A Business Trip to Remember

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I married early and I had two kids by the time I was thirty two. I had managed a fairly successful career and was on track to make it big in my organisation. I was well-respected in my office and was known as one of the guys our boss depended most on. On the flip side, my peers often called me boring. Many of them had deferred their marriage plans and were still ‘playing the field’. I never accompanied them on their Friday night outs and usually went home to perform my job as a father and husband dutifully. I often had a lot of household chores to catch up on during the weekends, apart from attending to the kids’ school activities and related social commitments. I could barely remember the last time I had sex, if a five-minute roll about under the covers counts as one. I had nearly forgotten what romance and passionate sex meant. So, a part of me knew that the adjective ‘boring’ had some merit. I didn’t complain and never once brought this up with my wife for I knew as working mother she probably went through a lot more than me.

Sally had been working in our team for about three years. She was also my age and married. And the similarities between us ended there. She acted like she was twenty two, making silly jokes and generally being a chatterbox even when deadlines were tight. She always wore heavy makeup, high heels and low cut blouses. She was short and bot plump but well endowed. She flaunted her assets and made no pretensions about it.

She had absolutely no sense of boundaries both in terms of physical space as well as personal subjects. She would often stand so close to me while looking into my computer that I could sense her breasts brushing my shoulder. She’d also divulge many things which were too personal that I never wanted to hear about, such as her menstrual cramps or other gynaecological issues (she always seemed bahis firmaları to have one at any given moment). I always gave her the benefit of doubt because she was like that to most of her co-workers.

She’d probably tell you we’re close friends but in truth, I did my best to tolerate her. My soft nature always got the better of me and I’d do whatever it takes to avoid friction. So I always smiled at her and acted in a friendly way.

My boss and Sally were scheduled to go to Cyprus for a few days to negotiate business contracts and I was looking forward to some peace in the office. But lady luck had other plans and my boss had to pull out at the last moment and as always the responsibility fell on me, Mr. Dependable.

As I was at home that night packing my suitcase, my wife’s disapproving glares were crushing me. She did not appreciate me travelling at such short notice. It unsettled the daily plans. I must give her credit though for not directing her anger at me but rather at my office.

I got into the taxi with a feeling of irritation not directed at any particular person or thing. I just knew I needed a break from this monotony. And this work trip to the beautiful Cyprus could’ve been that well-earned break had it not been for Sally’s presence. I was going to be stuck with her for three full days on a beautiful beach resort. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at my wretched luck. To top this all, I expected the business negotiations to be quite heated and I wasn’t sure Sally was the right person to in the thick of things.

As I got off the taxi at the airport, I saw Sally waiting for me. I groaned inwardly. I could’ve done a web check-in and avoided sitting with her. I was quite sure she planned to check-in together.

It was a fully booked flight and the economy class didn’t give much space between kaçak iddaa us. We sat with our arms touching. She spoke nonstop about many things. I mentally switched off, gritted my teeth and pretended to sleep. My mental state didn’t allow me to sleep but mercifully, Sally had gone into a deep sleep resting her head on my shoulders. I didn’t move my hand and risk waking her up. In that deep sleep, devoid of all her pretensions, her face looked serene, almost beautiful. I immediately felt a tinge of guilt and busied myself with the newspaper.

The resort were put up in was a beautiful place overlooking the Mediterranean. We retired early to our respective rooms for the next day was going to be a long one. We started early and the ferocity with which the the other team negotiated dis not surprise me. What did surprise me was how these sour-faced non-nonsense lawyers warmed to Sally’s unconventional approach to the discussion. In fact, Sally’s presence helped speed things up. We ended the day with both sides happy to have covered a lot more ground than we’d planned.

As we sat at the bar at night, Sally and I went over the what had been a long and stressful yet successful day for us. I complimented her role and told her how some of her insightful analyses helped in ironing out complicated contractual clauses. We were now three rounds down and I told her we should probably head back to our rooms. She insisted we have one final celebratory drink. We were also scheduled to meet later next morning so we could sleep in late.

As we slowly drank – she vodka and I whisky – she got talking about her personal life, her childhood and her relationship with her husband. My usual reserved nature deserted me and I told her about my family and about the stress faced by young parents. For the first time, after working with Sally for three kaçak bahis years, I actually connected with her. It may have been the alcohol but I realised that I was quite fond of her. Maybe I had just been too uptight.

It was close to midnight and we realised our final round had actually led to three further rounds. We staggered off our chairs and managed to reach our rooms. As I said good night to her, she looked me in the eye and hugged me tight.

I felt like a dam had burst inside me and before either of us realised it, we were in her room taking off each other’s clothes. We both knew the line had been crossed and there was no going back. We gave in to the moment and kissed so passionately that we were out of breath for a few seconds. It struck me at that very moment, what was missing in my life over the last few years. Perhaps a similar realisation dawned on Sally too.

We continued to kiss each other hungrily. As I lay on top of her, she clutched at my chest hair sending into an ecstactic state. I devoured her massive uet shapely breasts, kissed her all over the body and worked my way down to her love triangle. She seemed to be wet already and the musky scent drove me mad. I started sucking her pussy hungrily and lapped up her juices. She went into a violent orgasm and held my head by hair pinning my tongue inside her vagina.

After she relaxed she got on top of me, biting my nipples and placing soft kisses all over my chest. She msde tiny circles with her tongue all over my belly and abdomen. She then sucked my scrotum and finally took my hard penis in her mouth. I was on cloud nine as she sucked my dick and played with my balls.

In a few minutes, I was ready to come. I slipped on a condom and climbed on top of her again. As I went in and out of her, gently at first and harder as she started getting another orgasm.

We both climaxed at the same time and lay in bed, our bodies entwined, rising and falling like we were one. We both well knew this may never happen again, so we savoured every moment in blissful silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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