A Late Night Drink Pt. 02

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She rested her cheek on my collarbone, nuzzling the tendons in my neck with her mouth, one arm draped over my shoulder, the other flat against my chest. Her perfect breasts rising ever so slightly with each breath. I flexed my hard-on against her thighs, but left my hands on her ankles, I had a feeling that any release for me would have to be on her terms. She toyed with my nipple, pinching and rolling in response to the rise and fall of my straining cock.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” she said, rising, one leg at a time, her drenched pussy leaving a creamy smear on my shorts and navel. “Still thirsty?”

I could barely answer, stunned by the perfect nakedness of this tiny powerhouse. Still captivated by her every curve. “Umm, yeah,” I managed, stretching my legs straight out in front of me. I gratefully accepted the previously withheld bottle, swiftly downing most of it in a single gulp.

“You’ve been such a good catch. I don’t think I can let you go just yet,” she smiled, showing her straight white teeth.

It was then that I noticed—too late—a cloudiness to the last drops of water in my bottle, and a slightly sour taste rising to the back of my tongue. The condensation had made it appear clear but I could see now it had obviously been dosed with something…what had she done to me now?…My vision began to blur and I heard the sound of myself saying nonsense about her pedicure…and then I remember her approaching me once more, a delicious laugh echoed in my ears…


Look at this helpless fellow, covered in sweat and my sweet cum and golden shower. It’s all over him! Smeared from his mouth to his cock—and OH his cock… It’s been racing for over an hour now, trapped in those cute surfer shorts. He must be close to begging for release.

When the drugs took hold of him, what did he say? Something about my feet? “You like pedicured toes?” I lifted my foot placing the ball flat on his chin. Without hesitation his eager pink tongue began clamoring for a taste of the spaces between my toes. For the first time, I noticed the cross tattoo on his wrist. He must be one of those repressed church-boys, taught to be strong and chaste, but what he really wants—what he really needs—is for a woman to have her way with him from time to time, to teach him some humility.

Well, with that massive boner ready to burst, and the dose I gave him, I should have another hour-and-a-half of conscious sedation. I’ll keep him just on the edge of cumming and see how many I can get out of him.

I withdrew my toes from his mouth. He’d been slurping on the tips. It’s the one downfall of the drugs, I thought, makes a good man a little sloppy. I need to test his temperament a little more before I let myself get too into this. I completely lost control on that first one, I need to make sure I’m safe from here on.

I’ll give some simple commands and see how he responds. I stood over him and lowered the foot he’d been kissing onto his raging hard-on. Catching the tip between my toes I pressed in, “What’s this?” I asked, “Are you turned on by me? Do you like being my man-slut?” The drugs were powerful, normally used for dentistry and at their strongest right now, he couldn’t respond verbally but I he pressed his hips up into me, longingly gazing at my perfect vagina. “You want to have some more of this?” I teased, curling my toes and over his throbbing shaft.

“Uggghhhnnnn” he responded with a deep, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri groaning sigh.

“Oh good,” I said, releasing him and stepping up to receive his tongue again, “Clean up my pussy while you take your shorts off.” I spread my labia for him, not convinced he’d have the same accurate flourish while sedated as he had at first, but his handsome jaw and thick lips were adequate to refresh my lady boner as he wriggled out of his shorts, head back, pinned to the wall by my hips.

What I saw next pleased me more than it should have. His hair was neatly kept and his enormous balls were tightly smooth, clean-shaven. I licked my lips, thinking about what I’d like to do to him if I had more time. He had a neatly circumcised cock, swelling nearly 2 inches thick. The mushrooming tip ballooned out beyond that, desperate and swollen. The veins on his smooth white skin were thick and pulsing, it must have been painful—I creamed viciously at the thought of it hurting him as he plunged into me, trading pain for the pleasure of servicing me, his golden mistress. But I was getting ahead of myself, again.

“Good,” I said, “Give me three more long, slow licks.” And he did, exactly as I said. This is going to be fun.

He was at least 6 feet tall, and sitting up straight against the wall his face was perfectly aligned for what I wanted next. “Sit on your hands.” He did. “You’re going to rim me, now,” I said, “Gently and lavishly. You will not touch me with your hands, you will only please me with your mouth. You will know that you are pleasing me when you feel the tightness of my hole relax. As it relaxes you will increase your efforts and lick me deeply. You will not stop.”

I turned my ass to him, realizing that it was absolutely wet with sweat from our first encounter, I felt a little bad, if he were mine I would have cleaned up for him, but I was short on time. I spread my legs and bent over, bracing myself with one arm and placing my hand on his aching balls. I shuffled back until I felt his nostrils exhaling on my ripe star. “Mmmmm” I sighed, I really loved a good rimming. “Now, begin,” I commanded.

Obediently he began, sometimes catching my fourchette, he paid equal attention to both sides of my hole, cleaning the darkened skin, pressing into the folds, tasting the salt and savour that had accumulated over the past hour. I squeezed his balls firmly, then beginning at the base of his shaft I slowly milked more pre-cum from him before returning to an increasingly hard squeeze on his scrotum and agonizingly tight press up to the frenulum. His groans fed my lust as I felt his tongue riding closer and closer, rubbing over the tightest opening of my body.

I imagined his view of my starry crown, now shining with clean saliva, swelling and softening with every stretch of his warm and willing service. I bore down, pressing it out for him, and my pussy literally gushed hot mess onto his chest as he obediently forced the length of his tongue deep inside me. He withdrew and began exploring the crest of my star but I shouted at him, louder than I intended, “No! Again!”

He did not comply, continuing his slow circle down to my dripping lips. I filled my hand with recently discharged nectar and made a choice. I’m going to bring him up and make him tongue me until I can feel it in my throat. His erection had subsided mildly since I let go but was still full length. I knew how to bring it güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to attention.

My well-oiled hand reached out and rolled his shaft over, exposing the sensitive underbelly of his lust. I dipped my fingertips back inside me, past my own throbbing clitoris and deep into my thick hot swells. Placing a wet smear on the underside of his tip, I tortured him. “Lay down!” I commanded, and immediately he did. Sitting on his face, I leaned forward bring my mouth only millimeters from his sex, I breathed out a hot slow huff over the base.

The smell of his manhood and the heat of his erection on my lips brought another wave of cream out of me. Salivating I allowed the wetness to drip from my tongue onto his body, each drop bringing a squirm from my prey. My fingernails were excruciatingly slow in spreading the liquid up the ridges of his mushroom around the tip and by the time they were half-way back down his 8 inch pole, he had resumed a full-mouth embrace of my asshole. His dominated moaning brought me a deep and powerful tension in my body. I needed to cum again, soon.

Not satisfied that he would disobey me no more, I placed one of my legs under his neck to ensure his compliance, just in case. Maintaining my control of his erection I sat back up onto his face, spreading my hips wide, bearing down and receiving prompt attention to every detail. My dark glory expanded for him and he impaled me deeply with his powerful tongue. “Hold it inside me, now” I said, swivelling my hips ever so slightly, I could feel the pressure through the walls of my vagina as I clenched in and bore down on his obedient pink tower.

I could hear the effortful breathing through his nostrils and feel the shaking of his core as his neck muscles fatigued in their dedicated effort to spear my soul into eternity. I fell forward onto his legs, my back arching without my permission.

My eyes began watering and I felt my face scrunch in agony as I started to cum into what I knew would be a series of thundering orgasmic waves. I faithfully tended to his erection with my hand, but the masterful sight of it up close and his delicate and dedicated attention to maintaining his throat-deep tongue thrust in my hole brought my inner goddess to her knees and I knew I was in trouble.

Don’t taste it! Don’t get his cum anywhere near your mouth! You know how you are! Stop this, get out of here!

But suddenly he grabbed my hips, the strength of his arms was alarming, I only held on because my one leg was over his shoulder, the calf along the back of his neck helping him tongue fuck me harder. But as he stood up, my thighs came to rest on either side of his face and I was face to face, with his massive swinging cock, dripping pure, sweet man-honey and pulsing with a dark-soul slave-lust for my beautiful sex. I want to satisfy this man so badly…

Involuntarily, I lifted his cock to the side and sucked one smooth ball into my mouth. It was all I could manage, and I sucked hard on it, delighted at the stream that flowed from him as I released the pressure. Pushing his balls aside I stretched my tongue down to his perineum. It was fully engorged, his prostate clenched like a fist, his musty salted sweat was rich like melted butter, I licked hard until I could taste nothing new.

My oral attentions drove him wild and his appreciative groans were fuel thrown on the fire of my passion. He gently lowered güvenilir bahis şirketleri me to the floor where I knelt before him. Every single muscle stood out on his glowering body. His erection demanded my allegiance and I rushed forward, embracing it with two hands and wide open lips.

He was a gentleman, even sedated as he was, and let his hands fall gently in my hair, only tugging lightly, just enough to mentally stimulate my submission to him, to remind me that I willingly opened my throat to his pulsing pleasure stick. I reached a hand between my legs and at the first press, I came, loudly singing over his cock, saliva bubbling out the edges of my mouth and down my chin. Amazingly, he held his pride.

After rhythmically tugging at his flesh, I felt him stiffen and for the first time he pulled my hair harder, enough to remove my worshipful mouth from his lust. The pull moved upwards, was he standing me up? And we met, mouth to mouth, for the first time…

I tasted everything I had done to him, and he tasted his own pungent sauce on my tongue. His lips were raw from my treatment of him, but his eyes were still kind, the wrinkles and laugh-lines deeply crafted. The salt-and-pepper graying of his beard made my knees buckle. What had I done to this man? I thought. He was not through with me yet, though.

Silently we walked across the room to the footrest where he gently whispered, “Bend over it.” His kindness unlocked another wave of lust in me. Simply obeying this order brought me up to the crest of another long, delicious fall. He stood behind me and reached up, caressing my breasts with one hand. His hands were so large he could reach both nipples by spreading his fingers. He teased them equally as he placed his iron-tight cock into the welcoming folds of my darkest star. I had dried some since his tongue last pressed me.

He reached through my legs, and spread my cum all over my hole before driving his tip, just his tip, through the opening. “Ohhhh,” I moaned. Knowing the intimate warmth of his body in my ass. Feeling my own saliva and cum lubricate the way, he slowly, patiently pressed into my body, millimeter by millimeter, over the course of minutes.

With each increase in depth he slightly changed positions, bringing me right to the edge of pleasured panic, sometimes with a leg up on the footrest next to me, sometimes with a hand on my clit, sometimes gently tugging my hair as I pressed open to receive his flesh sword deep into my body. When he finally reached full depth he gave a satisfied grunt and placed both hands on my hips.

With the slightest movement, he rocked me forward and backward, flexing his shaft, and digging his nails into my flesh. This subtle ravaging unlocked a fury of electric spasms in my deepest parts.

I saw a bright light, I couldn’t even scream, but simply inhaled and let out a long tense “Ahhhhhhhh.” My spine became fused to the heat of his fire, radiating lightning to the outermost tips of my body. My toes splayed as I quivered, completely surrendered and skewered on the shaft of this dominating, gentle giant.

Sensing the peak of my pleasure and pain he finally released into me, all of his cream, all of his submission and domination. All of his kindness and power, and he withdrew as slowly as he entered, leaving me blissfully spread open and collapsed on the footrest.

He moved to the chair, stretching his long legs out and crossing his ankles next to my heaving shoulders. “Do you mind if I shower before I go?” he asked, grey eyes smiling. Unable to say a word, I simply clasped his foot and planted a sweet kiss on the inside arch, directing him to the shower with my eyes. The drugs had clearly left his system early—I needed to check my dosages next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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