A Bit Of Christmas Candi Ch. 2

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I followed Candi into the open gazebo and stopped when she half sat on the far railing. In the distance, we could hear the laughter of the ongoing party and we could clearly see the holiday colored lights from the deck. Candi smiled and lit the joint, inhaling deeply then handing it to me. I did the same, taking a deep pull and holding it in my lungs. Almost immediately, I could feel the heady effects of the pot and I knew that this was not common homegrown. I handed the joint back to Candi and was surprised to see her put it out, stashing the remainder in the rafters above her head, then turning back to me with a smile.

“One hit is good with this stuff…” she said. “I stole it from my dada…” She winked and leaned back on the railing. Her eyes were already heavily lidded, making her look even more sexy to me. And, as the pot’s effects washed over me, I slowly sank into one of the lounge chairs, leaning back and looking at Candi. I found myself reliving this first day with my cousin, from the first glance, to the van ride home and everything else. She was staring off into the woods and I let my eyes move over every inch of her body. One leg was cocked slightly, and both of her hands rested on the railing behind her. The light and shadow highlighted every curve and bump as if we were both in a dream. My cock began to grow in my shorts, and this time I let it do it’s thing… Thoughts of Meg…and what she could do…mingled with fantasies of Candi and what I wished she would do… I let my mind wander and flow as my cock grew harder and harder. Then, as if she could hear my mind, Candi turned to me with a sexy smile. We were about six feet apart, but I could smell her perfume like she was in my arms. I continued to stare at her body and she grinned as she let her eyes move over mine. Her smile grew as her eyes settled on the bulge in my shorts. I wondered if she could see my cock up the leg, but really didn’t care. She’d made it obvious that the sight of my hard-on didn’t bother her, so I relaxed, stretching my hands behind my head and letting my knees separate slightly.

Candi continued to smile as she openly stared at my crotch. I could feel the cool breeze on my cockhead, especially when a droplet of pre-come poured from the tip. I watched Candi’s tongue poke out again and, in my pot-induced haze, I wondered if she gave head. My cock throbbed as I imagined her on her knees licking and sucking my cock. Meg hadn’t given me a blow job yet, but she’d been teasing me with the possibility for the last couple of weeks. Not that I was complaining, mind you. Her handjobs were magnificent and she would jerk me off at the drop of a hat. Hell, once when I was sick in bed with a cold, she’d stopped by to visit me and jerked me off with my mom right down the hall! She’d simply walked in, pulled a chair to the side of the bed and slipped her hand under the covers, getting me hard and stroking me off while carrying on a perfectly innocent conversation for my mom to hear. But right then, in the gazebo, I was thinking about my cousin on her knees licking my cock… The marijuana made all the sensations more exciting, but I also knew that I was not just dreaming about my cousin staring at my cock. Her gaze was very obvious and it seemed to me as if she was lost in her own fantasies at the moment… The thought was extremely exciting!

My eyes closed slightly as my mind jumped between Meg and Candi, and when I opened them again, I saw Candi still staring at my shorts. I looked down and could plainly see the head of my cock poking out from my shorts leg. Without even thinking, I reached down, resting my hand on my thigh and letting my middle finger run over my cockhead, smearing the leaking pre-come over it. I looked up when I heard Candi sigh and saw her eyes riveted on my hand. I smiled to myself through my mental haze and let my legs spread wider, causing my shorts to ride higher and exposing more of my cock to my cousin. I don’t think I would have ever been this brave in any other situation, but the pot, and Candi’s sensual teasing pushed me to the point of exhibitionism… I used my finger to coat my cockhead with pre-come, then looked up at her as I slipped the leg of my shorts higher, exposing half of my hard cock. I looked up as I heard her sigh, and I slipped two fingers under my shaft, resting my thumb on the head as I pulled it slightly upwards.

“Mmmm….” I heard Candi intone, “It is big….Meg said your cock was big, Ted…” She kept staring, her eyes following every movement of my fingers. “I like watching you play with it…” She was still leaning against the railing in front of me, her legs parted slightly, and I watched as she brought a hand up to her neck, rubbing it lightly, then caressing lower. I moaned as I watched her hand move over her breasts, squeezing them gently as she stared at my cock.

“I really enjoyed watching you dream today in the van…” she whispered, “You’ll have to tell me about your dream later…It must have been really hot because you were very hard…” I güvenilir bahis smiled, keeping my eyes locked on her hand.

“I enjoyed watching you, too, Candi…from the moment you got off the plane…” Candi grinned at that and looked up at me for just a moment, before returning her eyes to my cock.

“Yeah? I saw you looking at my tits, and that turned me on a lot…” she whispered, “I was just hoping that my dad wouldn’t catch you. ‘Cause then he wouldn’t have left you alone with me…” Her eyes again looked up into mine. “But you were pretty cool…” Her smile grew into a grin and her tongue poked out, running over her upper lip. “I’m really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I grinned and nodded. I thought it was very obvious just how much I was enjoying this. “I’m glad nobody caught me staring. It wasn’t easy to look away, you know? You have great tits, Candi…” Again, she looked up and smiled, running her tongue wetly over her lips.

“Do you want to see them?” she asked, almost matter-of-factly. Her fingers moved to the uppermost button, toying with it for a moment before deftly undoing it. She continued to smile as she sensuously undid the buttons to her waist. She didn’t open her blouse though. Instead, she slipped her hand inside, closing her fingers over her naked breast and sighing deeply. “Do you want to see my tits, Ted?” she repeated, staring at me. I nodded my head and wrapped my fingers around my now throbbing cockhead.

“Yeah…I do, Candi… I really do…”

Candi smiled as if she’d won a contest. “Then let me see your cock,” she breathed. “Take it out of your shorts and show it to me…” She was almost panting now and so was I. I stared at her hand moving inside her blouse as my heart thumped. I moved my free hand to the button of my shorts and undid it, eliciting a low moan from Candi. I’d never been in this position and I must say that I was enjoying it immensely. I gripped the tab of my zipper, feeling a bit like a stripper as I slowly pulled it down… Candi sighed and pulled the tails of her blouse out from her skirt. Not all the way, but enough to blouse it out and loosen it. I stood up then, and stepped closer to her, holding my shorts up with one hand and continuing to tease my cock with the other. Candi and I looked into each other’s eyes, as if giving a signal, and my eyes dropped to her chest as I let go of my shorts.

Candi released a lungful of air as she peeled her blouse back, revealing an absolutely perfect pair of tits. I guessed at maybe 32B’s with nipples that stood out like perfect towers. I had to pull my shorts down because my hard-on was keeping them up, and when my cock slipped free from the shorts leg, it sprang up rigidly, bobbing in the cool air at a 45 degree angle. I don’t think it’s ever been as hard as it was right then! Candi stared at it, her tongue still licking her lip as her hands moved back to her tits, cupping and squeezing them, then holding them up as if presenting an offering. My mouth went dry as I watched her fondle herself and I dropped a hand to my cock, stroking it in front of her as she watched.

“God, it’s big…” she breathed, “And so wet…it’s really pouring out…” I grinned and spread my pre-come over the head, running my eyes up and down her body. She’d settled more onto the rail and her skirt had ridden higher, showing off a wonderful expanse of bare thigh. When she saw me looking at her legs, she grinned again and dropped her hands to her skirt, slowly sliding it higher and higher…

“Oh…yeah…” I groaned, stroking the full length of my cock now. She smiled, but stopped just as a flash of white panty greeted me. Then she returned her hands to her tits, squeezing and fondling them erotically.

“I hope you didn’t mind my ass in your face today…” she teased with a shaky voice. “I couldn’t get out, you know…”

“Not at all…” I replied with an equally shaky voice. “In fact, I really enjoyed the view. I was also really tempted to lean forward and give you a lick…” I smiled as I heard her sharp intake of breath. Seemed like two could play the teasing game, I thought to myself.

“Have you ever done that, Ted…I mean, you know…gone down on a girl?” Her words were almost whispered moans, making my cock even harder than it already was.

“No…not yet…but I’d like to if I found someone willing…” I looked into her eyes again, fighting a terrific case of cotton mouth. “And how about you, Candi? Have you ever gone down on a guy?” I held my breath waiting for her answer, but not really caring what it would be. This was quite exciting right now! I groaned as Candi’s tongue snaked out again, this time running over her lower lip as her mouth opened. It was as if she was imagining the act right then…

“Not yet…” she finally replied, as her eyes dropped to my cock. “But I’d like to if I found someone willing…” She smiled as she repeated my words, and again as she heard my groan. I could feel the cum boiling and knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Candi türkçe bahis seemed to sense this also as her smile faltered.

“I know Meg would be willing…” Candi breathed, “She told me dreams about you going down on her…when she…you know…” She looked up at me quickly, then returned her eyes to my hand.

“When she what, Candi…?” I teased, craving to hear her say the words. I actually felt like I was a different person right then. The situation was so odd…so bizarre… and the pot made me more brazen than the ‘real’ me would have been. “When she what, Candi?” I repeated.

Candi looked up at me and grinned, knowing what I was fishing for. She smiled sexily and moved both of her hands slowly over her belly. She paused for a moment at the waistband of her skirt, then slipped her hands between her legs, raising her skirt and cupping her lace-pantied mound. Her eyes closed to slits as she moaned out loud. “When she masturbates, Ted…” she exhaled. She grinned as my eyes dropped to her hands between her legs. “When she gets herself off with her fingers….she dreams about you… eating her…pussy…” Candi sighed again as her fingers pressed against her pussy lips. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of this angel while she rubbed her pussy! I felt the cum boiling once again in my balls as I slowly stroked my cock.

“Are you going to come…?” Candi panted. I moaned and nodded my head slightly. “Come closer…” she sighed, “I want to see….”. She stood up from the railing, letting her thighs spread wider and showing off her lace panties for the moment before her skirt dropped. She fixed her eyes on my cock as she stepped closer to meet me, then reached her hands out. She took my hands in hers and raised her eyes to mine. Without a word, she placed my hands on her tits, moaning as the one covered with my pre-come slipped wetly over her breast. Then, still staring into my eyes, she dropped her hands between us, finding my hard-on and curling her fingers around it.

“”I really wasn’t planning on going this far tonight…but your cock is so fucking hard, Ted…” she whispered as she began to stroke me slowly. “And so hot… Tell me when you’re going to come, Ted… tell me when you’re ready to shoot…” I groaned again as Candi began to stroke my cock faster. “Let me jerk you off…okay?” She used an overhand grip, which always does me in, and reached her other hand down to cup my aching balls. She squeezed gently and lifted them up as she looked between our bodies.

“Meg told me I could do this…” she said, surprising me once more. “She told me how much you come and I told her I wanted to see it. I was hoping she’d just let me watch her jerk you off, but she said this would be okay…if the situation presented itself…” I couldn’t help groaning out loud as I realized that Meg knew what was going on. Almost immediately, I felt the cum filling my balls and begin up my shaft.

“I’m gonna come, Candi…oh, god…yessss…..” I began to fuck my cock into her hand as the cum raced up my shaft. I felt her hand move from my balls and I looked down to see her cup it in front of my cockhead just as I erupted. She squealed as my first blast splashed into her palm and onto her arm, darkening the white fabric of her blouse in a long wide trail. My second shot was even stronger, caroming of the heel of her hand and spraying over her belly. Realizing her mistake, Candi quickly shifted to an underhand grip, turning to stand by my side as she jerked me off into her cupped hand. This time she caught most of it, giggling lightly as she watched her hand fill to the point of overflow. She was bent at the waist, leaning forward and pumping me quickly, staring at my cock until I finally stopped shooting. Her hand was nearly full when she stood up and leaned against me. She was grinning as she looked from her hand to my eyes, then back again, moving the pool of semen around as she tilted her hand to and fro.

“Wow, Ted…I mean, damn! I have never seen anyone come that much! Look at it all!” She was giggling as she played with my cum, and her other hand continued to slowly stroke me. My heart had now exploded in my chest and I was sure I was in heaven. My ‘gawky cousin’ from Hawaii had just given me a hand job that almost rivaled one of Megs! My mind fought to grasp the entire situation as I remembered that Candi had done this with Meg’s blessing even!

I simply stood there as Candi finally released my exhausted cock, smiling as she watched it bob and flex it’s thanks. I watched as she stepped away a pace and looked down at her blouse. It was spotted with semen all over the front and along one entire sleeve. And she sighed again as she brought one hand to her belly, still keeping my cum safely in the other. “I guess I’m gonna have to take a shower before we go back to the Christmas party…” she said, almost thoughtfully. “I’m covered with your cum…” She began to rub her belly, smearing my cum over it, then she looked up at me as she moved it to her tits. I sighed as güvenilir bahis siteleri I watched her rub my cum over her tits, pausing to squeeze them and pinch her nipples in front of me. And what she did next made me groan out loud.

Candi grinned and brought her cupped hand full of semen to her face, grinning at me as she inhaled deeply, then exhaled loudly. “Mmmm…Meg said that your cum smelled heavenly… and she was right…” Then Candi blew my mind by winking at me and tilting her head. I watched as her long tongue snaked out and dipped into the thick pool. She sighed as she ran her tongue over her palm, then tilted her head back, jiggling her eyebrows as she looked into my eyes. She kept her tongue extended, showing me the thick globule of semen dangling from the end, then winked again as she slowly drew her tongue back inside. I watched, transfixed as she worked her tongue over the roof of her mouth and into her cheeks before swallowing and grinning at me. “And I must say that you taste pretty good too…” she giggled. “Although Meg didn’t give me permission to do that. She told me that she wants to be the first one to taste your cum in her mouth…” I groaned again and fell back into my chair. I couldn’t believe what this girl was doing to my heart! I continued to watch, unable to speak, as Candi looked down into her hand and frowned.

“But I can’t let this just go to waste, can I?” she teased, smiling as I shook my head. “And I guess I have to shower anyway…” She raised her hand to her mouth again, and I held my breath as she inhaled deeply once more. Then she winked and lowered it, pausing at her chest. I watched as she slowly turned her palm inwards, letting my cum spill over her tits and using her other hand to spread it around. When most of the cum had run out, she cupped her tits with both hands, staring at me as she massaged it into her tits and belly. I sat mesmerized as I stared at her. Her eyes closed as she fondled herself, and once again, she settled back onto the railing, sitting on it slightly. Her hands continued to smear my cum over her tits and belly.

“My boyfriend talked me into letting him come on my tits….” Candi said softly as she smiled and ran her slick fingers over her tits. Then she giggled. “Actually, it didn’t take all that much talking into…Mmmm…..God, I am so hot right now…and soooo high….”

While one hand stayed on her breasts, Candi let the other move lower as she leaned back. I saw her legs spread wide as she moved her hand between them and pulled her skirt higher. This time there was not so much teasing. Her lace panties came quickly into view as she raised her skirt to her waist. Her eyes locked on mine as he hand moved over her mound.

“Fair is fair, right…?”, she panted, “Do you want to watch, Ted…?” My cock was still as hard as a rock and I began to stroke it as I lowered my eyes to the hand playing between her legs. Her belly shone with the reflection of my semen and it only accented her fingers as she grinned at me and slowly pulled her panties to the side. I continued to stroke my cock in front of her as she exposed her pussy to me. I gasped as I saw her swollen lips and wet slit and moaned as I watched her slowly insert her middle finger between them

“I’ve dreamt of this a lot, Ted….” Candi hissed, “I lie in bed and finger myself while I think of you stroking your big cock in front of me… I can’t believe we’re really doing this…Mmmm….You know I shaved my pussy yesterday, and the whole time I was fantasizing about you watching me…Oh,,,fuck…I’m getting so close….” I groaned as she spread her legs wider and let another finger slip inside. The whole time she was staring at me in my chair. “Your cock is still so hard, Ted…” Candi sighed, “Do you like seeing my pussy? Do you like the way I shaved it?” She grinned as I began to stroke my cock faster, unable to speak. “Mmmm…I think you do…you like my shaved pussy, don’t you Ted….Like watching me finger my hot pussy for you…Mmmmm…..Oh….god…I’m gonna come…Ooohhh….watch me come, Ted…watch me come for you…fuck my hot pussy…Mmmmm…I want to suck your cock so bad…So hard…sooo….oooohhhh…fucckk….Mmmmm…..nnnnggghh…”

Candi’s head fell back as she fingered herself with almost demonic speed. One hand was rubbing her clit as she thrust two fingers in and out of her wide spread pussy. The slapping sound of her fucking fingers was driving me close to the edge and the wanton nakedness of this young beauty was something out of my dreams. I took a moment to look over my shoulder…praying that the sounds I was hearing were not tranfering over the distance to the deck. I sighed with relief as I heard raucous laughter emanating from that direction, and I returned my attention to Candi. Her head was still thrown back and her fingers glistened with her own cum as she fingered herself.

As I sat in my chair, I felt like the luckiest male on the planet. I’d never before in my life watched a girl masturbate herself to orgasm, but here I was….sitting in a chair five feet in front of the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life! I actually had stopped stroking my cock as I watched her. The simple act of watching was more than enough to stimulate my cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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