A Cliché

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You come to my office after class, wearing your plaid skirt and white blouse, like a Catholic school girl, only this isn’t a Catholic college, making what you’re wearing that much hotter.

“Mr. H, I really want to get an A in your class,” you say, getting right to the point.

“I’m sure you’re close to one, Alli. Just write the last paper as well as your others.”

“That’s the problem, I really have to study hard for my trig class just to get by. So there’s no way this paper will be as good.”

“You could always take and incomplete and turn it in later,” I suggest, trying to be helpful and professional with those smooth thighs at eyes level as I sit in my office chair.

“Let me show you something,” you say, turning away from me. You bend over, giving me a wonderful view farther up your thighs as you rummage through your book bag. I can almost see your panties.

You straighten up, turn around, did your eyes just linger on my stiffening cock? Can you tell?

You hand me a brochure.

“As soon as the semester’s over, I’m leaving for this program in London,” you say.

“Very impressive.”

“So I don’t have time for any of that. Isn’t there anyway at all that you could help me?”

“Hmmm, I suppose I could think it over and see what I can come up with.”

“Great, when will you let me know?”

Knowing that you’ve seen where I live because a friend of yours lives in the same apartment complex, I say, “You could swing by this weekend if you’re around Emily’s and see if I have any ideas.”

You smile knowing that I heard your hint loud and clear.

“Great, I’ll do that. Thank you so much Mr. H.”

I keep my seat and watch as you bend over to replace the brochure. As you swing the bag onto your shoulder, I stand and move close to you. Very low, so that no one passing by can hear, “And wear what you have on today.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You’re in my Tuesday-Thursday Literary Heritage class, so two days later is Saturday. I’ve spent those two days thinking over how you can get you’re a without doing the final paper. When güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you knock, I’m prepared.

I open the door to find you standing there in your Catholic schoolgirl get-up just as I asked. You follow directions well. This is a good thing. You look a bit nervous. When I say hello, you smile shyly.

“I’ve decided that you can have your A without doing the paper if you will do whatever I say until I say that you can go.”

You suck your bottom lip between your teeth. Not so sure since you made the proposition two days ago? Didn’t think I’d take you up on it?

“The choice is yours, Alli,” I continue, step inside, do as you’re told, and get the A or leave now write the paper and earn you’re A in the customary fashion with no hard feelengs.”

I step back to allow you inside, but I’m sure you’re going to bolt. You look me in the eye for a moment and step inside. Surprising and, again, impressive.

Closing the door, I say, “Stand here,” pointing to a spot on the floor about three feet from the wall.

You step onto the spot.

“Face the wall.” I stand beside you. “Like I said before, Alli, you do whatever I say, when I say to do it. You don’t speak unless I ask you a question. Understand?”

You nod your head.

“Answer me.” Although it’s like you’re standing at attention, my voice is not that of drill sergeant, but rather that of your caring teacher giving you instructions.

“Yes, Mr. H,” you answer.

“Good girl, but there is one exception, you may moan as much as you want. Now, place your hands on the wall.”

You do as you’re told, having to bend a little.

I move behind you and finger the hem of your skirt.

“Did you realize that you have flashed me three separate peeks at your panties in class this semester?”

“I did?”

“Yes, you did. You sure it was an accident?”


“Is that the truth.”

“Yes…I didn’t mean too, but I have dreamed of doing that.”

“Well, let’s see what sexy panties you’re wearing today.” I push your skirt up around your waist, revealing a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pair of pink, silk, French-cut panties. “Very nice,” I say.

“Thank you.”

“But I don’t think we’ll be needing them.” I kneel down behind you and slide your panties slowly down your smooth legs, seeing your gorgeous ass up close and naked for the first time.

I rise with your panties in my hand. “Very nice, indeed,” I say after a sniff. I hold them to your nose. “Don’t you think so?”

You sniff tentatively, “Yes.”

I drop them to the floor and run a hand up and down your arched back, lightly. My other goes to your butt, exploring all over your bottom. It begins at the top of your and follows the curve down, then squeezes a cheek, then deeper between your legs, feeling your slit. All ready a hint of dampness. Tickling your short pubic hairs. My hand moves upward, giving your pussy a long slow stroke, then a finger trails between your cheeks as my hand continues up your butt. Then I rub all around both cheeks, mixing in a few squeezes, before returning to your pussy. Once you are nice and wet and horny I have you turn around.

I kiss you hard, pressing your back against the wall, you feel my dick getting hard and my hands on your breasts.

Then I step back and tell you to take off your skirt. I think you’d be very sexy with just a shirt on, nothing else, unbuttoned low.

When you’re dressed the way I want you, I take the back of your hair in my hand and pull your head back, run my tongue up and down your neck, as my other hand caresses your now naked breasts. Then I kiss you hard and deep just as my hand drops from your breast to your pussy. You’re good and wet so my finger slips right in. I use the back of your hair to guide your head the way that I want it to go during our long kiss.

We stand there, you pressed against the wall, me pressed against you, kissing, with my fingers working in and out of your pussy and rubbing your clit until you cum, moaning into my mouth, our tongues still intertwined.

I break the kiss, “Did you like that?”

You güvenilir bahis şirketleri mumble something that sounds positive as you try to catch your breath.

Then I tell you to undress me.

You rub your hands over my chest as you unbutton and remove my shirt. You kneel down and undo my pants, unable to help rubbing the bulge as you try to concentrate on your task. Finally, you slide my pants and boxers down and I step out of them.

You reach for my cock wanting it in your mouth, but I stop you and make you stand up.

“Don’t you want me to…suck you?” you say.

“You’re used to college boys, aren’t you? But what was the rule?”

“Don’t speak.”

“I want to taste you,” I say. “Get me a taste with your fingers.”

You do as you’re told, slipping a finger in your still wet pussy and then sliding it in my mouth.

I suck your juice from it.

I kiss you again, this time you feel my naked dick against your belly, as you taste your pussy on my tongue.

“Come,” I lead you to the bedroom, to the foot of my bed. “Get up there on your knees, facing the wall.” Your feet are at the foot of the bed and you automatically go down on your hands as well. Is this a hint that you like it doggy style?

“No, just on your knees, raise up.”

You do.

I nudge your knees apart a bit more, getting you in the position I want. I step back and look at you. Just as I thought, your ass looks wonderful peeking out from the tail of your shirt, the muscles slightly taut from the position.

I raise the tail of your shirt a little as I bend over and run my tongue up the length of your butt. You almost lose your balance, but you catch yourself. Was that from surprise or from pleasure?

Then I move to the head of the bed and get on in front of you. I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth, but for only a second. I kiss you again.

Breaking the kiss, I move back and turn around. I lay down, my head going between your legs. I take your hips in my hands and pull your sweet pussy down to my face. I lap all around your dripping cunt, your inner thighs, your cheeks, outer lips, every place my tongue can reach before it darts between your pussy lips.

My hands caress your stomach, moving up your body to your breast. After I play with them for a bit, I squeeze them tighter I pull out and down. Your body follows and we’re in a 69.

To be continued. . . maybe

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