A Camping Trip Ch. 3

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III – Something Old, Something New

Pat let the door slam behind him, too busy holding Laura’s shorts over his erection to stop it’s swing. Visions of Ann standing in the woods wearing nothing but a T-shirt still raced through his mind, doing nothing to mitigate his turgid state. He wondered if she knew he had been watching through the vines as she stood, her back arched, one hand between her legs. He had listened to her initial soft moans build into a crescendo of release, and then actually walked out to say hello after she’d finished. Had she guessed he’d been pumping his rigid hard-on as he watched? He continued to stroke it now, still thinking about Ann, her perfect ass tense, rocking to and fro, the T-shirt riding up to expose the absolute perfection of her curves, bathed in the light of the rising sun.

Laura stirred on the bed next to the fireplace, stretched her arms, saw him standing in front of the door, her shorts hanging on his hard dick like a lewd flag. She smiled, rolled onto her stomach, small breasts squeezed against the bed. She looked at Gerry, still fast asleep across the room, then cocked her head in invitation. Pat accepted, walked over to where she lay, still holding the shorts in position. Laura reached for the shorts and pulled them away to expose his cock, still at attention, veins bulging along the shaft, the purple mushroom head glistening. She took hold of his member and brought him down, his pulse quick and insistent in her hand.

Pat fell on top of her, his hardness sliding along her thigh, leaving a slick trail of pre-cum behind it. Laura parted her legs, still in half-sleep, pulling him higher, the underside of his cock brushing over the soft light hair that covered her pubic mound. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear.

“And what have you been doing to get so worked up?”

“Just walking in the woods, looking.”

“And what was so interesting out there?”

Her hand around his cock, sliding it back and forth between the outer lips of her pussy.


His teeth on her neck, tiny bites and a shudder. A nibble on her ear, tongue flicking inside, barely touching.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Mmmm, yes, yes I do”

Her wet lips pressed tight against his collarbone, tongue tracing its length, back and forth. Her hips pulling away, teasing.

“Then tell me what you were looking at.”

Her hand riding along his shaft, fingernails scratching, a low moan and lidded eyes.



Her hand wrapped around his cock as she looked into his eyes. She pushed it against her inner lips, let the head penetrate to the corona.

“Tell me about Ann”

“I watched her. Getting herself off in the woods”

She pushed against him, the head popping inside the tight wet canal of her vagina. He stopped there, savoring the feeling of her hot flesh around his cock. She felt her juices flowing in response, warm, wet, a tingling tickle inside her.

“Tell me more”

“She was wearing nothing but a T-shirt, standing there in the bushes.”

He clenched his hips – slid deeper; half of his shaft imbedded in her cunt. Her hips began to move in little circles, her vaginal muscles clenching around him.

“She had her head back, moaning. Her hand was between her legs.”

“And you were jerking off, watching her?”

Laura rocked her hips forward, engulfing the rest of his cock, filing herself with his still swelling flesh. Her legs held him fast, not allowing him to withdraw.

“Yes. I could see her ass too. I could see her hips moving back and forth until she came.”

She released him and he pulled out, only the tip pressed against her.

“Put that cock back where it belongs”

He slid forward, thrusting deep. She let out a soft gasp, thrusting back. They began a slow ride to the top; their hips moved in unison, beads of sweat formed on their skin.

“What about me?” said Laura, motioning with her head to the sleeping figure across the room. “How would you feel if you caught me spying on Gerry? I’d love to watch him cum. I’d like to let him shoot it all over me.”

It was all he could do not to burst. He held himself still, deep inside her.

“What if I went over to his bed right now and woke him up?”

The only thing that stopped canlı bahis Pat from drenching her in semen was her hand around the base of his prick, squeezing. She backed of, his cock sliding free. She still held him, motionless, waiting for his impending orgasm to subside; tiny spasms tapering off, excitement waning just enough to keep his load from spending itself all over her belly.

“I’ll be back” she said, crawling from beneath him, “be sure you save that for me.”

Laura rose from the bed and made her way across the room to where Gerry lay sleeping. He was a good looking guy, not so well built as Pat but not at all out of shape. With an over the shoulder wink at her boyfriend, she crept onto Gerry’s bed, careful not to wake him as she peeled back the sleeping bag to reveal his limp cock, resting on his leg like a sleeping worm. She knelt beside him and bent over, sucking gently, the flaccid member disappearing into her mouth, tasting of salt and sex. Pat watched, pulling on himself as Gerry began to stir. Laura felt him stiffening, filling her mouth so that she had to pull back to keep from choking.

With eyes still closed Gerry’s hand began a slow creep up Laura’s leg, a smile on his lips. He ran his hands over the curves of hip and thigh as he grew larger, Laura’s tongue flicking across the sensitive underside of his glans. His hips flexed to push himself deeper into her mouth. She cupped his balls in her hand, tickled the skin above his puckered asshole. She remembered looking into his eyes the night before while he’d fucked his wife, the thought bringing a new tingle to her already moistened clit.

Gerry opened his eyes and gasped, shocked to full erection by the sight of Laura sucking his cock.


She nodded, a sparkle in her eye, still holding him in her mouth. Gerry let his head sink back into the pillow, thrusting into her. Her fingers moved to his ass, messaging, scratching, pushing, tracing little patterns around his hole. She brought a finger to her lips, leaving his cock to stand on it’s own, lubricating her finger with the tip of her tongue. She got off of the bed and stood between Gerry’s legs. Another gentle toss of her head, beckoning Pat to come over and join them. She wanted both of them.

Laura bent down, parting her lips, taking Gerry’s cock into her mouth once again. She lifted her ass in the air, undulating, beckoning, exposing her neatly trimmed and newly wet pussy. Gerry moaned as her finger slipped into his ass, searching for the walnut sized lump behind the base of his cock.

Pat took his place behind her, slipped inside with a single motion, hands on her hips. She grunted and thrust back, reveling in the feeling of fullness. One cock stretching her cunt and another in her mouth, taking her, fucking her, using her, transporting her to another place. She never wanted it to end.

“Suck his cock,” said Pat, “suck him off while I fuck you from behind.”

He knew she liked nasty talk during sex, but today it was well beyond like. Today someone else was participating; today the effect was tenfold. She pushed back harder against Pat, still messaging Gerry’s prostate, feeling like the slut-queen, using and being used by two delicious cocks that were hard for her and only her. Gerry began to cry out, his voice sounding so sexy as he began to throb, pumping thick streams into her mouth so that it spilled out, running down her chin. She let his cock slip from her mouth, still dribbling, and began to lick the cum from his thighs, Pat still sliding in and out of her, head thrown back, ready to take the flag the finish line. She reached back and took hold of his balls, sending him into screaming spasms, his cum exploding with such force that she could feel the hot spunk strike the inner walls of her vagina in time with his cries.

Pat slipped out of her and sat down on the bed panting, his legs trembling. She smiled at him as she crawled up onto the bed, straddling Gerry, her hand on Pat’s shoulder for support. Gerry caressed her hips as she moved forward and without a word pressed her cum filled pussy against Gerry’s mouth.

“My turn now. Eat me Gerry, suck his cum out of me!”

It was Gerry’s first taste of another man’s semen, the salty, Clorox overtones mixed with Laura’s own earthy juices. His shrank away but Laura followed, bahis siteleri bucking against his face, leaving no escape. He began to suck her inner lips, swallowing the juices as they ran to the back of his throat, her clit rubbing hard against his nose, smothering him in the essence of her recently fucked sex.

“Nibble on my clit, oh yeah, just like that, just like that, you’re gonna make me cum…”

Pat knelt on the bed, taking one of her breasts into his mouth, biting and sucking, swirling his tongue around her hard nipple as his finger teased the small rosebud opening of her anus.

It was enough to finish her off, her body tense, jerking, her head back, hair flying, legs thrashing, juices gushing over Gerry’s chin, riding him like the last car on the orgasm freight train, her broken screams assaulting the men’s ears like a steam whistle.

Laura collapsed onto the bed next to Gerry, panting. She kissed him and their tongues swirled, coated with Pat’s cum and smelling of the end product of her orgasm, intoxicating. Pat lay down next to her, and the two men caressed her spent body as they all lay catching their breath.

“Laura, you really surprised me.” Said Gerry, wiping a hand across his mouth. “At first I thought it was Ann.”

Laura pushed herself up off the bed with a chuckle and went to the beer cooler, leaving the two men to stare at each other. Their eyes met and Pat smiled, Gerry wondering what to do next. He’d never even experimented with guys, yet today he had been treated to his first taste of another man’s cum, mixed with the taste of Laura’s pussy. It hadn’t been bad at all. He had to admit the experience had excited him. His half-hard cock twitched, wet in the sunlight streaming through the window.

“I wonder where Ann went,” said Laura. “She’s missing out on all the fun.”

Laura walked to the back door, opened it and looked outside. The sunlight highlighted her lush curves, a gentle breeze wound it’s way past her into the cabin.

“She said she was going to take a dip in the stream, if she can find it” said Pat, looking away from Gerry’s growing erection. “Laura, feel like rolling a morning spleef?”

“Don’t mind if I do, but first I need to take a leak.” The two men on the bed watched her exit, naked, through the back door.

“Man, you are one lucky guy,” said Gerry. “Laura is something else.”

“Shit, so are you. Ann is one hot woman.”

They looked at each other in awkward silence, uncomfortable to be alone, naked and in the same bed yet neither wanting to be the first to get up. Gerry ran his eyes over the man lying next to him in admiration. It was evident that Pat took pretty good care of himself. His chest was thick; the outer edge of his pecs curving just beneath his hard nipples where his ribs met the sweep of his back. A well-defined six-pack disappeared into the tangle of pubic hair that surrounded his cock. The kind of body Gerry always worked to get for himself, but always ended up getting skinny instead of putting on muscle. The thought of touching him, tracing the lines of Pat’s body sprang to mind, and he pushed it away, his cock twitching once more.

What the hell am I thinking?

“I had a wild time last night, watching you two fuck,” said Pat, “a really wild time.” Pat reached out, a tentative finger touching Gerry’s thigh, running down and back. Gerry’s heart began to pound, his cock began to lengthen, wanting to get up off the bed but at the same time wanting to feel Pat’s touch; the thought of forbidden fruit overcoming the chorus of voices placed in his head by the holier than thou, spirit ransacking, make your life betterites that spent their lives judging; living to control the actions of others.

Gerry reached out and wrapped his fingers around Pat’s stiffening meat, felt it grow in his hands, marveling at the softness of it. It was as if he had never touched a cock before, never really touched a cock. The sensations of his own masturbation were so focused in his own penis that he had never noticed the subtleties. The way the skin rode effortlessly over the muscle beneath, the way the veins bulged in smooth ridges, the way the tangled hair at the base caressed his hand. He began to swell, transfixed with new discovery as Pat’s hand slid over him; up and down in the lubrication Laura had provided bahis şirketleri just a few minutes before. Pat’s hand on his cock was the end of the inner struggle. He wanted this, all of it.

“Have you ever been with a guy before?” asked Pat.

“No. Have you?”

“A couple times, but as part of a threesome with Laura. I just saw you lying there and…”

He trailed off; both of them transfixed by their mutual masturbation.

“You and Ann ever done anything like this before?”

Pre-cum emerging like clear maple syrup on a cold day.

“Only once, but two girls, one of Ann’s friends, a party, a lot of dope…”

Two bodies moving closer, embracing, legs intertwined.

“You are a lucky bastard…”

Pat released Gerry and they moved together, cocks sliding across bellies and the sharing of breath. They hesitated, one last look back, and then jumped; their lips brushed and then locked, tongues exploring, the friction of unshaven faces colliding.

Pat broke the kiss, pulled closer. The feeling of their cocks rubbing together pushed aside any thoughts of remorse. His mouth began a journey downward, stopped to suck a nipple, grazing, biting, bringing a moan of pleasure. He pushed Gerry’s legs apart, kissing his inner thighs, first one, then the other, sending shivers up the spine of his new lover. His breath, hot and quick, moved over the other man’s throbbing prick as he ground his hips into the bed, as he took one of Gerry’s testicles into his mouth. The musky scent filled his senses. Gerry arched his back, his hands in Pat’s tousled hair, his stiffness aching.

Pat moved higher, tongue dancing along the underside of Gerry’s shaft to flick the sensitive area beneath the head.

“Oh – my – God!” Gerry was moaning, his hips locked, raised off of the bed. Pat pressed his lips together, forcing them over the head, tongue still in tight contact, swirling slowly. He began a very gentle sucking; knowing from personal experience that too much force would ruin the sensation. He gripped the base to pull the foreskin back, keeping it off of the raging purple tip he was paying so much attention to. It was the best blowjob Gerry could remember. He counted himself lucky that he had just finished filling Laura’s mouth, otherwise he would have filled Pat’s already.

Pat knelt on the bed, his erection pointing at the mattress as if poised to drill through. Gerry shifted on mattress; his face below Pat’s hips, his cock still in Pat’s mouth. From this angle Pat looked absolutely huge. Gerry reached for him, wrapped both hands around his shaft and flicked his tongue across the head, tasting for the second time that morning a mixture of cum and Laura’s pussy. Pat’s moan sent a vibration through him. He opened his mouth and Pat entered, stretching his lips, opening his jaw to the maximum to accommodate Pat’s throbbing prick. He almost gagged as it struck the back of his throat and backed off a bit, growing used to the sensation.

My first blowjob thought Gerry. And then he stopped thinking.

The two men lay on the bed in a 69, hips rising, falling – hands roaming, fingers embedded in flesh, scratching – every muscle clenched – A thick aroma of sweat filling their nostrils as they fucked each other to orgasm. Pat began to twitch in Gerry’s mouth, moaning around his cock, forcing himself deeper as he pumped into the back of Gerry’s throat, forcing the man on the bottom to swallow. His moans intensified, sending Gerry over the edge, both men thrusting, grappling, sucking, swallowing, engulfed in ecstasy.

Applause from the other end of the room. It was Laura.

“Wow. Now that was a show! And my camera still packed away…”

The two men broke apart, panting. Pat fell on his back.

“Are you going to post this story on the net too?”

Gerry threw a pillow and fell back, laughing.

“We’ll see, but last night is a lock, if I can find my laptop while the images are still fresh.”

“-But the names will be changed to protect the guilty I hope,” said Pat.

They went outside, not bothering to dress. It was one hell of a hot day, and as far as they knew theirs was the only cabin within walking distance. They dragged out a few folding chairs and made camp on the porch, at ease with their nudity. The stillness of the morning broken only by birdsong, the wind in the long grass, and Gerry’s fingers dancing across the keys of his laptop.

Laura wrapped up a healthy portion of rich smelling redbud and they passed it around, waiting for Ann to return.

* * * * *

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