A Birthday Present Goes Awry

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28 year old Anthony was led by the guard to the visitor’s room. He knew he had a visitor but didn’t know who it was. Since it was his birthday, he figured it was probably his parents. For the past five years he had been behind bars for a crime he didn’t remember committing, and his parents always threw him a party on his birthday.

Anthony was spending 15 years in prison for supposedly killing a man in a bar fight. Anthony didn’t remember using the man’s knife against him; all he knew was he waked up the next morning behind bars and his clothes and hands were covered in blood. He had pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and had already served five years of his time.

Anthony had always been a good sized guy, at 5’10” and almost 200lbs of pure muscle. His dark brown hair was cut short just above his neck and his amber eyes were always on the lookout for trouble. He had grown a goatee during his time in prison and his mother told him it made him look distinguished.

When the guard pushed him into the room, Anthony looked around. It looked empty at first, and then his eyes rested on a girl sitting on the couch that was always in the room. At first he didn’t recognize her, until she stood up and took a step towards him. “Brittany?” He asked in surprise as the guard took off the cuffs.

19 year old Brittany smiled at him. She was 5’8″ with a slender build. She wore her blondish brown hair long around her shoulders while her sapphire eyes looked Anthony over. “Hello Anthony.” She said in her soft voice. Brittany had grown up next door to Anthony and his family and she had decided a long time ago that he was the one she wanted to lose her virginity to.

It had taken a lot of money and talking for her to be able to give Anthony his birthday present and as she stood there watching him, she was suddenly nervous.

Anthony let his eyes move over her body. They stopped on her 36C tits enclosed in the tight halter top she wore. His eyes moved down over her denim mini skirt to her long legs. “What are you doing here?”

Brittany blushed as she looked at the floor. She was beginning to think this wasn’t such a good idea after all. “Um…I came to give you your birthday present.” Slowly she lifted her face to look into his eyes.

Anthony looked around but all he saw was Brittany. “What is it?”

She blushed again, “me.”

Anthony gazed at her in shock, “You?”

Brittany undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and showing a perfectly shaved pussy. Then she lifted the halter top over her head until her pert tits were open to his gaze. “I’m giving you my body for your birthday.” She said standing there naked.

Anthony and the guard let their eyes drift over her naked body. The guard was a big, black man who licked his lips as he looked at her naked body. “If you don’t want her, I’ll take her.” He said huskily.

Anthony glared at the guard then looked at Brittany. He had never thought of her sexually before but after 5 years without a woman, he thought she was the tastiest treat he had ever been offered. “Um…Brittany…I…”

Brittany stood there naked suddenly feeling very stupid for coming here. “I’m sorry Anthony, it’s just I’ve loved you for a long time. I thought…” She reached down for her skirt. “I shouldn’t have come here.”

Anthony felt like a fool as he watched her slowly pull her skirt back up. “Brittany wait…” She held the skirt about halfway up her legs and lifted her eyes to his. “I would love to have you as a birthday present.” He said smiling at her.

Brittany smiled back and let the skirt fall back to the floor. “I’m all yours.”

Anthony looked over his shoulder at the guard still standing there, and then slowly unbuttoned his prison jumpsuit. He stripped it from his body until he stood there as naked as Brittany.

Brittany let her eyes drift over his body. Her eyes widened a bit when she saw his hard 8 ½ inch cock but she just swallowed as she lifted her eyes back to his.

She watched as Anthony crossed the room until he stood before her. “I’ve never done this before.” She said softly.

Anthony cupped her face as he brought his lips to hers. “I’ll be gentle baby. canlı bahis You’ll love it, I promise.” He kissed her harder as he pulled her naked body against him.

Brittany returned the kiss and when his tongue touched her lips, she opened to him. Anthony moaned into her mouth as he swept his tongue inside while his hands moved up and down over her back. Ignoring the guard, he swept her up into his arms and laid her down on the couch, covering her body with his own.

He kissed her for another minute, and then let his mouth move down over her body. Shivers went through her as he kissed her neck then moved his mouth to her breast. He kissed each part of it, before he took the nipple into his mouth, sucking gently. “Ohhhhh…” Brittany moaned pressing her breast up against his mouth.

Anthony ran his tongue over her nipple, as his hand caressed her other breast. He felt her nipple harden in his mouth and relished it. He moved his mouth to the other breast while he let his hand drift down her body.

Brittany was breathing heavily and whimpered suddenly when his hand cupped her pussy. “Oh Anthony, touch me.” She lifted her hips towards him as he spread her lips open, dipping his fingers inside.

Anthony sucked harder at her nipple, making her cry out as his finger brushed over her clit. It was peeking out of its hood, so he flicked it a couple times with his fingertip. Brittany’s breath came out in ragged pants as she pressed her body against him. “Oh…Ugh…” She moaned. Anthony flicked harder at her clit making her whine with pleasure.

Keeping one finger on her clit, he ran his hand further down until he found her wet slit. “Oh, you’re wet.” He murmured taking his mouth from her breast.

Brittany lowered her passion filled eyes to his. “I’ve been dreaming of this all day.”

Anthony smiled at her; he claimed her mouth in a hard kiss as he let his finger slide into her body. Brittany whimpered against his mouth as he slowly sawed his finger in and out. “Anthony, oh…” she whimpered lifting her hips against his thrusting finger.

Anthony pulled his mouth from hers but didn’t pull his finger from her body. He sawed it slowly in and out as he watched her face. “You like that baby?” he asked huskily.

Brittany put her hands on his shoulders, digging her fingers into his flesh as she humped against his hand. “Anthony, oh, it feels so good. I love your finger in my pussy.”

Anthony moved his finger faster inside her as he moved his mouth down over her stomach. Brittany was humping hard against his hand so he pushed her hips back to the couch as he lowered his mouth over her hot pussy. “Anthony…What…?” She started to ask when she saw where his mouth was going. She let out a loud squeal when his tongue licked over her clit. “Anthony, oh fuck.” She lifted her hips against him as he worked his tongue against her clit and slid a second finger into her body.

The guard Marcus was slowly stroking his own 8 ½ inch cock as he watched the action going on in front of him. When he saw Anthony lower his mouth to Brittany’s pussy, he knew he had to get in on the action. Dropping his pants and stepping out of them, he strode across the room until his cock was even with Brittany’s face. “Suck this baby.” He growled turning her head and sliding his cock into her mouth.

Brittany’s eyes widened as the big black man shoved his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmfff…” She whimpered around the hard flesh.

Anthony lifted his head from her pussy and gasped as he saw Brittany with Marcus’s cock sticking out of her mouth. “Couldn’t stand just watching huh?” He asked with a laugh as he watched Marcus shove his cock further into Brittany’s mouth.

Marcus’s mustache twitched as he smiled at Anthony. His hand was holding the back of Brittany’s head, holding her against his cock. “Nope, I had to have some of this tail.” He looked down at Brittany; her eyes were closed as she sucked at him with relish. “I’d say she likes it.”

Anthony lowered his eyes to Brittany’s face. She did indeed seem to be enjoying sucking on the guards cock. One of her hands was jacking the base while her mouth bobbed up and down over him. “It sure does.” He bahis siteleri grinned at Marcus, and then lowered his mouth back to the feast before him. He rammed his fingers hard in Brittany’s pussy as he sucked at her clit.

Brittany was in sexual heaven. She had a hard cock in her mouth that she was attacking with gusto and Anthony’s mouth was driving her pussy into a frothing frenzy. She moaned loudly around Marcus’s cock as her tongue whipped over the hard flesh. Her hips were flying hard against Anthony’s face as she flew towards orgasm. When it hit, she screamed around Marcus’s hard shaft as she flooded Anthony’s hand with her juices.

“Fuck, she’s a hot one.” Anthony groaned to Marcus as he pulled his mouth from her spasming pussy. His fingers still dug deep inside her as her body tightened around them.

Marcus was enjoying the work Brittany was doing with her mouth. His eyes were closed but at Anthony’s words, he opened them. “Let me know how her pussy is, I get it after you.”

Anthony grinned at the guard as he climbed onto the couch. He spread Brittany’s legs wide as he moved between them. “Let you know in a minute.” He rubbed the head of his cock over her pussy making Brittany sigh in desire. Then he positioned it at her entrance. “Ready baby?” he asked looking at her.

Brittany took her mouth off of Marcus’s cock long enough to look at Anthony. “Give it to me baby. I need it so bad.” She smiled at him then went back to sucking on the guards cock.

Anthony grinned at her then pushed forward with his hips, he felt her body accept him as he slowly penetrated her. Brittany moaned deeply around Marcus’s cock as she felt Anthony slowly push into her. “Oh yea, you’re so tight.” Anthony groaned laying over her body as he continued to slowly thrust into her.

Brittany locked her legs around his waist as she felt him fill her. Suddenly, without warning, Anthony slammed his hips forward, burying his cock deep in her snatch. She whimpered in pain around Marcus’s cock as her body tightened around Anthony.

Marcus ran his hand through her hair as he watched. He slowly pushed his cock in and out of her mouth, moaning as she worked at it. “Suck that cock baby. Love it with your mouth.” He groaned.

Anthony held himself buried deep inside her as he closed his eyes in rapture. He moaned as he felt her body tighten and loosen around him. “Oh honey, you feel so good.” He groaned as he slowly started to leave her body.

Again Brittany whimpered as she felt him leave her. Anthony heard the whimper and saw the tears in her eyes. He pulled out until he held the head inside her then slowly pushed back in as his hand went to her clit. “I’ll make it good honey.” He whispered sitting back on his ankles as he worked at her clit while he slowly thrust into her body.

Brittany’s mouth worked slower over Marcus’s cock as pain wracked her body. She hadn’t expected it to hurt when Anthony fucked her. She wiggled her hips trying to make the pain go away since he didn’t seem interested in stopping. She thought about pulling off of Marcus’s cock and asking him to quit but the black man had his hand tangled in her hair and was holding her mouth over him.

She closed her eyes as she felt Anthony slowly leave her body then push back in. She moved her tongue over Marcus’s cock, pleased that he seemed to be enjoying her first blow job. When she felt Anthony’s finger brush over her clit, she whimpered this time in pleasure. He was still sawing his cock deep into her body with long slow thrusts but the pain was lessening as he worked at her clit. It wasn’t long before she was meeting his thrusts with ones of her own as she worked harder at Marcus’s cock in her mouth. “Mmmmmm…” She moaned around Marcus’s cock as Anthony fucked her faster. His cock drove deep into her body and she felt her orgasm start to move over her.

Marcus thrust into her mouth faster and harder as she sucked harder at him. “Oh fuck, yea, suck my cock. I want to give you a big load baby and I’m going to.”

Anthony was panting hard as he drove his cock deep into her sucking body. “Oh honey, such a sweet pussy. I love the way you are clinging at my cock. His hand moved bahis şirketleri off her clit and he gripped her breasts, pulling hard at them as he slammed hard and fast into her body.

The three people fucking didn’t notice the fourth man move into the room. The warden had decided he wanted a piece of the tail his prisoner was going to get but figured he would have to threaten to get it. The 56 year old was surprised when he stepped into the visitor’s room. Marcus was at the little bitch’s face, with his cock driving hard into her mouth while Anthony was pounding her pussy. The girl in between was groaning up a storm as the two men fucked her mercilessly.

After Brittany, who kept cumming on Anthony’s driving cock, Marcus was the first one to let go. He let out a howl as he gripped Brittany’s face hard and drove his cock deep into her mouth, making her swallow his hot cum. “Take it bitch.” He growled holding her tightly against him. “Take my fucking cum.”

Brittany swallowed as fast as she could as she kept her hips riding against Anthony.

Anthony, seeing Marcus cum in her mouth, drove deeper into her body, looking for his own release. He too let out a loud growl as he emptied his balls deep into her body. Brittany moaned loudly against Marcus’s shooting cock as she felt Anthony’s cum splash inside her.

Marcus reluctantly pulled his cock from her mouth, smiling as he saw that he was still hard. Anthony slowly moved from between Brittany’s legs. His limp cock hung down and his breaths were coming out in pants.

Brittany started to sit up when Anthony left her then looked at Marcus in surprise when he took Anthony’s place between her legs. “Think I was gonna be happy with just a mouth job sweetheart?” he asked with a leer as he positioned his cock at her entrance and slammed hard into her.

“Oh…Agh…Fuck…” Brittany moaned in pleasure as she felt Marcus slam into her. “Yes, fuck me. This is more then I was planning on but I’m not complaining. Give my pussy a good ride honey.”

Anthony dropped into a chair as he watched Marcus pound Brittany’s pussy with his hard cock. Brittany was squealing as the big black man rode her hard and fast.

Anthony saw something out of the corner of his eye and gasped when he saw the warden move towards Brittany. The older man’s beer belly almost covered his 7 ½ inch cock.

“Sir?” Anthony asked in surprise as the older man grabbed Brittany’s face and forced her mouth over his cock.

Brittany immediately started sucking with gusto at the cock in her mouth as she humped her body against Marcus’s cock flying in her body.

The warden looked down at Brittany sucking on him for a minute then looked over his shoulder at Anthony. “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?” The man grinned showing a mouth full of rotten teeth. Then he turned back to Brittany as he fucked her face.

Anthony sat there in a daze as he watched the guard and the warden fucking his birthday present. When Marcus let out a loud growl and emptied his balls in her pussy, the warden pulled out of her mouth and moved over to where Marcus had just been. Brittany didn’t get a chance to say or do anything before she felt the warden’s cock drive deep inside her body.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” She cried out in joy as the warden fucked her hard. She turned her head when she felt a cock against her cheek and smiled into Anthony’s eyes. She took his cock into her mouth, sucking hard on it as she rode the warden’s cock.

The group sex went on all day long. When one man would empty himself in her pussy, another would take his place while another one shoved his cock into her mouth. Brittany was in pure heaven. She had three men all fucking her to multiple orgasms.

When she finally got dressed she looked at Anthony. “Did you like your birthday present?”

Anthony glanced over at the warden and Marcus who were sprawled out on the couch completely sated. He kissed Brittany softly on the lips, and then smiled. “Oh hell yea, this has been the best birthday of my life.”

As Brittany headed for home, she decided that next year unless she was with somebody, she would give Anthony her body for a present again. And who knew, maybe the warden and a guard or two would join in on the fun. Her pussy tingled with the thought as she drove towards home and she hoped that the next year would fly by.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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