A Chance Remark

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My neighbors were having money problems. The wife had lost her job over a year ago due to misappropriation of funds. She had been spared jail time after a settlement was made, and was now back to being just a housewife after failing to land another job. From conversations overheard, the husband was no longer getting the many hours of overtime he’d been enjoying for years.

This situation no doubt caused a lot of strain and stress on the family of five which included three teenage children. Suddenly, the previously well behaved husband and wife were getting into regular heated exchanges and the kids were always bitching about allowances, stuff they wanted and places they never get to go to anymore.

Our houses were both, only about ten feet away from the dividing fence; that’s how I got to know their business, now that nerves were on edge and loud, harsh words regularly exchanged. To make it worse the poor guy was now drinking heavily and spending most of his time outside of the house. The wife did not hide her annoyance.

My bedroom was directly opposite that of the couple and with the help of wind and architecture, their heated words easily found my ears; I got to know that their sex life was also feeling the squeeze of the economic pressure.

One morning after the kids had already left for school I heard the husband reproaching the wife about something she’d seen in a store and told him she wanted.

“Everything your eyes see you want … you’ve always been like that … can’t you for once, see something and not want it … you’re no longer working and I’m not making the kind of money I used to … fuck! … can’t you understand that?” he said.

“I could understand it if I could understand how you find money to drink … but I don’t … and fuck you too … don’t you dare cuss me,” she replied angrily.

“Greed got you where you are now … be careful it doesn’t drive you into worse directions,” the husband said.

“You didn’t see it as greed when you were enjoying the benefits … you ungrateful fucker … spending more time with the bottle than your wife … weak excuse for a man.”

“Maybe I’d be stronger and more of a man and spend more time with you if you were more woman,” the husband retorted.

I’d always found the wife, Lucy, sexually attractive and though I’d sometimes wondered what it’d be like to fuck a sweet, petite, little thing like her, I’d never taken it into my head to make a pass at her. I respected her marital status and showed her the respect due to a woman her age – she was in her mid-forties – old enough to be my mother. I was then twenty-five. But suddenly, out of the blue, as I felt myself feeling sorry for her in her present predicament, the attraction grew from admiration to longing and sexual fantasizing. In my mind I was constantly undressing the shapely, petite body and doing things to it.

As my lust for Lucy grew and I thought about realizing it, something her husband had said kept playing over in my head – ‘everything your eyes see, you want.’ And I found myself thinking of how I could get her to look at me and want what I had and was longing to give to her. I wondered if she’d want it once she set eyes on it.

I had to wait a couple of weeks to put my plan into action. Meanwhile I found myself regularly looking over at her bedroom from the side of my window blind, in the hope of getting to see her naked. I’d never done that before, thinking it indecent, and on a number of occasions over the years, had even looked away if I happened to glance over and saw or thought I was about to see something not meant for my eyes. But since being driven by new-found lust, I threw all feelings of decency aside and did regular sentry duty at the side of my blind, hoping to catch her in a careless moment.

I caught her twice, fleetingly, in bra and panties, and once, for several minutes, in half-slip alone, no bra. I got a long look at her moving about the room in her sheer, close-fitting, light blue half slip through which I could make out shiny, orange bikini panties, one side of which had slipped into the crack of her little, big ass – though petite she had a disproportionately plump ass. The little puffy tits had long nipples. The mid-brown breasts bounced seductively as she moved about, and soon I was stroking my hard cock at the heated sight and then pumping furiously, hoping to cum while she was still exposed as she was. But before I could come she put on a little pink tank top, and when I did blast off it was to the sight of her bouncy ass disappearing through the bedroom door.

It was close to Christmas and as was customary here in the Caribbean, families, took down blinds, rolled up carpets and generally broke up furniture arrangements to give their homes a thorough holiday cleaning, which usually took several days to complete, sometimes a couple of weeks. Most people didn’t put up their new blinds until a few days or even a day before Christmas. Some folks, for the sake of modesty would güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri haphazardly, put up a sheet or old blind as a temporary shield when in a state of undress. Some didn’t even bother, depending on how the house was situated in proximity to their neighbor, or how unconcerned they happened to be.

I took the pieces of fabric my mom gave me to keep my room ‘decent’ and stored them in my wardrobe, leaving my window and room naked, so to speak.

The very first day my room was blind less, I walked around naked after my morning bath, my big chocolate baton partly erect, prompted by perverse excitement at what I was hoping to accomplish. Ten minutes passed before I saw Lucy enter her room and glance through her equally bare window, into my room. I looked away quickly and pretended to be looking for something. I turned a couple of times and through the sides of my eyes saw Lucy standing far back in her room, looking straight over into mine. I pretended not to be aware of her. I was so delighted my cock started to buck, so I hurriedly pulled on briefs and boxers to keep her from seeing a full-blown erection, which would indicate to her that I was flashing her and aware of her presence.

Back then I was a shift worker, so I would sometimes be home during daytime hours when both her folks and mine would either be away at work or school.

As the days went by I caught her several times looking over at me when I was naked before or after a bath. She usually stood far back in the room, partly hidden, but would sometimes come close to the side of the window, pretending to be sweeping or something, when what she was really doing was ogling my big black dong, which through deep concentration I would allow to only reach half-mast. After four days she put up a blind, obviously to reduce the chance of her being spotted. I knew, because I could see the space she’d leave at the side of the blind that would allow her to peek unnoticed.

Only once, feeling extra daring did I bring my cock to full erection, by stroking it. I camouflaged my deliberate teasing by pretending to be rubbing it with oil as if doing a regular massage. And that day the unwanted happened – I was so into stroking the cock to the memory of Lucy’s tiny, perky tits that I lost concentration and soon my cock was shooting cum across my room. I shook for a long time under the force of the orgasm, and then looked around worriedly as If concerned that I had been observed. Two day later, my mom put up my new blind.

Christmas came and left and I became restless and desperate as my desire to fuck Lucy’s pussy grew. I knew that she was still covertly peeping me as I was doing her, and I would sometimes leave the blind partly open so she could get a little peek of my big, hungry cock. On the last night of the holidays I lay in bed thinking that with school reopening the next day it meant that both kids and working folk would be away from the two houses during the daytime, giving me opportunity to make a play for Lucy. I decided to go for what con men would call – the long game – that is, in this context, I was going to make a bold move.

By eight o’clock both houses were empty save for me in mine and my sweet Lucy in hers. I was working the three to eleven shift, so there was lots of time in hand. At about eight thirty I looked outside and saw Lucy come out her back door, and as she usually did at this time of day, started watering her flower plants and herbs. She was looking juicy and damn fuckable in tight white shorts and light blue tank top that was thin and snug enough for me to see the imprints of her long nipples. I could also see the line of her panties. My cock was begging me to make it happen and I felt obliged to please it.

I quickly left the kitchen and went out into the yard, aware that the thin inner sac in my athletic shorts was not enough to hide my rapidly growing hardon.

“Good morning Miss Lucy,” I said.

“Good morning Clyde,” she answered pleasantly, turning to look at me.

I walked toward the fence, letting my eyes unabashedly roam her body. I stood in silence for a short while, just looking her over. I could see that she was blushing under my bold stare, and she lowered her eyes, only to give a quick intake of breath and then look away as she noticed the lift in my shorts.

“Blooming nicely,” I said

“Yes, they are, thanks to the frequent rain … I don’t even need to wet them … I’m only doing this out of habit,” she said, laughing guiltily.

“I wasn’t talking about the flowers,” I whispered, letting my eyes settle, first on her bosom, then slowly move downward to below her waist.

“What were you … oh, I see …?” she said, stopping in mid-sentence as she saw the way my eyes were appraising her lovelies.

She laughed, then said, “Oh … well … thank you Clyde … your observation is appreciated and noted.”

She allowed her eyes a fleeting look down below my waist, then quickly moved her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri attention to the plants.

I remained deliberately silent for several seconds, just looking at her as she aimed her hose. There was a little girlish smile on her pretty oval face. I wanted to make her just a wee bit uneasy in preparation for the big play. I smiled and went in for the kill.

“A few weeks ago I heard your husband rudely accusing you of something,” I said and stopped speaking.

She looked up at me, a puzzled look on her face.

“What are you talking about, Clyde?”

“I heard him say that whatever you laid eyes on you wanted,” I said.

“Oh, you heard that nonsense … don’t worry with that drunken fool … he had the wrong type of beverage for breakfast that morning,” she said, followed by a little, nervous laugh.

Despite her effort to appear unconcerned, it was obvious that she was shaken. She looked down at the ground, her hand letting the shooting water stray away from its target. Without giving her time to gather thoughts or compose herself, I moved in.

“If there is anything you saw and liked when looking over into my room over the past few weeks … you can have it,” I said seriously.

Her eyes popped open, her body shook and she breathed in deeply, as the hose fell from her hand, twisting about on the ground, wetting her sandaled feet. She stomped about a few times, then without looking at me, bent over and retrieved the hose. I saw down the top to her flushed breasts.

“Lucy,” I said.

She looked up at me, the pupils in her light-brown eyes dilating, her lips twitching slightly. Then she turned her head to the side and to the ground like a scolded child.

“You can get a better look … and you can have whatever you see … and want … all you need to do is come over … now … this morning,” I said coaxingly.

She looked at me steadily, the tiniest of smiles on her naturally petulant, little, full lipped mouth, the nostrils on her short, straight but plump nose flaring as she breathed deeply, pointed bosom rising and falling. I turned and started walking away, but looked back as she spoke.

“Maybe when I’m through with these,” she said motioning elaborately with her hand and smiling broadly, obviously for the benefit of possible, nearby onlookers.

“Good,” I said looking at the flowers and returning the broad smile.

I walked away, my heart beating wildly in my chest. I went into the house and up to my room. I set about tiding up a bit. I went into a drawer and took out a little bottle of jelly that my girlfriend keeps in there for use when she visits. I put the bottle on the night stand.

Forty minutes later I heard the gate screech open. I went to the window where I saw Lucy casually strolling into the yard holding a big, bulky shopping bag. I let her press the doorbell before I opened the door. I noticed how she cleverly held up the bag and pointed at it with a finger, before stepping into the house.

She followed me up the stairs. Inside the bedroom, I lowered my eyes to the bag.

“What’s in that bag, anyway?” I asked, chuckling.

She burst out laughing, “lies … a big bunch of lies … for nosey neighbors,” she said.

She added, “Just old newspaper.”

We stood there staring into each other’s eyes, my cock lurching, and her nipples stiff and prominent. She lowered her eyes to my tented shorts, looking at it intently.

“Like what you see?” I asked, knowing from her flushed face and smile that she was impressed.

“I think so, but I’m not absolutely sure … I guess I’ll need to see a bit more of it to be certain if it’s something I can really like.”

“Well, go ahead … check it out,” I responded.

Without looking up, she dropped to her knees in front of me and gripping the waistband with her nicely manicured fingers, dragged the shorts all the way down my legs. She gasped and brought her hands to her face, pretending to not want to look at it, as I stepped out of the shorts.

“What de …? … Oh mih gawd, this is big … mih lawd!” she cried out, breaking into creolese dialect.

She looked up at me with her pretty face aglow with excitement and a bit of shock.

“I … I … like it,” she said softly, gulping.

As if reacting to a threat, she lifted the little blue top up and over her head and threw it away.

She cried out, “I want it.”

Leaning forward she grabbed my hard cock and parting the pert lips that were painted with a dark lipstick, she took the swollen mahogany cock head into her wet mouth and growled as he gobbled it down as if trying to get it to caress her tonsils. She made another growl, this time somewhat muffled, and clamped her teeth into the stiff pole. She let it remain there under close arrest for about thirty seconds, only moving her tongue around. Then with a loud gasp she came up for air and released the jerking big dick.

In striking contrast güvenilir bahis şirketleri to her previous attack, she began lovingly licking the big baton, cleaning it carefully with her tongue like it was a delicate piece of china ware, gently licking, nibbling, sucking and rubbing her face all over it while inhaling deeply. Next she moved to my large balls, giving them the same treatment. Suddenly she gobbled the cock back into her mouth with the same ferocity she’d displayed at first, feeding on it hungrily while making loud muffled sounds. She gagged and coughed and spat repeatedly, but stayed with the cock, touching every corner of her wide spread, little mouth and throat.

I leaned over and easily picked up the five foot chocolate dynamo and with my hands gripping where her thighs joined butt cheeks, lifted her middle to my face, seeing the juice stained crotch. She wrapped her legs around my neck and grabbed hold of my head as I roughly nudged her pussy with my face, rubbing and licking the soft wet material of her shorts. I rubbed my nose and probed the soft wet fabric with a stiffened tongue, and she wriggled and jerked eagerly. She gasped loudly as I bit into her mound, and her fingers grasped my wooly afro. She made soft mewing sounds as I mouth butted the covered up wet sex sponge.

After a while I lowered her, now bringing her mouthful size, little-girl tits to my mouth. I licked and chewed and swallowed them voraciously, sometimes pulling on the long nipples between clamped lips, stretching them far out from the little mother sacs. She howled in pain, but yet cried out encouragingly.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!”

When I thought she was good and ready for hammering I stepped over to the bed and lowered her to the mattress. I unhooked the waist of the shorts and pulled it, along with her little shiny-blue polka dot panties all the way off. Both crotches, shorts and panties were soppy wet. I sucked and licked the surprisingly plump vulva for a few minutes before spreading her short legs wide and bringing my dark monster to lean against her gateway. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth in anticipation of the expected ripping open of her little pussy by the huge head. I rubbed the head against her lips gently, only barely letting it spread them.

She raised up on her elbows and eyed the teasing cock suspiciously.

“Jesus Christ, Clyde … yuh cock real big … I nevah see anything like dis before,” she said seriously.

“It ain’t gonna be easy taking that in … can I change my mind?” she said, laughing nervously.

“Nope,” I said and pressed the first couple of inches into her.

She fell back off her elbows and her hands grabbed the sheet in a tight hold as I sent some more cock into the little, plump pokey.

“Aaahhhh … oh mih gawd … oowwww!” she screamed and then bit hard into her bottom lip.

“Oh, dear gawd … yuh gon kill me for sure … oh Jesus, save me please!” she cried out, sounding like she was sobbing and giggling at the same time.

I rammed some more fat cock meat into Lucy’s hole, now half way in.

“Aieeeee … oh fuck, fuck … mmmmmmmmm!” Lucy cried out, bucking against, then pulling back from the cock repeatedly.

I began to move back and forth in her with slow semi hard jabs. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she made a sob face accompanied by sobbing sounds. After about a dozen jabs I pressed forward hard and sent most of the remaining cock up her tight chute.

“Aieeeee … mmmmmmmmm … oh shit … mmmmmmmmm! She cried out, farting loudly at the same time.

“Ouch … oh shit, oh shit, oh fuuuuck … I nevah feel anything like dis before … ooooooh!” she declared.

Sweat appeared on her forehead and neck, and tears rolled down the sides of her eyes, but yet she began rolling her hips and hissing pleasurably. I sent the rest of me into her, smashing my pubic hair against her shaved mound.

“Aaaaaggghh! She gurgled.

She tried dragging her body backward from the menacing cock, pulling the sheet with her, but I followed her, and grabbed the wide but slim hips, then passed my hands below to the soft ample buttocks, sinking my fingers into them as I raised her middle off the bed and got onto my knees, leaning back on my heels. I began a steady pumping of the tight pussy, exposing deep pink insides every time I pulled back. she looked at me open mouthed and wide eyed for a moment then closed her eyes and grabbed at her black, shiny cornrowed head, the scalp of which was now sweating.

“Oh gawd, I now gon die for sure … save mih father,” she said, making me laugh.

“This is no laughing matter, yuh ripping mih poor pussy apart … oh gawd … look what I got myself into … oooowee!” she carried on.

I couldn’t help laughing, even as I was packing hard, pussy-breaking wood into her. She, realizing how funny she was sounding, joined in the laughter, then settled in to moving her hips in rhythm with my short strokes and I wondered if this was how it is with her, if she just liked talking while fucking and, also, I suspected … liked some pain.

I lifted her shoulders up and brought her to sit on my lap and she began gently bouncing up and down on the huge wood in her.

“Oh gawd … yuh killing me, Clyde … oooowee … ooow!”

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