would shit herself. He slapped her ass hard every time a drop leaked out. The men where astonished by the display all of them had there hard on’s back and where stroking themselves. When he was done showing her off he made her kneel on the ground and wait as the Master took from his pocket three straws and handed them to the fuck dolls.
“Do I need to explain” Is all he said

One after the other the girls inserted their straws and began to gulp down the mix of cum and piss that was trapped in Lisa’s rectum.
“Oh my god this is so sick” Lisa said between sobs. “I hate you” she yelled as she cried.
Kelly again threw up all over herself and just sat there catatonic.
Sandra gagged and moaned her disgust
Kate sucked that straw with a vengeance doing her best to help her sister who herself was also vomiting.
The men began to come back down stairs and formed a circle around all of them still stroking themselves off. This time the four girls were forced to swallow each one of their loads one after another. Seven loads for each of the fuck dolls and nine for Lisa. Load after slimy load the girls guzzled down. By the time this was done all the girls were catatonic and in shock.

Then as per the instructions one after another, each man pissed on all four of the whores till the girls were soaked and shivering and covered head to toe. Their hair matted to there faces. Eyes burnt from piss and ego destroyed. The girl’s just laid in the pool of urine as the men left the pit and then the room. Soon the lights where out and the girls slept the night in a pond of piss cum and puke.

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