A Blue Dream

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Blue. They are bright, misty blue. More like azure, really but for all intensive purposes they are blue. Blue with a small band of lace lining the waste band and laced like a spider’s web across the front giving the allusion of being caught in a blue maze. A man’s fingers trying to untangle the tightly wound threads could get caught in such a maze with no difficulty. He sits (almost) completely still, fingering the bright blue (azure) threads trying to imagine how she looked when she had them on. Only his fingers move with strong anticipation as he feels them run between his hands and his dick stiffens each time he thinks of her slipping them between her taut thighs and over her moist pussy. What a high…he is in a state of complete nirvana, wanting to watch her slide them down her slim legs and completely off. He leans back in his chair, trying to imagine what she looks like wearing nothing but her blue (azure) panties. His mind starts to wander–her toes are small and polished; her legs are strong and shapely; her thighs are firm; her pussy is engulfed in a dream of blue clouds and nothing else. He stops for a second to feel the throbbing pressure building between his own thighs as he imagines he wearing nothing but those beautiful blue (azure) panties. Her stomach is not completely flat, but rounded enough for any man to remember that she is still a woman; her breasts are soft and full; her nipples are firm at their peaks; her neck is inviting; her arms are strong enough to pull him into her. She is a goddess wearing nothing but a veil of blue dreams.

He thinks of how she must have smelled. His nose is used to her intense aroma and he feels his dick stiffen even more as he smells her in the air. He is not sure if he is imagining or not, but he can definitely smell what used to be her undeniably wet pussy in the crotch of his new blue best friend. She is a mermaid emerging from beneath the underwater kingdom of the deep blue ocean and he is enraptured by her magic. She is sweet and musky at the same time. He lets his legs relax as his hand starts to work slowly and strongly around his now engorged dick. He sighs silently as one hand strokes up and down, clenching the base bahis firmaları and stretching up toward the tip. He can feel the head of his dick start to throb and become moist. He is enveloped in a blue haze. His other hand is softly fingering the lazy material of her panties. Unaware of his own actions and drowning in his own desires, he brings her panties closer to his nose and breathes deeply. With each inhale he can smell her lingering desire, still strong and erotic. With each exhale he can feel her panties against his nose and lips. His hand clenches tighter still and his dick gets wet at the tip.

In his own mind, he can still her throaty moans from the night before. Her voice is strong and vibrant, a much-welcomed addition to her body. His ears are in tune to all of her moans, groans, grunts, calls, curses, shouts and guttural noises. He knows exactly what she wants by the sound she makes. When she wants to be completely dominated by him, her voice is small, timid and still confidant. When she want to be the one in control, her voice is commanding and direct. When she wants to be enticed, her voice has the sound of a hanging question mark. When he touches her breasts, she sighs deep and long. When he strokes his dick deep inside her, her moans become short and sharp. When he hits that one spot, the buried treasure most men will never be able to find, the “X” not on the map, she makes low, loud, guttural moans. She curses. She screams. She cries. She opens her mouth and a rainbow of sounds gush out like a waterfall of syllables. Most are unintelligible but he understands just the same. And right before she cums all over his dick, his balls, his thighs, and his stomach, she sounds like absolute perfection. He strokes harder still, making his dick beg for something more satisfying than his left hand, but unwilling to stop. He can feel it pulse beneath his fingers and his balls start to tighten. He runs his fingers around the head and feels the sticky wetness start to run down the shaft. His hears his own breath starts to quicken and he knows he is going to cum soon.

While his own hands are feeling the throbbing ridges of his dick and the soft material of her panties, kaçak iddaa his mind is remembering the feel of her sensual skin. She is made completely of silk. Her skin is smooth and warm and soft. He can feel her warm, sweet breath against his own skin as he imagines her sliding on top of him and wrapping her smooth legs around his waist. She is a temptress in a blue dress. She is facing him and her skin is gliding over his. He is powerless in her reach. He reaches up his own hands and grips her waist so she can get a better grip. Her breasts are pressed against his chest and her mouth is around his. Her tongue is pressing roughly in his mouth and he can feel her breath quicken. Her pussy is right over his dick, tempting him. He can feel her wetness drip down and start to drown his balls. Her hands pull his head closer to her own and she kisses long and deep. He is unable to move except to stroke his dick up toward her. But she refuses to let him enter just yet. She teases him, grinding against his crotch while he starts to beg for satisfaction. Her tongue slides around his ear and down to his neck. He can feel her teeth gently biting his earlobe and his neck. He is moaning loudly now, unable to hold back. She understands him and lifts up just enough for him to completely enter her throbbing, wet pussy. She rides him like a professional, letting him enter her deep at some points and pulling him completely out at others. His mind is wild with desire and he finally pulls her down and takes control, fucking her from underneath. Her thighs clench, her pussy tightens, and she starts to cum and cum and cum and cum, raining hot and wet all over his dick, balls, and thighs. Unable to wait another second, he feels his balls tighten as he pulls her down, tightening her grip around his throbbing dick and slams into her. He leans his head back as she urges him on and he finally feels the sweet release he’s been longing for. Emptying himself into her, she continues to ride him until he is completely drained and out of energy. She leans against him and he holds her back while she kisses his chest.

Still holding her beautiful blue-ribboned panties, he continues to stroke his dick while remembering kaçak bahis last night. He would trade his soul to relive that moment. His dick, remembering last night as well, is on the verge of erupting. He strokes and stops, strokes and stops, trying to delay the inevitable.

She tastes sweet and exotic and the same time. She is a mixture of an intoxicating wine, a fully ripe mango, a tart cherry, ginger, vanilla, and chai all combined to create a completely unique and distinct taste. She is a rarity; she is what every man dreams about and what every woman wants to be. She is incomparable to anything else he has ever tasted. He remembers how her pussy tastes: warm, erotic, wet, creamy…He feels his tongue sliding in and out of her and never wanting to stop tasting her. His tongue finds its way to the crotch of her blue (azure) panties and he can taste the aftermath of her juices. He lets his tongue trace up and down, feeling her cum on his tongue and he strokes harder and faster. He knows that he will not last much longer but he has lost the control to stop. He thinks of his tongue tracing her spine and the small of her back. He thinks of her arching up when he slides his tongue right down the crack of her shapely ass. He thinks of his breath, warm and moist, on her nipples, feeling them harden in his mouth. His tongue strokes the blue dream harder and harder; he is almost sure that she is there and that he is not alone. His dick is on the edge; his balls are tight and ready; he is close enough to cry and he feels the familiar tingling feeling right at the base of his dick, creeping up the shaft, toward the head and he knows he is going to cum. He knows he can no longer withhold the feeling he has been dreaming about all afternoon, the sweet feel of hot cum gushing out of his dick and all over his stomach, thighs and hand. He is drowning in a dream of blue dreams, caught in a cloud of imagination. He can no longer distinguish the imaginary from the real.

He hears a key in the lock but does not look up. He is too far gone to give a damn who comes in. A nun with an army of carolers would not faze him now. As he gets closer to the edge he feels another body standing close to his. He feels a warm, familiar hand over his strained dick and he can sense a pair of firm, round breasts in his face. He opens his eyes to see her standing there, wearing nothing but a pair of blue (azure) panties and a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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