A Damsel in Distress Ch. 03

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It was foggy damp night and there wasn’t a visible star in the gray overcast skies above. I was lurking in the dark shadows under a big old weeping willow tree, listening to the crickets, chirping their mating calls. I usually love the peaceful serene sounds of the crickets. But not tonight; tonight, I had other more important things on my mine.

I was trying my best to blend into the darkness under that old weeping willow tree. I was dressed completely in dark clothes; I was wearing a dark blue Yankee baseball cap, a navy blue hooded sweat shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, with a pair of black socks and a pair of black sneakers on my feet. I was even wearing a tight pair of black leather sports gloves.

The tree I was standing under was in the far corner of a parking lot, behind a depressing old nursing home for low income senior citizens. There was an old beat-up dirty gray dodge mini van, with a flat front tire, on the front driver’s side, parked in the corner of the parking lot, not far from where I was standing

I was watching the back door of this depressing old rundown convalescent hospital waiting for their orderly to finish his shift. I was so full of anxiety that I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and my stomach was churning while I waited. I knew I had to confront this guy, and resolve the issues he was causing for Rosemarie once and for all.

I saw the back door open as Ralph stepped out onto the back porch and light a cigarette. As he took a couple of quick puffs on his cancer stick, the red glow from the coffin nail illuminated his ugly red pot marked face.

Ralph stood there for a couple of long minutes smoking and looking around the parking lot. When he saw that his car, had a flat tire, he swore loudly, “Ah Shit,” and then I heard him mumbling,” now what the fuck.” He was shaking his head in anger and frustration as he approached his old clunker.

I remained under the tree while he walked across the parking lot. When he got to his car, he kicked his front fender, and cursed, “Ah fucking son of a bitch…”

He didn’t see me as I walked out from under tree. When I go by his side, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Ralph I want to talk to you.”

I must have startled him; because he jumped, sucked in his breath and held it, as he turned around, until he was facing me. He had a surprised expression on his angry evil looking pot marked face. He looked me up and down trying to size me up. Then he asked boldly, with a snarl in his gravelly voice, trying to intimidate me. “Who the fuck, are you, and what the hell do you want with me, kid?”

He paused for moment, as a smirk came over his repulsive looking face as he said,” Ahhh, I know what the fuck, you want kid.”

Then he snickered, and grinned nastily at me, as he said in his raspy smokers voice,” I bet your girl friend won’t give you, any pussy! So you want to buy to some roofies from me, right?”

Then he smirked at me, and said knowingly, “Those freaking things really work, kid! I slipped them into the drinks of a few hot young broads that I picked up, on line.”

Then he laughed smugly as he said, “Then I took them to a cheap motel room.”

While he was nodding his head up and down; he snickered at me nastily, and said “I gave all those dumb young cunts a big red hickey, to remember me by, while I fucked the shit out of them.”

Ralph had an evil grin on his repulsive red pot marked face as he said in his gravelly voice,” Don’t worry about Kid, I’ve got the good stuff, that won’t turn color, when you drop it her drink!

How many, do you want, Kid? I got the real good stuff, stashed right here, under the front seat of my car. Oh yea, I got some other, good shit too. I got some weed, and I even got a little dope.”

I could feel my insides trembling with rage, but I remained outwardly calm as I replied in a stern voice, “Ralph, I want you to stay away from Rosemarie, and stop bothering her. I also want you to delete her phone number and the pictures you told of her with your cell phone!”

My stomach was churning, and I could feel, my body, and hands starting to tremble with rage.

I don’t like confrontations. I’m really not a tough guy. But like most guys, I’ve had my fair share childhood fist fights. I’ve also had to spar in my karate classes, many years ago, when I was in high school.

I knew if Rosemarie and I were ever going to have any kind of relationship. I had to take matters into my own hands and settle this once and for all. Because, I knew that scumbag, would never leave her along, if I didn’t.

Ralph looked me over, put his cigarette in the corner of his mouth and said,” Are going to make me, Asshole?” With that said he put his hands on my shoulders and shoved. When I didn’t move backwards, he got a surprised look on his face.

Then this wild crazed expression came over his ugly red pot marked face, as he shouted angrily.” Screw you punk, I’ll fuck, anyone I want too, and it’s none of your freaking business. Now you stay away, from güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my fucking whores!”

Then he smirked and snickered, as if he was some kind of tough guy, and said” That is, unless you want to pay for some of their fine young tight pussies.”

Then he paused for a moment, and started grinning like he just though of something funny and said, “Kid for the right price. I’ll ever let you fuck my fat wife.” then he laughed and smirked at me.

I glared at him as I said, “Ralph, I’m not fucking around with you! Stay the hell away from her, or else!”

He took another puff on his cigarette, as he exhaled; he slammed his cigarette down on the ground.

Then he glared at me, spread his legs about shoulder width apart, raised arms, doubled up his fist, and took a wild swing at me, as he said,” come on punk, your asking for this…”

I brought my left arm up in a sweeping motion and easily brushed his punch to the side; I stepped forward; brought my right arm up, from my side, rolling my fist over, just like I was taught to do, so many years ago in my self defense classes, that I had to take, when I was in high school.

My punch slammed into Ralph’s open mouth mashing his lips back against his teeth, spilling his lips open, my second blow landed solidly on the bridge of his nose, breaking it, with a loud cracking sound.

Ralph’s head sapped back, causing him, to step backwards. He put his hands, up over his bloody face, trying to protect himself, from further punishment.

His legs were still shoulder width apart; as I stepped in, raised my knee up above my waist, turned my foot down towards the ground. Then I snapped my lower leg out, and upward, as hard, and as fast as I could, smashing the top of my foot into Ralph’s genitals, lifting him up off his feet.

Ralph screeched loudly in pain, as the top of my foot mashed into his private parts.

As I brought my foot back down to the ground. Ralph took his hands off his bleeding face, put them between his legs, and closed his thighs tightly around his hands, dropped down on his knees. Then he bend over forward until his forehead was touching the ground, moaning and groaning in agony, as he rolled over onto his side, and curled up in the fetal position, whimpering, “Ohhh, Ohhh God, my fucking my balls hurt.”

He just laid there on the ground, for a moment, whimpering and bleeding profusely from his broken nose and his spilt lips, holding his aching nuts, with a dazed confused look in his watery eyes, like he could not believe, what just happened to him! Then he looked up at me, in shocked disbelieve, as he said “Kid you really fucked me up, bad! Please don’t hurt me anymore.”

I felt good, I felt really good, as I looked down at him, I felt like a freaking hero or something.

Then I said, “Look Ralph I’m not fucking around with you. If you don’t leave Rosemarie alone, I’ll call your White Supremacist Father in-law, and tell him, that you’re going around telling everybody that his baby girl is shacking with some black guy.”

I stood there for a moment, letting Ralph absorb my words, and then I smirked down at him and said like a tough guy, “You know Ralph, I do not think your Father In-law would like to hear that you offered to pimp off his daughter to me, either.”

I was bullying this bastard, and I was enjoying myself doing it. Then I said, “You know Ralph, I know where your father in-law lives. His name and address are always in the news papers!”

Ralph looked up at me with fear in his teary red eyes as he, “Please man, don’t say anything to him, that crazy son of a bitch, will kill me! If he ever heard that I said anything like that, about his precious baby girl.”

Then I remembered, what he said about giving the girls he date raped hickeys, to remember him by.

I wanted to kill him, I wanted to stomp on him, and I wanted to kick his ugly freaking face in. But somehow or other I managed to keep myself under control and said, “Ralph when you look in the mirror, and see your broken nose and those black eyes. I want you to remember me.”

Ralph said,” Okay, Okay man, don’t fucking worry about it, were cool right? I already forgot all about her. I don’t want anymore trouble with you! But please buddy, do not say anything to my Father in-law!”

I gave him a discussed look and said,” Now give me your freaking cell phone.” My insides were trembling and I was afraid that I was going to go into a violent red rage and really hurt that bastard.

Ralph, looked up at me and started to say something, but he changed his mind, took one hand off his aching nuts, reached into his pants pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and handed it to me.

I found a lot of discussing pictures, of young girls, that looked like they were either unconscious, or dead, laying naked on top of a dirty bed, in a cheap motel room, with semen all over their legs and lower bellies.

I finally found Rosemarie’s pictures and phone number and I deleted them. I was going to delete güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the rest of the pictures and phone numbers. But I started to hear a commotion coming from the back of the hospital, and the parking lot lights, were coming on.

I dropped his phone his chest, looked down at him and said,” Ralph I don’t ever want to see, or hear from you again. If I do, you’ll regret it.”

Then I turned and hurried back through the trees, jumped over a fence, scurried through a couple of back yards, until I came down the hill to the main street.

As I walked towards the McDonalds on Kimberly Avenue to get my car, I remember Wally’s instructions. So I took out my cell phone, turned it on and called him.

He answered instantly and asked franticly, “What the fuck happen?”

I told him about Ralph trying to sell me Roofies, and drugs. Wally got all excited and told me, to call Rosemarie. Then he said, there’s something, I have to do, and he hung up, on me!

When I walked into the McDonald’s parking lot, I heard sirens blaring. I looked around just in time to see a couple of police cars going up the hill and pulling into the parking lot, of that old nursing home, that I just came out of.

I called Rosemarie, she answered her phone instantly asking, “Are you alright, what happened? I was so worried.”

As soon as I heard her voice; my insides started to tremble, and my macho, tough guy, facade began to crumble. I couldn’t help myself. I began to stutter and mumble, when I tried to tell her, Ralph won’t be bothering you anymore.

Rosemarie said nervously, “Meat come over here right now and tell me what happened.”

When I pulled up in front of Rosemarie’s house, she came running down the sidewalk. As I got out of my jeep, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and began kissing me all over my face.

God she felt so good in my arms, I never, ever, wanted to let go of her.

She pulled away from me, took my hand, and led me up the side walk. She was nervously talking a mile a minute, asking me, all kind of question, but she never stop talking long enough, for me to answer any of them.

She looked awesome in her tight blue jeans and the black sweater that she was wearing.

But I really wasn’t interested in the way she looked. I had this huge lump in my throat, my insides were churning, and my body was beginning to tremble, as I followed along behind her up the stairs.

I don’t what it is about her. But somehow or other I always manage to make a complete asshole out of myself; whenever, I’m around her.

As we walked into her little apartment; I knew I was going to lose control of my emotions any second. Rosemarie turned towards me, looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you alright Honey?”

That’s all it took! I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tightly against me, put my head on her shoulder and began sobbing like a baby, “Oh God Rosemarie, I’m not a thug… I’m not a bad person.”

Rosemarie whispered,” It’s alright, let it out, I know you’re a good person.”

I don’t know how long I stood there like that, making a complete asshole out of myself. I finally managed to regain my composure and said, “I’m sorry Rosemarie, I couldn’t help it. ”

She kissed my eyes lids, as said softly, “Let me kiss away your tears. It’s alright; you needed to get that out of your system. I’m honored, that you shared your tears with me, like I shared my tears with you earlier today.”

“Thanks,” was all I could say.

Rosemarie smiled as she asked, “do you want a cup of coffee?” “Yeah sure, that would be great.” I answered,

Rosemarie looked at me and said in a caring loving voice, “Honey take off that sweatshirt, and your shoes and socks, put your feet up and make yourself at home. I nodded okay and did as she asked. She kicked off her flip flops and went into the kitchen and made the coffee.

Rosemarie talked none stop, as we drank our coffee. I just sat there listening to her, nodding my head in agreement with her. But I was so, emotionally drained, and physically exhausted, that all I wanted to do, was go home, take a shower, and go to bed.

I finally said,” Rosemarie, I need to go home.”

She looked at me wide eyed and scurried across the couch, picked up my arm and put it around her shoulder, and said, “Don’t go! I want you to stay with me. Please you can take a shower here.”

I was shocked, as I looked into her big brown pleading eyes. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I wrapped my other arm around her and pulled her towards me. Rosemarie fell into my arms, and put her arms around my neck.

Our lips touched gently and lovingly. As we kissed; I could feel something strange going through my body, it wasn’t sexual it was something more. Somehow or other, I knew that Rosemarie was experiencing that same strange feeling too.

I also knew that I could never say no to her. She pulled her lips away from mine and looked into my eyes longingly waiting for me to say something to her.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri was starting to get frisky and playful, so I smiled and said, “Okay, but only if you take a shower with me.”

Rosemarie blushed and giggled as she answered shyly,” Okay.”

I followed her into the bathroom which surprisingly had a huge frosted glass shower stall. I took her into my arms again and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue between her soft full lips into her warm moist mouth. She responded passionately, by sucking my tongue, and swirling hers around mine.

Her hands were roaming up and down my back, and then she started rubbing her finger nails up and down my spine, sending little shivers of excitement through my entire body ending up in my cock.

While she was doing this I had my hands all over her back, and then I brought then down over her firm rubbery ass cheeks, and pulled her against me and began grinding my pelvis against hers.

Rosemarie pulled her mouth off mine started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobe, as she dropped hands down over my butt cheeks and kneaded them with her finger tips, and started grinding her hips back against mine.

I took one hand off her fabulous ass and moved it up over her ribcage to her spongy firm full breast and caressed it, causing her to gasp and moan. Things were getting so hot and heavy that I knew that if we didn’t stop, we end screwing against the wall, like a couple teenagers in a dark hallway.

Rosemarie looked at me with her big brown eyes, as if to ask what’s wrong. I smiled at her and said softly, “We need to get undressed and take our shower.” She just stood there looking at me bewilderedly and said,” Okay!”

She stood there, starring at me wantonly, with her mouth slightly open, as I undone the buttons on her sweater and pushed it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She looked awesome standing there in her tight jeans and the black bra, she was wearing.

I couldn’t help myself and cupped her breasts and caressed them. Rosemarie closed her eyes and sucked in breath, and let it out with a heavy passionate sigh.

The sexy lacy black bra that she was wearing had a clasp in the front of it. My eyes were glued to her ample cleavage. Rosemarie was proudly smiling at me as she asked, “Do you like them?” I just licked my lips and nodded my head up and down in answer to her question.

Rosemarie, blushed, giggled, and called me a pervert.

My hands went right to the clasp on the front of her bra. She grinned at me wickedly as I opened her bra and her full breasts spilled out of it. Her big full boobs had just slight sag to them, but they were firm and perky and her large nipples were already hard and swollen.

I couldn’t resist, I cupped and squeezed her full tits as I roughly rugged the tips of my thumbs over her nipples. Rosemarie sighted as she said, “It’s my turn, I want to take off your shirt, and see your chest.”

She pulled my tee shirt out of my jeans and up over my head in one quick swift motion. She smiled wickedly at me, as she said, “Wow you’re all muscles. ” Then she leaned over and nipped the hot spot between my neck and shoulders whispering, “Honey I want to feel your hard chest against my bare breasts.”

My dick so was hard I though I was going to explode in my jeans. I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her towards me. I turned her head to the side, closed my eyes, as I covered her soft warm lips with mine, and forced my tongue between her lips, into her mouth.

Rosemarie, gasped, moaned,” Mmmm, mmm.” Then she swirled her tongue around mine as our bodies molded themselves together in a passionate embrace. Her tits flatten against my chest; it felt like her nipples were burning into me.

Rosemarie responded by gently nipping my tongue and holding it in place with her teeth as she rubbed the tip of her tongue back and forth a-crossed the tip of my tongue. She placed her hands on my ass, and began kneading my buns, as she forced her tongue deep into my mouth.

When I pulled my mouth off hers, Rosemarie looked at me again, in disbelief! I gave her my best devilish grin as I kissed her on the forehead and said,” Oh No, not yet. We need to take our shower first, Rosemarie. I want to see and explore every inch of your beautiful body.”

She blushed and giggled like a school girl, as she parroted me, and said, “Then I want to wash and explore every inch of your body too.”

We stood there for a moment, looking strangely into each others eyes again. We were talking with our eyes, but I didn’t know what we were saying to each other!

I grinned as I looked down from her eyes, to her mouth, then downward over her shoulders, to her big up turned perfect breast, and then further down to her waist. I blew her a kiss as I reached out and unbuttoned her jeans. I could feel her eyes on me, as I opened and unzipped her pants. Rosemarie wiggled around to help me get her jeans off. She was left standing there in a pair of black panties that matched her bra.

I think I started to drool. As I pulled down her panties, she lifted one foot, taking it out of her undies and then the other. She smiled at me as she turned around in a circle, and asked proudly, “Do you like my body, Honey? ” Then she said, before I could answer her.” Now it’s my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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