A Debauched Family

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The characters are the same as Caught By Aunt with a few added, but it isn’t a part 2 but another story with the same characters and history.

Riya: Akash’s mom

Akash: Riya’s son

Chin: Akash’s best friend and Riya’s secret lover (from Caught By Aunt)

Priya: Akash’s wife

Suresh: Riya’s cook.


It all started when Akash was courting Priya and they had gotten serious about their relationship, that is when his mom Riya come from Delhi to meet her going to be daughter in law.

After the first few days of all three hanging out Riya decided to go for a girls night out to get to know each other better.

He remembered how excited his fiancé Priya was about meeting his mom and then was totally in awe of her with all the gifts she’d received.

But unfortunately that night the girls ended up having to much fun, which led to both of them embarrassed to be around each other and the two women in Akash’s life just couldn’t see eye to eye for quite some time.

Akash could never really figure out why because he genuinely didn’t think it was a big deal.

But at last an year and a half after that evening and almost an year into their marriage his mom was coming back to Bangalore to spend some time with them.


That Night.

That night the ladies only came back at 2am, laughing and giggling loud, sounding quite drunk which woke up Akash.

He come out of the room to see both of them looking completely hammered with their makeup all smudged.

“You ladies okay.” Akash asked sounding concerned, “looks like you girls had quite a blast.”

“Your mom is a rock star Akash, you never told me how fucking cool she is, there were more guys hitting on her than me.” Said a drunk sounding Priya as she came and plonked herself on the sofa.

“They all wanted your number baby,” said Riya as she staggered towards her room, “goodnight guys I’m of to bed.”

As soon as Riya shut her door Priya got up and started walking towards her room taking of her dress looking back at Akash and saying, “I’m so horny babes, are you just going to stand there or do something about it.

Akash was instantly hard as he saw that round tout ass in that sexy lacy black thong her narrow waist and as she turned around the matching half cupped lacy bra that could barely contain her big boobs.

Priya crawled on the bed placed her head on the pillow, her back arched with her ass in the air inviting Akash for a good doggie style fuck.

Akash crawled behind her peeled of her thong and started licking her soaking wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh baby, I love that but please just fuck me before I pass out.” Moaned Riya.

Akash waisted no time took of his clothes and started humping her in the rhythm he new she liked while spanking her ass softly, as Riya started to moan softly.

A couple of minutes later,”Baby, please go harder and definitely spank me harder I’ve been a very naughty girl.” She screamed while Akash started to really jackhammer her while spanking her a little harder.

Soon she was orgasming and screaming really loud, “I love that big fat cock of yours lover.”

There was no way his mom couldn’t hear her Akash thought hoping that she’d probably passed out, while he kept humping her without slowing down even once.

He was now literally holding her ass up as he humped away as Riya was ready to collapse, “cum already baby I’m done.” She moaned.

He kept humping her for the next five minutes giving her another orgasm as he started cumming in her. This time thankfully she moaned softer than earlier as he collapsed on her.

As they both caught their breaths and laid in each other’s arms Akash looking down and said, “nice bra.”

“Oh, you’ll love all the sexy lingerie your mom got me and the clothes, she’s gotten me a bag full of stuff! I really love your mom.” Then laughing Priya said. “I must be the first woman in history to say that about their mother in law.”

“So how was the night babes?” Asked an inquisitive Akash, now that she’d mentioned being naughty during their fuck session.

“Oh babes, from the moment we entered the night club there were guys hitting on your mom and me offering us drinks and just doing the regular stuff all guys do to get your attention.”

Then looking up at Akash, “are you sure you won’t to hear this, I know my flirting with guys or having some fun doesn’t bother you but your mom?”

“Mom’s a single woman and I’m a grown ass man, I’m sure I can handle what both of you did baby.” Akash said in a calm manner.

“Ok then here we go, first we just ignored all the advances and kept to our selves, but as the drinks kept flowing we both started loosening up and started a little harmless flirting.” Then taking a deep breath.

“Soon your mom escorted two of the guys to dance, leaving me with one guy as she headed towards the dark and smoky dance floor.”

“Five minutes of that guy trying to flirt with me, I got bored and asked him if he wanted to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dance as I wanted to see what mom was up to.”

Then again taking a deep breath Priya carried on, “what I saw was…you want to hear this right?”

Akash just nodded.

“They were in the darkest smokiest corner of the dance floor, with mom sandwiched between the two guys with her dress ridden up over her waist , with the guy in front smooching her and squeezing her thong clad ass with both hands, while the guy behind her was dry humping her arched back while groping her dress covered boobs.”

“Then what did you do?” Asked an inquisitive Akash.

“I was shocked to say the least but that’s when mom saw me and signalled me to join her, she immediately let go of both of them and grabbed me by the waist and whispered in my ear, you ready to have some fun?”

“Then!” Asked a shocked Akash.

“We started dancing and grinding with each other surrounded by these three guys who were having a field day feeling us up and groping us, mom could tell I was feeling a little uncomfortable when she held me close kissed me on my lips and asked me to enjoy the attention and not over think it.”

Priya suddenly sounding horny, “I don’t know what came over me babes but I started kissing your mom back and the next thing I knew was we were smooching, groping and grinding each other while their were three pairs of hands all over us, I was so fucking turned on.”

Then Priya suddenly stopped her story and smiling she said, “looks like someone’s is as excited as I was.” As she looked down at Akash’s thick eight inch cock which was fully erect craving attention.

Akash had never thought of his mom in a sexual way, despite all his friends repeatedly telling him how hot they thought she was most of his life. But the thought of his hot girlfriend and hot mom making out was too much too handle.

“So you actually made out with my mom, fuck I wish I could have been there to see that.” Said a horny sounding Akash.

“I had thought you’d be pissed of babes, I love the fact you are as pervy as your mom and me.” Priya said as she mounted Akash and started riding him immediately with her hands pressed against his hard chest. As she said “Why waist a beautiful hard…on.”

“The what happened?” Asked Akash as he grabbed her ass with both hands as she started grinding on him harder.

“Aaahhhhh,” Priya moaned, “I was so turned on babes, your mom obviously realised that and soon she excused the two of us and led me to the loo…aaahhhhh, where babes she gave me the best fingering and licking of my life…”

“Fuckkkkkk, my mom went down on youuuuuuuuu.” Akash screamed as he started cumming in Priya.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…Yesssssss,” Priya screamed back cumming herself.

As she collapsed on his chest, she heard Akash ask softly, “then?”

“We sneaked out without those boys seeing us and came back home, your mom’s a slut Akash and I love her, you know I want to be just like her.” Priya said still breathing heavily.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way love.” Akash had whispered as the dozed of.

There’s one thing Priya didn’t mention to Akash was the blowjob his mom Riya gave to one of the guys they met in the loo after going down on her. In fact she made Priya lick the cum of her face after the Blow job which she happily did.

The next morning though as they both sobered down the two woman just weren’t the same with each other, Akash tried to cut the tension but they both were just to embarrassed to face each other.

His mother Riya because she’d behaved like a complete tart in front of her future daughter in law and thought how can her only son marry a girl who from now on has zero respect for her.

Priya because she couldn’t get over what had happened the previous night between the two of them and then to make matters worse she was sure her going to be mom in law had definitely heard everything thing that happened between her and Akash later that night and was just too ashamed to face her again.


It had taken an year of marriage and many phone calls between the two ladies to clear the air and eventually they started getting more and more comfortable with each other as time passed, in fact by the end of the year and many many conversations later Riya had not only made Priya feel completely comfortable but also managed to convinced her daughter in law to shift to Delhi with a really lucrative offer of joining her in her business.

That’s when Riya flew back to Bangalore, not only to help them pack but actually help Priya to convince her son Akash to shift.

Akash was aware of their plans but was clueless about the fact that his wife had decided to shift so soon.

Next morning the ladies were up way before Akash as Priya was worried about how’d they convince Akash about the shifting , to which Riya answered, “don’t worry baby we won’t give him a choice.”

As Akash got up and they all sat around the table for breakfast güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the topic was brought up about shifting, to which Priya immediately agreed with her mom in law even before really discussing it with Akash.

Akash was a little taken aback but Priya immediately had jumped on the offer, before Akash knew it the ladies had already made up their minds, he tried to explain to Priya about loosing all privacy by shifting in with mom but she was adamant. (She also knew it was a great leap for her career wise).

Before Akash could answer, Riya and Priya both simultaneously announced, “so it’s decided Delhi is on.” Priya continued, “this will be fun Akash, I’m so excited baby.”

Akash felt like he was being ambushed, that’s when he saw his mom get up and he almost spilt his coffee seeing her.

She was wearing a short tight white spaghetti strapped top with no bra with boobs and nipples on display, he was surprised he hadn’t noticed her top all this while. He immediately checked out his wife who was wearing exactly the same top except in a light pink.

But what really shocked him was that underneath she was only in a lacy white bikini styled panty which covered everything but was totally transparent .

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her swinging hips and firm butt when Priya pinched his thighs and said,”that’s your mom perv.” In a very naughty tone.

Akash had started lusting after his mom and started seeing her in a completely different way from that night when his wife had told him about their sexcapades.

“What do you want mom.” Priya asked getting up.

“Another cup of coffee dear.” Answered Riya.

“Let me get it for you mom.” Priya said as she walked towards the mom, Akash saw she too was wearing exactly the same panties as his mom only in pink.

For the first time Akash really noticed that, not only did his mom and wife have similar names but were very similar in every other way too, they both had 36c firm breasts, 25 inch waists and 37 inch hips, the only difference was Priya was a younger version of his mom and that his moms figure was firm and tout thanks to the years of hard workouts and his wife had age holding everything in place.

“I’ll help you,” said his mom and spanked Priya’s ass as they walked towards the open kitchen counter, looking back at her son, “you lucky dog.” She said with a smile as she squeezed Priya’s ass.

Akash was pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable they’d gotten with each other despite their rough start, but on the other hand was getting a boner and couldn’t keep his eyes of their thin waists and both their swinging taut round asses.

“Baby be a dear and get the biscuits out of the top shelf, it’s impossible for me to reach.” Said Priya.

Akash looking down sheepishly answered, “I can’t.”

“He has a hard on mom.” Priya said casually, as they both started to laugh.

“There’s nothing there we both haven’t seen baby.” said his mom smiling. “Get the biscuits out, will you.”

Akash got up trying to cover his hard on but it was impossible to hide with the huge tent formed in front of his boxers, in fact the waist band of the boxers wasn’t touching his stomach because of the boner. How he wished he’d at least worn a T-shirt before coming out, he felt totally exposed and embarrassed in front of his mother.

As he got the biscuits out with ease ( being 6ft. tall ) from the top shelf he could feel the two pairs of eyes on him as he stretched his arms up towering over their 5.4 ft. frames.

Both his mother and wife were admiring his v shaped muscled back, his broad shoulders, chiseled chest and flat stomach and his mom couldn’t believe how big that boner looked.

He noticed his mom again groping his wife’s ass as she whispered in her ears, “you lucky bitch.” While staring at his cock.

He needed to get out of there and handing over the biscuits excused himself and ran for a shower, with both the ladies giggling at him like teenagers.


So it was decided and they all left for Delhi in the coming week it all happened so soon Akash hadn’t even gotten a chance to come to terms with what was happening , but here he was on the flight sitting sandwiched between his mom and wife.

He felt trapped but had been completely bullied into accepting their decision and it was at this time he realised that his future was pretty much going to be a series of their decisions.

Priya was so excited when they reached his moms house that evening , she had no clue how loaded her mom in law was, seeing the fancy car that came to fetch them at the airport to the mansion of a house with a pool, a gym, a mini theatre the works, she was now even more sure about this move and grateful to Riya for giving her this opportunity to be with her and help in what obviously seemed like a very successful business.

“You never told me how loaded you were.” Asked Priya as soon as they were in Akash’s old room.

“I’m not loaded darling it’s my mom, I’ve güvenilir bahis şirketleri always wanted to do my own thing. Therefore Bangalore.” Answered Akash.

“Anyway I completely love this place, I still can’t believe you left all of this and ware happy living in that small apartment of ours.” Said an extremely excited Priya.

“I’m glad you like it, love.” Akash said while giving her a little kiss.

That night they had an early dinner and they all crashed, tired after the last few days of constant packing and today’s travelling.


Later that night Priya got up feeling extremely thirsty and couldn’t remember where exactly was the kitchen in this massive house. She woke up Akash to get her some water and decided to tag with him to figure out the place for herself.

They both slowed down as soon as they approached the kitchen as their were some noises coming, Akash and Priya peeped into the kitchen tip toed worried who was there in the middle of the night when they both got the shock of their lives.

There was Riya Akash’s mom bent over the kitchen centre table her nighty was on the floor, with Suresh their 19 year old cook jackhammering her doggie style with one hand holding her thong too one side of her ass and spanking her hard with his other.

Akash completely froze till he heard his wife Priya whisper, “fuck that’s hot.”

He looked at his wife who was watching intently while unintentionally fingering herself.

Fuck it was hot , just seeing his mom getting fucked by this young kid should be making him furious but here he was getting turned on and to top it of, having your wife enjoy the show too only got him more horny.

Before he knew it, seeing his boner, his wife had gone down on her knees and started sucking him of while fingering herself as he saw his mom getting fucked by the servant.

Akash ended up cumming as soon as he saw his mom getting down on her knees and letting Suresh cum all over her pretty face.

And to his surprise Priya not only let him cum in her mouth but swallowed every drop which she rarely did.

After which they both went and snuck back into their room but not before Akash went and got a bottle of water from the bar refrigerator.

Once in their room, Priya whispered , “Akash I’m sorry to say this but your mom’s truly a slut, I can’t believe she’s fucking the house staff.”

“Me too babes, I’m as shocked as you but don’t know why I get so turned on every time I hear or see my mom doing anything slutty.”

“Me too, there’s seriously something extremely raunchy about your mom that turns me on, to be totally honest despite how embarrassed I was about that night with her, just the thought of it turns me on.” Said Priya sounding a bit horny, then carrying on she said, “what if you ever caught me fucking Suresh or anyone else, would you still be as turned on as you got while seeing your mom?”

Akash took his time to answer Priya imagining her with Suresh, and suddenly started to feel a tingle, as he answered, “I’d probably join you guys and fuck your face while he fucked you.”

“Fuck babes I’d love that.” Said Priya and they both were soon all over each other fucking their brains out, both imagining their own threesome fantasy.


Next morning first thing Akash did was call up his best friend Chin, “bro I need to talk to you come over as soon as possible, bring your trunks let’s chill in the pool and talk like old times, carry a six pack too don’t know if mom has any beers.”

Chin immediately said okay and was at Akash’s place with a six pack in a jiffy.

Akash didn’t waist any time and took him outside and while walking towards the pool and sipping on their child beers, “bro things are crazy here, firstly mom comes to Bangalore, has a crazy girls night with my wife, where she not only makes out with a couple of guys but also with my wife.” Then taking a deep breath as they entered the pool (it was just too hot to stand outside in the heat and chat). “Then last night I saw mom getting fucked by the cook Suresh, and from the look of it I think they’ve been at it for some time now.”

“So what did you do?” Asked Chin.

“To tell you honestly, I was so fucking turned on, I know it’s wrong buddy but fuck it was quite the sight and to make things worse Priya saw her too and got so turned on that she started fingering herself while she gave me a blowjob while I watched my own mom getting plowed.” Akash said looking a bit ashamed as he confessed to Chin.

“Fuck that’s hot bro but I have a confession as well, I’ve been fucking auntie too.” Chin blurted out (he was sick and tired of hiding it from his best friend and actually felt relieved as soon as he said it) but before he could complete his sentence.

“How, since when?” Asked a shocked Akash.

Then Chin told him about how he got caught in her room with her lingerie and since then they’d been fucking around.

“So did you know about her and Suresh?” Asked Akash

“Ya bud in fact I don’t know how to say this but she likes fucking us together.” Then Chin took a deep breath, “your moms wild and I’m completely in love with her, although she promised me any fucking around she does behind my back she’ll always tell me so to tell you honestly I’m fucking jealous right now.”

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