A Decade of Waiting

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My name is Joe and I am a 26 year old Navy veteran. Let me tell you a story about a fantasy come true.

I, 22 at the time, was fired from my job at Lowe’s and couldn’t pay the rent or find a job so I decided to join the Navy, I had always thought about it and finally decided that this was a perfect time for it. I had to move out of my house and needed a place to stay during my enlistment process.

So I moved in with my friend Nick and his parents Buck and Lola. I had known Nick since the eighth grade so I had known him and his family very well. Lola was well known for being one of the hottest Moms of any kid at school. So I immediately started to fantasize about her the first time I met her.

Buck was a maintenance worker for the county so he was gone most of the day. Nick was a Prison Guard in a town over two hours away and only came home on the weekends. Lola had a part-time job working nights at a gas station 3 days a week, so she was home quite often.

I spent my time just helping out around the house taking out trash, mowing the lawn etc. I would also go grocery shopping with Lola. On occasion she wore short shorts and I could get a good view of her long smooth tan thighs that I just wanted wrapped around me, on a good day if I looked at just the right angle I could see her bare inviting pussy. I fantasized about her quite often while stroking my cock.

I wanted her so badly that I would fold pillows in half and fuck them or put aloe in my hand and fuck it while dreaming of her. I wanted her perfect tits in my face, her ass in my hands, and my cock in her sweet hole of love more than anything, but I have a great deal of respect for Buck and did not want to stab him in the back, so I did not even attempt to get inside her.

That is until a few years later after I was done in the Navy I came back home to Lola and Buck and told them I planned to move in with my older brother who lived 5 hours away. The day I moved out Buck had to work so after I got my stuff loaded up and ready to leave Lola came outside to give me a hug goodbye.

Let’s just say I gave her a more than friendly hug without getting too obvious. We put our arms around each other and I moved my hands down toward her firm ass and pulled her pussy right next to my cock and ground our crotches together. I think she might have gotten the idea because she hinted that I was kind of dirty canlı bahis and sweaty from loading up my stuff and offered to let me take a shower, I wanted to take her up on this offer ,but I respected Buck too much to fuck his wife.

About 8 months later I was talking to Nick on the phone which I do quite often anyway and he laid some news on me that I never saw coming, he said that Buck and Lola were getting a divorce and Lola was moving to a town 3 hours away from Buck or Nick. This was ever sweet music to my ears and immediately after the call I went to my room and jacked the shit of my cock thinking about her. Just thinking of the possibilities of this my cock was hungrier for her than ever.

Two months after she had moved and their divorce was final I told her that I had to make a trip that would take me right through where she was living. She said to me that she would enjoy the chance to get to see me for a few minutes I said ok although my intentions were a lot more than a few minutes.

So the day came and I stopped at her house I parked my vehicle and cut off one of my drive belts which needed replaced anyway. I went up knocked on the door and maybe she wasn’t expecting me for a while or maybe she was doing it on purpose but she answered the door in damn near nothing, an exercise bra and shorts so short that I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties, I so wanted to just whip them aside and start fucking her right there in her doorway, but I controlled myself because I wasn’t even sure that her feelings were mutual. We hugged, but I just hugged her normal because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

We sat and chit-chatted for about an hour and I said that really had to get going which was a lie I didn’t have to be anywhere this whole trip was made up just so I could get close to her. I wasn’t going anywhere anyway I had cut the belt on my vehicle so I would have a reason to stay the night, which for one reason or another she gladly offered to let me do when we “discovered” that my car was broke-down.

Since I was staying over she asked if I wanted to go see a movie and I said sure. Then she said she was going to change her clothes, she wandered off back into her bedroom and I thought it was a shame that she couldn’t possibly put on anything more revealing.

After about 5 minutes she came out wearing a knee-length dress which wasn’t very bahis siteleri revealing but she looked great in it nonetheless. The whole drive over and all through the movie I just kept wondering if she also had ulterior motives, did she put on panties?, does she want me too?, what does she look like under there?.

Lola and I finally made it back to her house and had a couple beers. We stood in her kitchen drinking lightly and talking finally I had subtly steered the conversation towards sex. She eventually sat down on the table and we continued discussing the carnal act as I slowly but surely eased my way closer and closer as my cock was getting harder and harder.

When I was a foot or two away she eased her legs open and we stood there my cock was pulsating at thought of what I hoped was about to happen, I took this as my cue to go in for the kill. I moved myself right up against the table put my hand on her shoulder, she gave me a look like is that the best you can do. So I took her dare put my hands on her sides began rubbing her pert erect nipples with my thumbs and started kissing her neck.

While kissing her neck I worked my hands down to her ass and pulled her to the edge of the table and began grinding my cock into her. From there I reached my hands up her dress fully expecting to find panties ,but there were none which made my cock damn near explode knowing that she wanted this too.

I played with her pussy while she reached down and unbuttoned my pants. When she finally got my pants undone I threw them down to my feet I wasn’t wearing any underwear either. She reached down and put a firm grasp on my shaft while I pulled her dress down and started sucking her heavenly tits. Then she said the words I had been waiting to hear for over a decade: “FUCK ME JOE, FUCK ME NOW GODDAMMIT.”

I immediately obliged and attempted to lift up her dress but it kept getting in the way so I said I hope you don’t love this dress and just fucking ripped it off revealing her naked, mature, but still luscious body and slid myself all the way inside her deep warm tunnel of ecstasy. We both screamed out in absolute joy and painful pleasure as I banged her with my steel hard cock while French kissing her and sucking her tits.

I know I was making her orgasm violently because she is incredibly OCD about her house being clean and she didn’t even seem to care when she bahis şirketleri sprayed her sweet pussy nectar all over the table and floor. I kept pumping and pumping as she screamed hateful things at me like fuck me you worthless piece of shit, fuck me harder loser, which just turned me on and made my cock harder. One of my all-time fantasies was to fuck her from behind while she was bent over the kitchen counter so I lifted her off of the table, flipped her over and threw her onto the counter and doggy-styled her to kingdom-cum while she moaned and let out cute little screams of joy.

She said before I cum she wanted to be back on the table so she could feel me all the way up inside of her. I grabbed her and pretty much power bombed her on the table leaving her lying flat on her back I grabbed both of her thighs under my shoulders and went the fuck to town tearing the shit out of her cunt.

I fucked and banged and pounded and pumped for what seemed liked 45 minutes until I was about to cum and started to pull out when she threw her legs around me and pulled me in and said no fill me with your seed. I gladly obliged and shot one load right after another right up inside her filthy wet cunt, leaned over buried my face in her very plump tits, sucked on them like a newborn and proceeded to make out with her deeply and passionately.

After all that my cock was still semi hard so I kept fucking her for about 5 minutes and then we took a deep breath and laid down on the kitchen floor and were breathing heavily as I came to terms with what had just happened, and asked “So? What about Buck and Nick?” she said “Fuck Buck and Nick.” To which I replied still breathing heavily “No! I’d rather keep fucking you Baby!!”

After a while we got up went into the living room laid on the couch with our naked bodies as one watching TV for a while. After about an hour we went to bed and fucked a whole lot more. The next morning we got up she made breakfast which was a waste anyway because ever since the night before we haven’t been able to resist each other as long as we can keep it a secret.

I told her that I had wanted her since junior high and I would have made attempts to seduce her a long time ago if she hadn’t been married, to which she replied “If hadn’t been married and you didn’t want me I would have taken you by force.”

Needless to say I have made multiple trips to “visit her for a few minutes”. Ever since then I have had girlfriends here and there but they are just cover whores to help keep our secret. I’m not sure how to end this story except to say my cock has never gone hungry again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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