A Friend Forever

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It had been one of those days where you just felt you never should have gotten out of bed because nothing had gone right. I stopped on the way home, debated over two different bottles of wine and wound up getting them both. I decided dinner was highly over rated and drove home, listening to music, the sunroof and windows open. As I walked in the door, I kicked off my heels and headed to the kitchen, putting the wine in the fridge after pouring a generous glass, switched the stereo and smiled at the sound of Marvin Gaye singing “Let’s Get It On”. I headed to the bedroom, unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor at my ankles and then reached up and pulled off the silk shirt over my head, letting it join the skirt. Clad only in a black bra and black lacy bikini panties, I picked up my glass of wine, and headed to the bathroom. Candles were already scattered across the room and I lit them, humming along with the music, then turned on the water to the jacuzzi tub. It had been an extravagant addition but days like this, it seemed worth its weight in gold.

My glass of wine was half gone and I thought I would fill it before I got in the tub to soak. I paused to pile my hair up on top of my head, grabbed the glass and headed back to the kitchen. After filling my glass and heading back into the bathroom, I placed my wine on the edge of the tub, reached up, unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor and enjoying the unrestrained feeling of my breasts being free and feeling my nipples instantly harden and tighten. I slipped my panties off, switched off the overhead light and climbed in the tub, sinking down and moaning at the delicious feeling of the hot water, feeling the tension just draining away. I added a very tiny bit of bubble bath and switched the jets on, my head falling back and just enjoying total relaxation for the first time during the day. I lay there, my mind just floating, the candles fragrant and their light dancing across the walls and ceiling, the music playing, the water lulling me into a very lazy, relaxed place.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes when I heard the front door open and close. I felt my heart stop for a moment, and then heard the sound of my best friend calling, “where the hell are you and why aren’t you answering your phone?” Before I could answer, she came to the bathroom door and said “well there you are! wine? great…kitchen?” and she walked out. I was mortified to be caught nude in the tub, although she had seemed totally unfazed. As I was debating as to whether to stay put or quickly get out and try to grab a towel, she walked back in with her glass of wine. She lowered the lid of the toilet, sat down and started chatting. I was so grateful for bahis firmaları the bubbles that were covering everything except the very tops of my breasts, and my right knee was bent and was also exposed.

As my friend rambled on, I took in her appearance. I had been with a woman once before and had always had a slight crush on my girlfriend. She was attractive, had a tight, fit body that always gave me a little tingle. As she was talking, I started daydreaming, wondering what it be like to kiss her, caressing her soft skin, wondering what she would taste like, how her moans would sound when I made her cum by going down on her. She was talking and all I could do was stare at her mouth, wondering what it would feel like on my breast, my lips, my pussy which was growing quite moist and it wasn’t just because I was in the tub. My nipples were tight and hard and I was getting a little uncomfortable, having a hard time sitting still.

She broke off and said “Are you listening to me? And are you going to stay in there all night? You’re going to turn into a prune!” She reached over and handed me my towel and started talking again. I sat there thinking “What the hell do I do now?” She didn’t seem to be going anywhere so I stood up and quickly covered myself with my towel. Trying to stay covered, I started drying off, well all the places I could dry off anyways. Some things were just going to stay wet, it seemed. I got out of the tub and grabbed another towel to dry my hair and as I was drying my hair, my other towel came open and slipped down to the floor. I was standing in front of my best friend as naked as the day I was born and we both stopped and looked at each other. She laughed and said “Oh my God, I think I’m getting turned on!” I kinda chuckled nervously, thinking I should be so lucky, and bent down to get my towel at the same time she did. Our faces were inches away from each other and we were both looking at each other’s mouths. She handed me the towel and I said thanks and stood up. She stood up as well, and we both just looked at each other again.

She licked her lips and I thought “Well what the hell” and reached out, ran my hand along the side of her neck to the back of her head and pulled her to me slowly, our eyes on each others. I moved my lips to meet hers, kissing lightly, nibbling at her lip, running my tongue across her lower lip, kissing her jaw and then her neck as her head fell back, my hand playing with her silky hair. I kissed her again and this time, she opened her mouth, her tongue dancing to tangle with mine, our arms wrapped around each other, my towel forgotten again as I pressed my breasts against her and the kiss turned steamy and intense. I nudged her legs open with kaçak iddaa my knee and slid my leg in between hers, my thigh pressed against her jean covered pussy. The scratchy material of her sweater was making my nipples hard and I moaned as I rubbed them against the fabric. She started to grind against my leg and was moaning against my mouth as our kiss went on.

I pushed her back against the bathroom vanity and unbuttoned her jeans as I guided her ass up to her new seat, stripping her of her jeans and panties, pushing her legs wide open as I dropped to my knees, pulling her to the edge and diving into her very wet pussy with my tongue. I started licking and sucking on her clit very rapidly and her hands went to my head, almost pulling my hair out, as she squealed loudly, her thighs tightening around my head. I sucked hard on her clit and she began to cum, all over my face, my tongue licking up her sweet juices. I let her recover from her orgasm, as she was breathing hard and her face was flushed, and she looked at me and said “Holy shit!” I reached up and kissed her softly, letting her taste herself on my tongue, and then smiled at her and took her hand, pulling her off of the vanity and behind me and into the bedroom. I took her shirt off and then we were both naked, as she never wore a bra. My hands moved reverently to her beautiful breasts, cupping them, feeling the nipples harden against my palms. I rubbed my hands against them, my fingers caressing the soft skin of her breasts as I teased her nipples and began to kiss her again.

I nudged her back until she was against the bed and gently pushed her back and then moved onto the bed with her, laying on top of her, one knee between her parted legs. I finished kissing her mouth and moved to her jaw, her neck, her earlobe, down to her collar bone, one finger softly, teasingly trailing down her body, causing her every nerve ending to come to abrupt attention. She shivered and I moved to the side and turned her over onto the bed, her eyes questioning mine and I kissed her and said trust me. She lay down on the bed, her face turned to the side on the pillow and her arms up over her head. I reached down, got some oil, warmed it in my hands and began to smooth it onto her skin, starting with her shoulders, her back, my hands gentle yet firm as she moaned involuntarily at the sensation. lightly trailed my fingertips down her spine and watched the goosebumps raise on her skin. I began to massage her shoulders, working slowly, feeling her begin to relax and then moved my way slowly but purposefully down her back, working out the knots and kinks.

I got more oil and began to massage the sides of her back, brushing my fingertips over the sides of her kaçak bahis breasts, feeling her stiffen up and then moving to her back again. My hands moved down to her firm backside, admiring the view and the feel of the soft skin of her ass. I ran one finger down the crack of her ass and then leaned down and did the same with my tongue. The sharp intake of breath told me she liked that and I slowly let my tongue tease my way down to her asshole, flicking it across the sensitive skin, and then slowly working my tongue inside of her. I spread her legs and ran my tongue down her wet slit, teasing, arousing. I told her not to move, and left the room.

I came back with the bottle of wine, some strawberries and whipped cream. While she was still laying down, I picked up a silk scarf and tied it over her eyes. I sat her up on the bed, took a sip of wine and kissed her. She made a “mmmmm” sound and the kiss went on her a few minutes while I lightly traced her shoulders and neck with my fingertips. I took a strawberry and held it to her lips and fed it to her as she opened her mouth, kissing her again as she finished it, tasting the sweet fruit on her lips. I laid her down and squirted some of the chilled whipped cream on her warm nipple and chuckled as she squealed and arched her back as my lips closed over her nipple, sucking the sweet cream off of her. I repeated the same with her other nipple and licked and teased her nipples until she was squirming, her hands clutching my head, saying “please!” I poured some of the cold wine in her navel and licked it out and off her skin. Then I moved down and pushed her legs open and put some of the whipped cream on her clit. I spent many minutes licking and sucking the sweet cream off of her, and kept going, wanting to taste her sweet cream. I felt her thighs begin to quiver, her muscles tightening and she began to moan, her hands in my hair. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and drove them into her and sucked on her clit. She started cumming and I continued, my face mashed into her pussy, my hands under her ass, holding her close as she bucked against me, continuously sucking and licking. She no sooner came down from the first orgasm and went right into the next one and screamed “FUCK!!!” as she squirted all over my face. I laid on top of her, our breasts together, our pussies touching and slowly started grinding against her, moving my hips up and down and then in circular motions. Each time our clits met we would both moan and I began to grind faster and harder against her. After a few minutes of this, I felt my orgasm building and told her to cum with me. I slipped my hand in between us and pinched her clit between my fingers. Both of us began to cum, our bodies stiffening up and I continued to move against her as we rode out our orgasms. I moved up, took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply, and held her until the tremors subsided and she slipped off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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