A Corporate Affair Ch. 03

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Donna had managed to get both Bryce and Howard off in the hot tub. In so doing, she had worked herself into an erotic frenzy and wanted something for herself. Bryce had begged off, but Howard was more than willing to satisfy her needs.

Howard lifted her out of the hot tub, produced a big bath towel and dried her off slowly and tenderly. He put the robe over her shoulders and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom, we’ll take our time and do it right.”

Bryce lay sprawled out in the hot tub. He looked up as they left and said, “Have fun kids, I’m staying in here until morning.”

Howard lifted the robe off of her shoulders at the side of the bed. He stood behind her and kissed her neck and cheeks. She turned her mouth to his and the soft tender kiss evolved into an exchange of tongues. Howard caressed her tits with one hand and fondled her mound and slit with the other.

“Lay down baby. I want to look at you naked, your head on the pillow and waiting for me.”

Donna crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder at Howard. His eyes were fastened on her butt and the red gash between her legs. She trembled at the sight of both tenderness and hot lust in his eyes. She was ready for any approach he might take.

She lay back, her beautiful face looking up at Howard from the pillow with her legs spread, her fingers making teasing circles around her swollen clit.

Howard was a massive man. At about 60 years of age, he did have a paunch, but his arms and shoulders, chest and thighs were still muscular and powerful. As he kneeled in between her legs, Donna’s eyes fastened on his spectacular cock and balls. He played with her nipples quietly as she reached out to hold and stroke him, her hands roaming lightly from the cock to his hanging balls.

They were calm and unhurried. Neither of them had expected a tender moment like this to happen this night. Donna had come to do her duty, and Howard had accepted an invitation from his close friend to join him for some willing pussy.

Howard leaned in over top of her and kissed her, while she continued illegal bahis to hold and stroke his cock. His tongue pushed between her lips and ran around inside her mouth between her gums and lips. Donna wanted to feel him in her and arched her back upward while pressing his cock downward with her hand.

Howard let her play, wanting her to increase her desire to desperation levels before entering her. His arms were extended, bracing himself over her as he continued to suck her lips and tongue. Donna clamped her heels behind his thighs and tried to pull her pussy up to capture his knob. She was whimpering, “Please Howard, let me have it. I will pass out if it is not in me soon.”

In answer, Howard pushed her legs up and worked his mouth down her thighs to her open slit. Two or three long licks with his flattened tongue almost got her off. He sucked the tip of her clit gently and nuzzled her cunt with his nose. Donna was vibrating as he lifted up from her and repositioned between her spread legs on his knees.

“I want you ready baby, I want your pussy to be so horny it will bite my cock off.” He lowered his hips so that she could rub his knob in her trembling slit. She spread more widely and tried to capture him. He jabbed at her a few times, but not enough for her to claim the entire knob.

“Howard, please, let me have it in me,” she wailed. She dug her fingernails into his ass and hips, tugging at him, thrusting up at him.

He relented, lowering his hips, straightening his cock for full entry. He began feeding her a little more with each push. She cried out as she felt the knob parting the silky wet folds of her inner pussy, rubbing the walls of it, a hard shaft following his velvet covered knob.

Finally he was in her fully, his big chest grinding her tits, his massive thighs spreading her wide open, she could barely get her heels around behind him to capture and hold him in her. He held still while she adjusted her body and cunt to his full cock. They began to fuck.

She arched her back upwards, pushing her hips at him, unable to remain still. She tightened her legs around behind illegal bahis siteleri him and pressed her fingernails into his back and butt. She wanted him deeper in her and she raised her legs over his back to allow him to enter her more fully. His hands went to her hips to hold her as he guided his cock in and out.

They moved slowly together, his chest rubbed her nipples, exciting her even more. “Ah Howard, you feel so good in me. More baby, give me more.” He reacted to her request and increased his speed, going harder and deeper. She moved her mouth to his as he continued to fuck her; her tongue searched his mouth until he sucked it into his in synch with his stroking.

She lifted her hips up for more, always more, always deeper. She did not want to lose contact with him for even an instant. She closed her eyes to enjoy the friction of his big cock rubbing the walls of her pussy. She clenched her pussy more tightly around his surging cock.

She could sense his cum beginning to rise as his strong arms went under her to pull her body tighter against his straining body. She could feel his body trembling as his cum was demanding to be released in her and they both were overwhelmed at the need to surrender.

They kissed passionately as their bodies sealed together as one. Donna whispered, “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard, ride me, I want your cum filling my hole.”

Donna felt herself at the top of her climax; her body clenched against her lover, her pussy tightening around his pounding cock. They squeezed together, wanting to retain that exquisite feeling for as long as possible. She squeezed his cock just as he rammed her with one last hard thrust. His first blast of hot cum put her over the edge and she arched her body upwards to receive him.

They held together as his cock softened inside of her. He tried to keep fucking but his massive cock had met its match and she squeezed him out until the knob was oozing cum in her pussy lips.

Howard collapsed on top of her and then rolled off to one side, exhausted. She moved her head to his chest, licking and kissing his nipples, still canlı bahis siteleri overcome with desire. Her lips sought his mouth once more and she crawled on top of him, rubbing her tits and pussy on every part she could rub.

Howard ruminated on what had just happened. It had been very different than he had expected. He had progressed from just showing up for a hopeful butt fuck to making passionate love to this beautiful woman. He looked over at her as she lay with her eyes closed, her nipples erect and her body still writhing in contentment. He would be looking for more of the same in the future.

Donna was also in a state of pleasant confusion. From a ‘duty fuck’ to this act of complete sex had surprised her. While still hoping for success for her husband, she knew she would remember this night for the passion she had received from this older man. Bryce had been her duty, but the contribution from Howard would remain more significant in her memory.

She felt him lift off of the bed. A minute or so later, she felt someone sit beside her. It was Bryce. She turned her head and looked up at him as he smiled and said; “Now that was a night of pure pleasure. You were great baby. And not bad from two old jerks like us either.”

Donna was exhausted but content. She believed that she had won the day for her hubby and his promotion, and she had enjoyed a new experience. She got up and showered quickly, pulled on her panties and tight dress, carried her heels with her as she left the suite. Bryce kissed her at the door, “Be assured my little one, that there will be more nights like this for the two of us, or three of us.”

Donna struggled to the elevator, hoping that she would not meet anybody that knew her. Her sore pussy caused her to walk like a cowboy. She let herself into her suite. She stood for a minute in the pale light of one lamp, listening to see if Bob was asleep. A sound from the bedroom caused her to move quietly over and slowly open the door.

Bob and Elizabeth were on their sides facing each other. She had one leg up over his hip. Donna could make out Bob’s hand fingering Elizabeth’s pussy as Elizabeth was fondling his cock. There were only low moans coming from the two of them. Donna quietly closed the door, went for a cool drink and hoped that they would get off soon. She was tired.

The End

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