A Friend in Need Pt. 01

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This story was written for the following prompt: “A harness that holds pocket dimensions which you put your arms and legs into, effectively allowing you to be without limbs and therefore helpless.”

Contains: temporary limblessness, bondage.

“This is… weird.” She wiggled her arms, feeling like they were completely normal, but the only thing visible was her shoulders flexing slightly. It looked as if she didn’t have arms, her limbs just ending at the shoulder with a strange taut fabric stretched over them. The only difference in sensation was a slight tingling as she waved her hands around, feeling air swish past them.

“Isn’t it great, J?” her friend enthused, picking up the lower half of the harness from her bed. “Want to try the legs?”

Janet laughed. “God, you buy the weirdest stuff. And no, I don’t really want to become a torso.”

“Are you sure? It’s really fun. There’s no way to get it off yourself, and you just feel so helpless…” Her eyes glazed over a little, a yearning expression on her face.

“Hellooo… Earth to Emma…”

Emma snapped back to reality, flushing a bright red as she tried to play it off. “I mean, I’d imagine so. If you liked that.”

“Emmaaa…” Janet asked, drawing out her name. “Is this a bondage thing?”

“Yes. I mean no! I mean-” Emma buried her face in her hands, her loose brown hair falling forward and obscuring her further. “…maybe.”

Janet giggled. “You can just tell me. I’m not going to be weird about you liking what you like.”

“Well, okay, yeah,” Emma admitted. “I just wanted to see if you liked it too.”

Janet shrugged, a strange maneuver without visible arms. “It’s okay, but being tied up – well, dimensionally restricted – doesn’t do that much for me.” She looked down at the harness as a thought struck her. “How do you even use this thing by yourself? I can’t imagine how you’d put it on.”

Emma sighed, her expression turning glum. “I wish you’d asked me that before I bought it. I tried it on in the store with the attendant, and it was just… ” Her eyes got a little wistful again, but she came to her senses in only a moment. “I didn’t think about the fact that I needed a partner until, well, I got home and tried to put it on. Then I felt really stupid.”

“Couldn’t you return it?”

“I could, but I really do love it. I guess I just have to wait until I get a boyfriend who likes this kind of thing.” She sighed, and Janet sat down next to her on the bed, trying to put an arm around her shoulders before she realized what she was doing and simply cuddled up against her friend. After a few peaceful moments, she sat bolt upright.

“Hey, why can’t I just do it?”


“All you need is someone to put you in canlı bahis şirketleri and take you out, right? I can do that much.”

A grin spread across Emma’s face, and she turned and hugged Janet. “Oh, that would be amazing! Thank you!”

“What are friends for?” Janet said, smiling. “Why didn’t you just ask me before?”

“Well…” Emma blushed, pulling away. “I didn’t want- it’s a little personal-“

“Yeah, yeah, you’re shy. What else is new?” Janet leaned forward, bumping shoulders with her. “Now come on, get me out of this thing so you can get in it.”

“R-Right now?”

“Why not?”

Extracting her from the harness was somewhat disquieting to look at, her arms simply appearing out of the fabric pouches that had no way of possibly containing them. Emma slipped it down until her fingers were free, and Janet shook out her hands, slapping her thighs until her palms stung.

“Ugh, it’s weird taking them out. Like my arms fell asleep and only just started feeling again.” Emma handed over the upper harness, and Janet gave it a considering look. “Do you want to do arms and legs? Because if we’re doing both, it’ll probably be easier to get your legs in while you still can hold yourself upright.”

“Oh, good thinking.” Emma shifted, frowning as she considered the logistics of it. “In the store they had a thing to hold you off the ground, but I guess if I put my legs like this…?” She lifted her legs away from the bed, sitting on the very edge. Janet swapped out for the lower harness, hopping off the bed and crouching down, turning it around so that it faced the right way. It looked quite strange. The main component was two cloth bags that seemed barely big enough to hold a foot, each held open by a large adjustable ring about the width of a thigh. Hanging off the rings were a couple of buckled straps that were designed to tighten around your waist and keep everything in place. Apparently simple, but the way the harness worked still boggled the mind.

“So I just…” Janet slid the mouths of the bags over Emma’s feet… and up her calves… and past her knees, until everything below her uppermost thigh had simply disappeared. “God, that’s freaky. Even though I kinda want it to make a slide whistle sound.”

“Shut up,” Emma said, giggling, and toppled backwards on the bed as she lost her suddenly precarious balance. Janet stood up quickly, concern written on her face.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…” Emma stared at the ceiling, looking a little worried. “Um, Janet?”

“Yeah?” Janet sat down next to her.

“Do you know what a safeword is?”

“I think so…? It’s like something weird you shout out if you need to stop.”

Emma smiled weakly. “Pretty much. So, um, if I say ‘yellow’, I want canlı kaçak iddaa you to pause whatever you’re doing, and if I say ‘red’, I want you to get me out. Can you remember that?”

“Yellow to pause, red to stop. Easy-peasy. What does green stand for, though? ‘Please, harder’?” Janet smirked as Emma blushed.

“J, come on… It’s for safety. You don’t have to make it weird.”

“What, putting my best friend in interdimensional bondage isn’t making it weird already?” Janet picked up the upper harness, grinning. “Stick your arms out, girlie. Time to turn you into a torso.”

Emma groaned. “I can’t believe you’re the one doing this to me. I’ll have no choice but to listen to all your bad jokes.” She lifted up her arms, unable to suppress a shiver of anticipation as Janet knelt over her. Again, her limbs slowly disappeared into the bottomless pouches, feeling the brush of soft cloth against her arms change to empty air. She quivered as it met her shoulders, pulling taut against her skin as Janet tugged at the straps and connected both harnesses, lifting her off the bed to get everything tightened around her. Laying flat on her back, it was hard to see the effects, but the simple fact that she was unable to sit up and look at herself sparked the flame of arousal inside her. Her shoulders and stomach flexed, the edges of her thighs waving as she moved her limbs through the cool, still air.

“How’s it feel?” Janet asked, and Emma struggled to think of an answer that didn’t immediately paint her as a huge pervert. Mindblowing? Completely and utterly restrictive? Like a massive, massive turn-on?

“It’s okay,” she mumbled faintly, her breath coming faster, a flush blooming in her cheeks as she realized far too late that she had no way to stimulate herself.

“Just okay? You were talking about this thing like it was the Holy Grail of restraints.” Janet leaned over her, long brown hair falling around her head and outlining her face. “If you’re enjoying it, tell me about it. Tell me what you’re feeling. I’m curious.” Emma hesitated even as she slipped deeper into the sensation of total helplessness, arousal burning between her thighs.

“I… can’t move, even though I can move. I’m flailing my arms around, but I can’t touch you. Or anything. I can’t do anything except lie here…” She faltered.

“Go on,” Janet murmured reassuringly.

“I feel totally helpless. I’m at your mercy. If you wanted to do something to me, I couldn’t do anything at all to stop you, and… oh, fuck…” She trembled, unbearably horny, desperate to touch herself but unable to even rub her thighs together.

“Do you like that feeling?” Janet asked, her voice low. “Does it turn you on?”

Emma nodded, her eyes squeezed shut and biting canlı kaçak bahis her lip, far past embarrassment.

“Can you come from being tied up like this?”

Emma shook her head frantically, and heard a soft laugh.

“Well then, it was silly to get yourself all hot and bothered without anything to help you out.” She felt Janet’s hair against her cheek as she leaned in, hot breath tickling her ear.

“Do you want me to help you?” Janet whispered.

Emma nodded without thinking.

Janet made a satisfied noise. “Where’s your vibrator?”

“T-Top drawer…” She felt Janet’s weight shift away and heard the sound of her dresser being pulled open. Janet returned to kneeling next to her on the bed, and a slight pressure against her neglected heat made her try to buck her hips forward.

Janet chuckled. “I was going to ask if you’re ready, but I think that answers it.” The slight pressure became a strong vibration, the head of the wand buzzing as Janet pressed it to Emma’s slit through her jeans. She gasped, writhing against the sudden pleasure, unable to do anything but take it. Janet leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek and stroking Emma’s hair as she cried out.

“Aren’t you going to open your eyes?” Emma could feel Janet’s hair tracing her cheeks and peeked between her eyelids, finding her friend’s face right above her, brown eyes meeting her gaze. “I want to see you when you come.”

Janet shifted the wand, grinding it against her clit, and she moaned, flushing, unable to tear her eyes away. The sensation combined with the helplessness was driving her crazy, and she struggled uselessly, feeling the hot pressure building inside her. Janet’s gentle stare kept her pinned just as much as the harness, indescribable emotion and lust battling in her chest.

Eventually, the mounting pleasure was too much. Emma let out a series of short, sharp moans, growing in intensity and volume until she came with a ragged cry, back arching off the bed, a rush of wetness staining her panties. Janet never turned away, watching her eyes go blank with ecstasy as she rode out her orgasm, bucking weakly against the vibrator and eventually slumping back to the bed. Janet switched off the wand, setting it to the side, putting her hand on Emma’s stomach as she took deep, shuddering breaths.

“Do you want out?” Janet asked quietly.

“Not yet,” Emma murmured, floating in the warm afterglow of climax. Part of her mind was screaming What just happened?! but the rest of her was content to simply lie there, ignoring her worries. Well, almost content. “Could you, um, cuddle with me?”

Janet smiled. “Of course.” She laid down on her side, pulling Emma close and curling up around her, putting an arm over her stomach. Emma let out a heavy breath, nuzzling into Janet’s warmth as her heart calmed.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Janet kissed the top of her head, still smiling.

Part 2 should be up relatively soon. All comments and criticisms are appreciated.

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