A Different Love Story Pt. 03

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****This is Chapter 4 of my ongoing story of John a Lawyer and Candy a cop. Both of which have found love but with a twist work of fate.


Chapter 4

Candy snapped the phone shut, with a huge smile on her face before, as she sat in her red Honda Civic. She glanced down at the phone one final time and wondered it adding that last part was such a good idea. Love was a hard thing in her life; she had caught her last boyfriend, of 4 years, balls deep in her best friend, after returning home from a really rough shift.

She always suspected that he was cheating on her. I mean she could read the signs a whole lot better then most. The little sex they had was less then enjoyable and boring as hell. He was not adventurous at all, he would never go down on her and only wanted his cock sucked, then sex, rinse and repeat. The kinkiest sexual moment of her relationship was the few times they had fucked in the afternoon in broad day light in the living room and then it was quick hard and dirty.

Then that dried up and she started finding hints of something more going on. She found receipts for things she didn’t have, he started getting an obscene amount of text messages, and would have late nights at work. She knew it was coming but was completely shocked to find it was her best childhood friend that was the mistress.

The day she caught them on her bed, was the worst moment of her life. It took ever once of control not to grab her service pistol and shoot them booth. Instead she packed up what belongings she could and left. Weeks later she got a call from Steve. She had meet Steve shortly after she graduated college, but they never really dated, but they would fuck like rabbits. Sex with him was always amazing and adventurous but the feelings were never there. No love, no real emotion, just a need to enjoy each other on a strictly primal level. That was until he met Sarah, then things changed, well, not everything changed, but they were in love and Candy did not want to come between that. After a time she moved on and slowly lost contact with both Sarah and Steve.

Steve called her one day out of the blue and told her he found her by accident when reading an online article about a drug sting she was apart of and gotten several commendations for. They talked for a bit as old friends but when the conversation of love came about she broke down. Until then she had not cried over the loss of her boyfriend, but when it came up she could not keep her feelings in any longer. Steve offered to help her by inviting her out to his place for a chance to get away and to get caught up. She loved the idea of getting away, from her life here and jumped at the chance. It was that weekend, with Steve and Sarah, while flipping through the local paper that she found that the local police force was hiring. It took several weeks of flying back and forth but she eventually got the job and with Steve’s help found a place to live.

Then he offered to introduce her to John which at first she was not really ready for but reluctantly agreed. When she first saw him in his place she was amazed at how handsome he was. That first meeting and the talk afterward found her falling head of heels for him. She enjoyed their talk that night and the ride home, but the kiss. It still makes her heart flutter at the thought of his soft lips. Walking away from his car that night she knew in her head that she should take it slow but her heart and body yearned for that kiss. It was the most romantic, erotic and sensual kiss she had ever had. It was as if their lips were a perfect match for each other. There was no fumbling, no guess, it was as if they had kissed a hundred times before, but she knew it was the first, and it was perfect.

Then came the next morning, work had been hard and she could not keep her mind focused on the job. She had to see him again; she had to know it was not a fluke. She had gone to his apartment with the intent on just talking with him and being around him, but it was so much more when she caught him in the shower. She could see through the shadow on the curtain that it was busy pleasuring himself and it made her instantly aroused. It was funny to catch him but so arousing as well, she watched for too long and began to feel guilty and then he must have saw her. She was so embarrassed and could think of nothing else but melting into a corner, but her urges wanted to strip naked and jump in the shower with him.

A load chirp pulled her from her daydreaming. Glancing down to her phone she saw a new message had arrived, it was from John. Her hands trembled as she flipped it open and her heart jumped into her throat as she read the message “<3 U too!" She sat staring at her phone, as a million things raced through her head. She recalled the amazing masturbation session from this morning; the sexy tease in the kitchen; the near fucking on the couch, oh god why did she stop then. She wanted to feel him in her so badly. She tossed her head back, and closed her eyes as she felt an overwhelming feeling of love and fear free spin rip through her senses. Was she moving too fast? Should she be doing this? She is so confused and needed to talk to someone. She was about to flip her phone open and text Steve when a soft knock happened on her passenger side window.

She looked out the window to see a heavy set white male standing next to the door nervously looking around. She reached down to her left side and gripped the hard metal and plastic grip of her Glock 40 caliber pistol, standard issue for local police, and placed it in her lap. She lowered the powered window and looked out at the man who was wearing a very nice light brown full length overcoat, which was buttoned up completely.

“What do you want?” Candy asked as she left her hand on the grip of the pistol.

“We spoke on the phone; I have that information you wanted.” He said quickly as he flashed a brown manila envelop in his right hand.

“Everything?” Candy asked as she tightened her grip on the pistol.

“I couldn’t get everything!” He hissed as he glanced around quickly.

“Well let me see what you did get.” Candy said as she held her hand out.

“You will protect me right?!” He said as he started to hand over the envelop.

“We will see what you brought first!” She said as she bounced her open hand in a gesture of giving.

He handed over an envelop. Taking it she opened it, and pulled out to pieces of paper. One of them had a list of names on it and the second was a list of cash deposits made in the last year to various bank accounts.

“What the hell is this?” Candy said as she looked up from the car.

“The first one is a list of lawyers’ names in the firm that is involved in this. The second is a list of bank accounts that money was transferred; too buy the juries vote.”

“But this does not list the companies account number you ass! It looks like a list of deposits made from an unknown account to theirs. I need that account number!” Candy said as she tossed the file onto the passenger seat.

“That’s all I could get right now!” he yelled back as he was visibly shaking.

“Well it’s not enough! I can’t go to the DA with this shit, he will laugh at me!” Candy growled back. She could see he was getting spooked and didn’t want to lose this valuable link inside the firm, but she also needed the information he had access to in order to convince the District Attorney that jury tampering was happening by this lawyer firm.

“Look you have to get me something more if you want me to get you protection.” Candy said in a soft voice.

“Oh Ok I will call you if I find anything else out.” With that he turned and quickly walked back through the parking garage to his own car.

Candy sighed and looked down at her hand which was holding the gun. Her knuckles were bone white and it took some mental effort to let go of the weapon. Leaning to the side she slid the pistol back into the holster which was attached to her belt. Looking over to the documents she sighed as she grabbed them up and slipped them back into the envelop, next she grabbed her cell phone flipping it open, she scanned through her contacts and selected Steve’s number, and quickly typed out a message.

After it was sent she tossed the phone into the cup holder and started her car. Putting it in gear she made her way to back to District Attorney’s office to show him the information she had gathered.


John stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom looking over himself again. He had shaved, showered and took way to long getting dressed. He decided to go with a simple light blue button down shirt left un-tucked with a pair of blue jeans. He glanced down at his watch and saw he still had enough time to head to the wine store and grab some flowers before heading to her apartment. Grabbing up his wallet and keys he headed out the door.

John arrived in front of her building with a large bouquet of red roses and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc a white wine and one of his favorites. He sat in the car staring at the wheel. A thousands things ran through his mind including what he was going to say. He looked to his hands which were visibly shaking. A rush of emotions swept over him from fear and anxiety, to pure love and bliss. He giggled to himself as he had not felt like this since high school.

Grabbing the items he gave himself one more mental run through before getting out of the vehicle and heading up the stairs to the door. He found her name on the call button and gave it a push. Several minutes later he heard her ask who was there.

“It’s John.” He said as he shifted about nervously.

“Hey ummm come on up Second floor number 8!” She called happily thought he speaker. The door buzzed loudly and he grabbed it letting himself in. The hallway was dark and drab. A set of old looking wooden stairs lay in front of him with some metal mailboxes to his left. He quickly climbed the stairs to the second floor and found her door bonus veren siteler marked with a number 8 and a small folded piece of paper stuck in it with his name on it. Grabbing the note it read;

“Hey come on in I will be in the shower, make yourself at home.” It was signed with a little drawing of a heart.

Checking the door he found it open and stepped into a small cramped hallway. On his left was a closed door, which he could hear the rush of water behind it. He guessed it was the bathroom and continued to walk down the hall which ended in a very small kitchen on his right and opened into a decent sized living room. She had a old brown couch, which had seen better days, facing a large flat panel TV hanging from the wall. A rust colored recliner was to the right of the couch with a small table, with a lamp on it, in between them. Glancing to his left he saw a door halfway open which lead to the only bedroom in the place. A large bookshelf sat next to the TV which was filled with books, DVDs and other some pictures. There were also several cardboard boxes against the wall stacked up and marked with things like “Bedroom, and living room” Two large bay windows were opposite him and he could see out onto the street below. John walked over to the windows and looked out at the fading sun through the large buildings across the street.

“Hey!!” Candy called as she stood drying her hair with a huge smile on her face. John jumped at the sound of her voice and turned to see her standing in a full lengh yellow robe, her wet hair spilled about her shoulders as she rubbed the towel against it.

“Hey there, sorry if I am early..”John said as he crossed the room to stand in front of her.

“No! your fine I was running a bit late.” Candy said as she looked deeply into his eyes.

“umm I got you these.” John said as he handed her the roses.

“Oh John! You didn’t have to!!” Candy sighed as she took the flowers from them and closed her eyes and she leaned down to smell them.

“Mmmmmmm they smell wonderful!” Candy said as she looked back at him with a slight sparkle in her eyes.

“I also brought some wine, not sure if you drink it or not.” John said pulling the bottle from the brown paper bag.

“Ummm sorry not a big wine drinker, but I appreciate the thought.” Candy said as she took a step forward and circled her arms around his neck. Tilting her head slightly she leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. John brought his hands to her hips and pulled her closer as he parted his lips, felling hers do the same. He sighed between their lips as there tongues slowly met and slide against each other. As they kissed the passion grew and the kiss deepened and he felt her hands play with the hair on the back of his head as slowly slide his up her back feeling her warm body under the robe. She moaned slightly as the kiss grew in intensity and hunger. They kissed became hard and deeper as they held each other tighter and he felt her hips grind into his.

Finally she slowed the pace and gently withdrew breaking the amazing kiss. Opening his eyes he looked at her and could see she was looking intently back at him. She smiled weakly as she took a step back from him, but staying close enough that his hands didn’t leave her hips.

“I am going to go change, have a seat and dinner will be here shortly” Candy said as she quietly walked to her room. John watched the door to the bedroom close and slowly looked around the room. He was dazed and stuck in a state of pure arousal. He could feel his hard cock pushing against his boxers and looked down to see how very obvious it was, see it is pushing a small tent in his pants, reach down he grabbed it and push it down so it ran down his pant leg and hoped it would stay.

Walking around the couch he sat down and glanced about the room. It was quiet and he could hear her shifting around in her room. A loud buzzing filled the room making him jump. “I got it!” Candy called as she exited the bedroom and walked to a small speaker set on the wall.

She was standing in only a t-shirt and a pair of pink lace boy cut panties. They framed her ass nicely and he could not help but stare at her amazing figure. She was also wearing a red t-shirt that stopped just above the waistband of her panties. After a couple of minutes a knock came at the door and she opened it and he could hear a male voice on the other side. From where he was sitting he could not see the door but figured it was whoever she called for dinner.

Finally he heard the door shut and watched as she walked over to the small table in front of the couch and set down several small white boxes.

“Chinese!” she giggled as she unloaded her arms.

“I hope you don’t mind? I really just don’t feel like going out tonight…” She said as she dropped the last box in front of him.

“No I Love Chinese!” John said as he watched her move around in front of him. He could tell that she was not wearing a bra as he breasts moved and swayed under her shirt. He deneme bonusu veren siteler felt his cock stiffen again and sat forward in the seat to disguise it.

“Good! Let me finish getting dressed and I will be right out to eat with you.” She said as she walked back to her room.

The food smelled amazing and he was so nervous earlier that he could hardly eat anything. The smell of rice and chicken was causing his stomach to rumble with hunger. John stood up and walked into the kitchen and started searching for some dishes and silverware to eat with. Finding a couple of clean plates, he headed back to the couch and found her sitting in the recliner wearing the same thing she had been wearing a pair of faded blue jeans.

“What are you doing?” She giggled as she looked up at him.

“Plates??” John said holding up the pants for mock inspection.

“Bah! We don’t need any sticking plates!” she said with a laugh.

“Just eat out of the bucket silly” She said holding up one of the white boxes which were opened, which had a pair of chop sticks sticking out of the top. John laughed as he saw the huge grin on her face then turned back to the kitchen with the plates, putting them back were he had gotten them from.

John came back and found her already diving in to several of the white boxes picking pieces out with the chop sticks. They ate in silence for several minutes, both of them had been so nervous through out the day that neither had eaten, and after finally meeting and getting over the nervousness they both were incredibly hungry.

“That was so good!” John sighed contently as he set down the box of white rice.

“Mmmm yes it was!” Candy said as she dropped her box on the table between them and licked her lips.

“So, can I ask you something?” John said as he set the chop sticks down across one of the boxes in front of him.

“Of course, you can ask me anything.” she said as she slipped out of the recliner and sat down on the couch across from him and put her feet in his lap.

“How did you meet Steve?” John asked as he reached down and absentmindedly started to rub the top and soles of her right foot.

“Mmmmm, we met just after college, at a coffee shop near my old police department.” Candy said as she tipped her head back against the arm of the couch and smiled contently.

“Did you guys date?” John asked as he slowly rubbed her toes and heel.

“Yeah but we made better friends then lovers.” Candy said as she moved her foot and replaced the other one in its place.

“Does it bother you?” Candy asked as she pulled her feet away from his hands and looking intently at him.

“No! Not at all, just curious I guess.” John said as he reached out and grabbed her foot putting it back into his lap.

“How long have you and Steve been friends?” Candy asked as she gently pulled at her shirt.

“Since just before college, just found it weird that we never met before then.” He answered as he reached down and grabbed her other foot, starting to massage the sole beneath her toes.

“Well we both kind of lived a quiet relationship, we never really told anyone and it ended about as fast as it began.” Candy said in a quiet tone as he continued to pick at her shirt.

“How come it ended so soon?” he said as he ticked the sole of her foot.

“We just never worked out romantically, I mean, I love Steve and Sarah to death but we were never anything more then just really good friends.” Candy said as she looked up at him.

They sat in silence for a moment as John casually massaged her left foot. Her skin of her foot was soft and smooth, and she barely giggled when he ticked the soul of her foot. He watched her body as she lay back on the couch, he watched her chest rise and fall and noticed that her nipples were poking against the red t-shirt. Letting his gaze travel down her body he watched her hips shift slightly at his touch, he tired to image what how much this touching was arousing her, and if she was getting excited over the massage. John was never really good at massages but seemed to be randomly hitting all the right places, just based on her movements and body language.

“Can I ask you something?” Candy whispered as she shifted a bit on the couch, bunching up her red shirt and exposing a bit of her soft stomach.

“Of course you can ask me anything you want?” John said with a giggle as he slowly rubbed the top of her foot.

“Do you think I am a slut, because of what we did yesterday?” Candy said as she opened her eyes and looked up at him. She had a small frown on her face, as she went back to picking at her shirt.

“Hell No! Why would you assume i thought that?” he replied as he stopped stroking her foot.

“Because i was so forward the other morning…” She replied as she looked up at him, with the same sad look on her face.

“No I mean it was a shock and unexpected but I loved every second of it!” John replied as he looked back at her with a smile on his face.

“I don’t normally act that way, but I…I wanted…” She trailed off as she sat up pulling her legs from his lap, and sitting down on top of them on the couch so that she was sitting up on her knees. She looked every worried or nervous, she pulled her shirt down around her as she sat looking at the floor.

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