A Buddy’s Birthday Surprise

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A couple weeks have passed since Deb and I walked naked through the wheat field. The memory keeps the fire inside me burning and just the thought of it brings my cock to a painful erection.

Buddy, a friend of mine is celebrating his 18th birthday. As with all 18 year old boys the first thing he wants to do is find a couple friends to help him celebrate his birthday.

Deb and I are walking hand in hand down the street when who should pull up to the curb driving his Daddy’s car but Buddy. He is smiling from ear to ear and trying to look older behind the wheel. We wish him happy birthday and he tells us to hop in and join him for a ride about town.

Deb jumps in first and sits between us guys. Buddy drives off and I put my arm around Deb as she snuggles up against me. I try to kiss her a couple times and she only makes it a quick peck as people on the street might see.

“Let’s go for a ride out of town.” I suggest, hoping to get Deb to loosen up.

Buddy heads out of town and we are barely outside town limits when Deb and I are locked in heavy necking. She is pressing her tiny tits against me. Mmmm, they feel nice. Soon she is snaking her tongue in and out of my mouth. It isn’t long before I have a raging hard-on that is impossible to hide. Deb notices the swelling. She rubs and strokes it through my pants. It feels great. I have my hand on her breast squeezing gently.

Suddenly I realize I am quickly approaching orgasm. Not wanting to go off in my pants, I try to take her hand off my cock. Deb realizes why I want her to stop. Instead of stopping, she increases her stroking. She squeezes harder and strokes faster. It is too late. The first spasm shoots hot cum out my cock. I let out a groan as again and again my body convulses. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum is ejected from my cock inside my shorts. Deb knows what she is doing and she milks my cock for every drop. She has a smile from ear to ear as she knows I have a huge mess in my pants. When finished, Deb lets go of my cock and looks down in time to see a large wet spot forming on the front of my pants.

Buddy can’t hold back any longer and bursts into hysterical laughter as he watched the whole thing and could see the wet spot forming..

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you are that excited.” Debbie lies with an innocent look on her face. “Buddy, it is not polite to laugh.”

Buddy is laughing so hard he has tears coming down his face.

“It güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wouldn’t be so funny if it was you with a mess in your pants.” Debbie smiles at Buddy.

Buddy can’t stop laughing.

Debbie sits up, reaches over to buddy’s crotch and feels his cock. “Holy cow Buddy, you are really hard. Hmmm, I wonder if you can control yourself any better.”

With that she wraps her fingers around his cock and starts to rub it through his pants. He squirms in his seat trying to drive and pretends he is trying to stop Deb’s assault on his cock. He turns off the main road in search of a place to stop the car. Up ahead the road goes through a thicket of trees and that will be a good place to stop. Buddy is hurrying to get to the trees as Deb’s stroking is clearly having quite an affect on his cock. It has grown long and hard from Deb’s stroking.

I notice the familiar look of “too late” on his face. His face tightens and turns red as the first orgasm hits him. Deb squeals in delight and she increases her stroking in time with his spasms. His muscles are so tense during orgasm that he is having difficulty controlling the car. Finally Buddy gets the car stopped just as Debbie finishes milking his cock of its juices. She releases her grip on his cock as the familiar wet spot is already appearing in Buddy’s pants.

“Happy birthday Buddy” Deb smiles as she slides back across the seat to me.

Buddy and I look at each other and we both know we have to get this mess out of our pants before the tell tale sign gets any bigger. We both open our doors and get out of the car. We walk around to the back of the car and immediately strip out of our pants and very messy underwear. Standing there in our shirts only, we use the clean part of our underwear to clean the cum from our crotch.

We weren’t paying any attention to Debbie so are surprised when she comes around the car and is laughing at us guys being naked from the waist down. Clearly she likes the sight of two semi naked guys. She tries to playfully grab our cocks. First she goes after my cock but I turn out of her way, she then attempts to grab Buddy’s. He outmaneuvers her and again she goes after me. It is like a childish game of tag. Us guys running around staying out of Deb’s reach yet not venturing too far away. Suddenly she grabs our trousers and starts to run away through the trees.

We catch up to her and in the ensuing playful güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wresting match, the three of us end up rolling on the soft grass. Deb’s dress is up around her waist and she is hanging on to our pants instead of worrying about her dress. The sight of her great legs and sexy bikini panties has both cocks rock hard again. This lovely sight gives her the opportunity to grab my cock in one hand and Buddy’s cock in the other. Deb grips and squeezes our cocks hard enough that we both feel a twinge of pain and we both instantly surrender the fight.

“Ok, you guys. Now I call the shots, right?”

“Anything you say.” We both stammer through playful smiles.

“I think we will just lay here for a few minutes until I get my breath back.” Deb says as she begins stroking our cocks.

My eyes are watching her hand slide up and down my shaft. Her dainty little fingers feel so soft and warm on my cock. Every nerve ending is on full alert and it is only a couple strokes and my shaft is already beginning to swell again.

I look over at Buddy, lying on the other side of Debbie. I see Deb’s other hand wrapped around his cock and stroking its length. I expect to feel jealousy but it looks so sexy my cock grows painfully hard at the sight. Buddy has his hand on her thigh just inches below her panties. His eyes are devouring the gentle curves of her mound. Her panties are tightly stretched and are about the sexiest thing these two boys have ever laid their eyes on. Deb makes no effort to cover herself as I am sure she enjoys showing her legs and panties. She spreads her legs just enough for us guys to see the panties covering her pussy. Buddy slides his fingers up her leg slightly until he is touching her panties. I put my hand on her other leg and soon my fingers are also touching her panties.

Buddy and I are exploring Deb’s mound through her panties. Neither of us slides our fingers down between her legs for fear she will stop us. We are just enjoying the liberal freedom we have. Debbie is enthralled with our cocks and is bringing us guys to another orgasm.

My eyes can hardly take in the sight. Watching Deb stroke my cock is exciting enough yet to see her stroke Buddy’s cock at the same time is another dimension of sexual beauty. This coupled with seeing Buddy play with her pubic mound and my own fingers caressing her private parts is more than this 18 year old boy can contain. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Uncontrollably, I start to spasm again. One, two, three spasms and more cum spurts from my cock.

Deb lets go of my cock, rolls over onto her stomach and concentrates on Buddy’s cock. She is intent on making him cum again also. By the look of his hard cock, it won’t be long.

Her dress is still around her waist and now I see her perfectly rounded tiny little ass cheeks. Her panties are stretched over the curves so nicely. Without hesitation I go directly to her ass and start feeling the curves. Her legs are slightly apart and as I see the narrow panty covered pussy. My caresses venture down between her legs. It feels very warm and slightly damp. I rub up and down along her panties and am surprised when she spreads her legs a little wider. Buddy is watching Deb stroke his cock and he is in heaven.

My fingers venture a little deeper and harder against the panties. Suddenly I feel Debbie twitch and moan. I must have found a sensitive spot. I rub over it again and sure enough, she twitches and moans again. As I continue to rub this spot, she starts to move her hips in unison with my rubs. I found the right spot and Debbie is moving her hips more and more.

Just when I think I am going to witness Debbie cum, Buddy groans loudly and shoots a wad of cum about a foot into the air. It lands on his chest followed quickly by a second spasm. Buddy puts his hand over Deb’s and keeps her stroking his cock as it is being milked dry. The white juice oozes over her hand and down the red shaft.

As Buddy relaxes, Deb pulls her hand free of his cock. She closes her legs, forcing my hand tight against her pussy. She wiggles her hips a couple times then pulls my hand out. She stands up and her dress falls back into place.

She looks down at us still lying on the grass. “You guys are hornier than toads.” With that she turns and walks back to the car. She is wiggling her ass more than normal and she looks back over her shoulder and gives us a sexy smile.

Buddy and I scramble into our pants and catch up to Debbie as she reaches the car. We get in the car and head back onto the road. I put my arm around Debbie and she snuggles up close to me. I sense that she is still horny but when I put my hand on her thigh, she moves it off. I kiss her and she returns my kiss but it is just a short kiss. Clearly she is not about to let it develop into anything.

When we get back to town Debbie has to be home so Buddy drives to her house.

“This is our secret, eh guys.” Debbie insists. Both of us agree to keep it a secret. We drop Debbie off. We then get a 6 pack of beer so we can celebrate our good fortune and of course Buddy’s birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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