A Bullied Virgin’s Sexual Awakening Pt. 02

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After I showered I laid on my bed with a huge grin on my face, I’d loved the sexual experiences I was getting from Sophie and Lynn but it was getting difficult to keep pretending I hated it.

I was concerned that if they knew I secretly enjoyed it they might stop, and I wanted it to continue for as long as possible.

They were in Sophie’s bedroom, probably talking about what happened but I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to get hold of the memory card from the clock and see what their next move would be.

I went downstairs and made myself a drink, about twenty minutes later Sophie came downstairs, she said to me “Lynn’s in the shower, do you want a coffee?”

“No thanks, I’ve just had one.”

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ve never felt better.” I replied sarcastically.

“I’m sorry for what happened earlier Paul.”

“Don’t worry about it Sophie, you seemed to enjoy it.”

“I think you did too.” She replied.

She was right of course, but I couldn’t admit it.

I suddenly looked at Sophie differently, she wasn’t just my sister any more but my sexual plaything, or maybe I was hers.

Just a couple of hours earlier she’d been grinding her wet cunt on my hard cock and made us both cum. If it wasn’t for the thin material of our underwear we would have been fucking, things would never be the same again between us.

Lynn came downstairs and sat with us in the living room, she acted as if nothing had happened, not long ago I had my tongue in her cunt as she cum all over my face and she starts talking about going shopping. I was amazed and confused, so as I didn’t want to raise the subject out loud I sent Sophie a text, even though she was in the same room as me.

‘You made me cum’

‘I cum too, on your cock’

‘So, we both enjoyed it’

‘Yes, Lynn told me you made her cum too and you’re good with your tongue’

‘Maybe next time you should swap places with Lynn, but don’t tell her I enjoyed it’

‘I won’t tell her, and yes I’d like to swap places with her’

‘Don’t wear any panties next time’

‘You’re a naughty boy aren’t you, I wasn’t wearing any today, but ok if you’re sure then I won’t’

‘Yes I’m sure, I’m getting hard thinking about it’

‘Please keep all this a secret’

‘Don’t worry sis I will’

Sophie telling me she wasn’t wearing panties certainly explained why the front of my shorts were soaked in her juices.

The thought that my sister was willing to sit on my face and let me lick her pussy was racing through my mind and I was impatient for it to happen. I didn’t care how wrong it was, I wanted to taste her and feel her cum on my face just as Lynn had done, I also suspected it would lead to us fucking some day.

Our parents were due home soon so I knew I’d have to wait.

Luckily for me Sophie and Lynn decided to go out for a couple of hours, I went to Sophie’s room and retrieved the memory card from the clock. I downloaded the files to my laptop computer and replaced the card in the clock.

I found the file that I was looking for, it was when the girls returned to Sophie’s room after our latest encounter.

It shows Sophie running into the bedroom followed a few seconds later by a naked Lynn they burst out laughing and hugged each other. Sophie said “that was great, I cum on Paul’s cock and my juices are dripping down my thighs.”

Lynn sat on the edge of the bed opened her legs wide and said “look at my pussy, it’s soaking too. That little fucker is enjoying this too much. His tongue felt good on my pussy.”

“His cock felt good on my pussy too as I was grinding on him, I was tempted to get it out and fuck him for real” replied Sophie.

“Don’t you fucking dare, I want to pop his cherry, that’s always been the plan. When I’m done with him you can do what you want, until then my pussy is getting it first.”

Listening to the two girls was making me horny, I’d fantasised for years about what it would be like to fuck a girl and now two very pretty and sexy girls güvenilir bahis even though one is my sister were arguing over me. I had a guaranteed fuck but when would it happen?

My cock was hard and I couldn’t keep my hand off it as I continued to watch the video, Sophie picked up her towel and went for a shower, Lynn laid back on the bed still naked and started stroking her tits, then she began fingering herself and I could hear her moan as she gave herself an orgasm. Her thighs tightened around her hand and her body was shaking. She just laid there on Sophie’s bed until Sophie returned from the shower.

Sophie got dressed as Lynn went to the shower.

As usual that evening was quite uneventful apart from Lynn teasing me with a flash of her underwear whenever my parents left the room.

A little later mum announced that her and dad were going away to Rome for a long weekend Thursday until Monday in ten days time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. “We’ve never left you alone before, but now you’re both over eighteen so can we trust you to behave and look after the house?” Asked mum.

In my mind I thought that’s perfect, four days with two horny girls, this has to be when I lose my virginity at long last.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine mum, we’ll look after the house.” I said.

“And I’ll look after my little brother Paul, so have a nice time and don’t worry.” Sophie replied and flashed me a big naughty smile. I knew what she was thinking, and judging by what I witnessed on the hidden camera in the clock I hoped to be fucking both Sophie and Lynn that weekend.

The day before our parents were going away Lynn was at our house as usual, “I’ve got to go home tomorrow morning to help my mum, but I’ll be back on Saturday.” Said Lynn.

Mum and Dad had been at home every day for the last five days preparing for their long weekend away tomorrow, there’d been no sex with Sophie and Lynn so I was really looking forward to tomorrow. The thought of Lynn not being there was disappointing to say the least and I felt a bit down as I was sure I’d lose my virginity that day.

The something hit me, I’d be at home with Sophie for two whole days. Just me and her. We’d not had any time to speak alone about what we were doing so this was going to be even better. We’d had a text exchange where she said she’d be willing to let me lick her pussy, I wondered what else we’d get up to.

Thursday arrived and we were all up early to wave goodbye to Mum and Dad as they had an early flight to Italy.

After they left I heard Sophie and Lynn talking in the kitchen, Lynn said “Don’t you dare touch him while I’m gone, I’ll come back on Saturday and we’ll have a lot of fun with him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll behave.”

“You’d better, just remember I want mine to be the first pussy his cock enters.”

About ten minutes later Lynn left and it was just Sophie and me at home. Hundreds of thoughts entered my head about what could happen, I wanted to talk to Sophie about us but was nervous to start the conversation. I laid on my bed for about an hour thinking of what to do. I needn’t have worried, Sophie sent me a text it said, ‘what you doing’

‘Nothing, I’m bored.’

‘Me too, come to my room.’

I went immediately to my sisters room, Sophie was sitting on her bed leaning against the headboard. “Come here sit on the bed with me.” She said.

“I’m really sorry for the way Lynn treats you, I hate to see her bullying you and taking advantage of you but I have to go along with it.”

“It’s ok, I used to hate it but since it’s turned sexual I actually enjoy it and look forward to it, but please don’t tell Lynn, I’ve not had girlfriends in the past so this is all new to me.”

“Have you ever kissed a girl Paul.”

“No, I wouldn’t know how to.”

“I’ll show you.”

With that Sophie moved to the edge of the bed and sat next to me, I was nervous and didn’t know what to do.

“Close your eyes, open your mouth and copy what I do.” Said Sophie.

I felt her lips on türkçe bahis mine and she started to kiss me, she moved her mouth in a circular motion on mine and I kissed her back as she’d told me to do and noticed how wet and soft her lips were. Immediately my cock hardened and I loved how her kiss made me feel. She broke away from the kiss and said, “slow down a little bit.”

She moved her face towards mine again and our lips met, this time I slowed down and felt Sophie’s tongue enter my mouth, I responded by putting my tongue in her mouth and the feeling of our tongues touching almost made my hard cock erupt.

“Mmmmm that’s better little brother, you’re a fast learner.” Said Sophie.

With a massive smile on my face I said “wow, that was amazing, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.”

Although I already knew the answer I asked Sophie “are you a virgin?”

“Sadly no, I’m not. I wish I was though.”

I said “remember the texts we sent last week, you said you’d let me lick your pussy, I can’t wait until Saturday to taste you.”

“Why wait until Saturday brother, we’ve got a few days to ourselves.”

Sophie then pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, her thighs were straddling my tummy area, if she’d sat any lower she would have felt my still hard cock. She helped me take my t shirt off and leaned slightly forward and stroked my chest, “I never realised how hairy your chest was but it feels really nice.” She said.

I reached up and started to unbutton Sophie’s top, after undoing the top few buttons it was obvious she had no bra on. My hands shook as I continued to remove her top and reveal her boobs to me. As I undone the last button I slid it over her shoulders and it slid down her back, she leaned forward again to stroke my chest and her boobs hung forward from her chest making them look bigger than I’d ever realised.

I took her boobs in my hands and gasped as I softly massaged them, her pink areola framed her rock hard nipples beautifully and I rolled them between my fingers. Then Sophie leaned a bit more towards my face and hung her boobs just above my mouth, she swayed slightly and her nipples slid between my closed lips, I opened my lips and licked around her puffy areola before latching onto her nipple and sucking like a starved baby. She pulled her boob from my mouth saying “ooh look this one is jealous.” And placed the other boob in my hungry mouth.

Sophie then shuffled down my body a little bit and I felt her pussy on my hard cock, she smiled and said “you’re loving this aren’t you little brother?” My smile told her that I certainly was.

Then she laid flat against my body put her face close to mine and started to lick my lips instinctively I put my tongue out to meet hers and our tongues flicked and licked as I pushed my cock against her pussy. Then we kissed fully as our soaking wet lips met with such passion, it was much more intense than the earlier kisses and I knew this was going to be the day I lose my virginity. Sophie was charged with sexual energy and I hoped she wanted my cock as much as I wanted her pussy.

Sophie rolled off me and laid next to me on her bed, her face was close to mine and then she said “I’m yours and you can do anything you want to me.”

I hugged her and pulled her head onto my chest and held her tight. Then I gently moved her off of me and she laid on the bed next to me, I looked at her beautiful body knowing this was my sister and that I would be losing my virginity to her very soon. Sophie laid there naked except for a pair of panties, I could see her pubic mound swelling in her panties. I started by stroking her boobs, even though she was on her back they stood firm on her chest.

I hurriedly stroked down her belly towards her pussy and felt the soft cotton panties that held her bulging pussy. I cupped her mound in my hand and nervously stroked her slit with my middle finger, she felt my hand shaking, “don’t be nervous Paul, do whatever you want it’s ok.”

I could feel her wetness seeping through her panties güvenilir bahis siteleri and my own wetness as my pre cum oozed from the head of my cock. I changed position and Sophie opened her legs as I got between them, my face was just inches from her wet pantie clad pussy.

I desperately wanted to taste her so I immediately licked her through her wet panties. I felt her clit bulging in her panties and Sophie said “yes, lick me there.”

I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit and Sophie held my head in place. Very quickly she grabbed my head harder pushed my head into her and screamed as her orgasm made her body shake. After she calmed down and breathed more easily I was able to move but stayed in that position with my face near her pussy.

I put a finger either side of the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her bulge, exposing it very slowly waiting to see and feel her pubic hair. As each millimetre was exposed I kissed it and felt it on my nose and lips, I could smell the aroma from her pussy and it smelled gorgeous I continued to lower her panties and her clit hood was suddenly revealed. I kissed it too making Sophie flinch as it was still tender. At this point I saw that her pussy was shaved completely. Sophie lifted her bottom, bent her legs and removed her panties, there was her beautiful smooth wet pussy, at last I was about to taste my sister.

I stroked her pussy and loved how smooth it felt, then using a thumb either side I gently opened her pussy lips and got an amazing view of the inside of her pink wet dripping pussy. Her juices were dripping out of her so I licked inside and then up and down the length of it, I took a moment to savour the taste and it was so sweet, much tastier than Lynn’s pussy and I loved her taste too.

Remembering how Sophie and I kissed earlier I kissed her pussy as if I was kissing her mouth, my nose was on her clit my tongue deep inside her and my lips on her pussy lips. I felt her juices dripping down my chin as I kissed and licked her pussy.

Once again I felt Sophie’s grip on my head with her thighs and her hands as she cum on my face, I could feel her pussy pulsating on my tongue as her juices flooded my mouth.

Sophie released her grip on my head and I moved to lay on top of her, she said “your face is soaking.” Then she pulled me to her and kissed me. The sweet slimy juices from Sophie’s pussy on our lips made the kiss even more erotic than the others, Sophie then licked the rest of her cum from my face.

At this point my cock was soaked in my own pre cum and dripping down the length of my shaft, I kneeled up between Sophie’s legs and removed my shorts, my cock was rigid against my torso and pointing upwards, Sophie stared at it, even though she’d rubbed her pussy against it she’d never actually seen it or held it in her hands.

Sophie moved to a more comfortable position and opened her legs wide, I moved my cock closer to her pussy, Sophie reached between her legs and took hold of my cock, the head was exposed and dripping, she wiped it up and down the length of her pussy drenching it in her juices, the sound it made was really erotic. Then she put the head of my cock into the entrance to her vagina, I couldn’t wait any longer , I was so close and wanted to feel my cock inside her pussy. I thrust my hips and it slid easily all the way inside her, every inch was in her pussy and I held it there and felt my balls hanging against her arse cheeks.

Sophie moved her hips and my cock was sliding in and out of her, I thrust in time to her movement and the feeling of losing my virginity at last combined with the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock put me over the edge too quickly and my cum burst inside her, spurt after spurt exploded into her and the feeling was amazing.

“I’m sorry Sophie.”


“Because I cum too quick.”

“Don’t worry brother, next time I’m sure you’ll last longer, but you mustn’t tell Lynn about anything we do, she wants your virginity but I wanted it too.”

We still had the rest of Thursday and all of Friday alone before Lynn arrives on Saturday.

It suddenly dawned on me that losing my virginity was all caught on camera.

It was going to be a great weekend especially as Sophie said ‘next time’.

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