2053: Submission

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It glistened in the neon twilight that filtered in through the dirty windows overlooking Union Square. Waves of excitement washed over Martin leaving his face flush and his appendages swollen and heavy. His antique denim pants felt tight now and he summoned all his will to keep from tearing them off.

“Hey.” The gravelly soft voice came from the nude shape on the sofa. His face was cast like a bas relief in slight blue hues and the rest in magenta and red.

“I hope this is the right place.” He looked out at Martin from under a hot pink wig, short and bobbed. He held his swollen penis in his hand, spreading pre-cum around the tip. He was breathing heavily.

Martin walked over to the bar table at the mouth of the living room and unloaded his pockets into the leather case that sat upon it. He rubbed his fingers over the vignette carved in ivory on the side of the case, that of nude bodies intermingled and locked in embraces so that it was impossible to tell where one began and the other ended. It was an excess and a pleasure he had afforded himself long ago. He kept his eye on the lithe figure spread across his favorite piece of furniture, watching as the slender hands stroked a swollen penis softly, testicles hanging heavily and jumping slightly with each stroke. There was more, but he stopped himself from taking it all in at once. He wanted to enjoy this surprise.

He kicked off his shoes and padded softly across the white marble floor. Gareth materialized into view against the dark shadows cast haphazardly about the walls of the room. His carefully tended hair and hand crafted beard were lost in the darkness. Piercing blue eyes and a chiseled facial structure remained.

“His name is Talan. Beautiful, no? He wants to do dirt. I paid his toll so consider this a gift from me.” The darkness below his eyes cracked into a grin, perfectly white teeth reproduced in Martin’s visual cortex with the highest fidelity.

Martin returned the smile and responded with his best English accent, “Thanks, mate.” He broke the link and quickly typed out a message even as he let his eyes fall on the now writhing Talan.

“Stimulus. 0400H.” His fingers flickered slightly as he typed and with a flick of his wrist and the simple thought of Gareth’s face, his message was delivered.

Martin nodded to the guard in corner of the room. The man nodded back and lowered the automatic pistol back down to his side. It was Astor. The man was trustworthy and had a sure shot. His slim frame did not do justice to the man’s abilities, but that was what Martin liked about Astor. That and he was quiet. He continued across the room and Astor followed, standing off to the side within a few feet.

At last, Martin stood at the side of the sofa, his legs leaning against the synthetic fabric. The young man, Talan, opened his eyes and looked up. Martin connected with those eyes and found that they were a beautiful almond shape, bright and big. They looked almost innocent.

“What do you want?” He made a quick gesture to Astor’s pistol. Surely this young man knew that Martin would not suffer a fool.

“I want to work for you.”

“I don’t know if I need anyone right now. What do you have to offer?”

The young man shifted slightly and pulled two wet fingers out of his ass and inserted them slowly into his mouth. Martin smiled and look deeply into those eyes. “I think I may have something for you, after all.”

Martin allowed himself to soak the whole picture in now. Talan had a wonderful tan complexion. His face was boyish and hairless and under the bright pink wig he made for a quite convincing rendition of a woman. His lips were slightly puffy and Martin was sure they would feel nice in all the various ways he intended to use them. Martin continued on, letting his eyes fall upon the soft, feminine arms and chest which were, of course, free of any hair. He appreciated that Talan had gone through so much trouble to make the experience a good one. Allowing himself a slight bit of release, Martin reached down and rubbed and teased a nipple. Talan followed suit rubbing his other nipple with wet fingers. Soft moans followed.

Martin continued surveying, letting his eyes rush past the erect penis that had drawn him into the apartment, a beacon in the darkened room. He felt his own erection jump as he saw that Talan wore stockings, white and soft. His legs were well developed, but not overly so. A soccer güvenilir bahis player, Martin figured. His ankles were thin and sexy and his feet were pretty, clad as they were in nylon.

With both hands now he ran his fingers over the soft heels and over the curled ticklish toes. The nylon was sheer and thin. It felt like silk in his hands. He brought one foot forward and kissed softly first the bottom of the foot and then the top. He licked the arch and moaned a low aggressive growl. His lips glided over the soft curves of Talan’s foot and he sucked softly through the stocking, closing his mouth around a big toe. He resolved that those toes would be painted a nice shade of pink next time. His penis twitched once more, jumping as he pictured pink toe nails through white nylon.

Talan watched quietly as the man named Martin explored his feet and legs. This was his first sexual experience with a man and he had never considered it before today. Now he found himself seducing a powerful criminal while dressed as a woman. He wanted to scream. He wanted to run and not look back, but as the man carefully nibbled at his ankles and rubbed his stockinged legs, Talan found himself truly aroused. The pill he had taken would keep him hard until he came, but he was stiffer now and enjoying somewhat the sensation of a man running his hands over the cool smooth nylon and appreciating his body so tenderly. He closed his eyes and stroked a little faster, running his other hand over the lace top of his nylons.

Martin ran a strong hand around and under Talan’s arm and lifted him off the couch. He faced the young man. Talan was several inches shorter than Martin and had a smaller build. Martin brought his hands around and cupped Talan’s ass, finding the cheeks to be round and soft. He drew Talan close and kissed him softly once. Those lips were soft. Martin went in again, licking Talan’s lips this time. He turned Talan’s head to the side.

“Your mouth is a pussy now. Close your lips.”

Starting at the corner of Talan’s mouth, he worked his tongue in between the closed lips, licking and sucking both sides as he would a woman’s pussy. He enjoyed hearing Talan’s shaky breathing. He enjoyed the feeling of the hard cock pressed against his thigh. His own cock was thumping against his briefs. He lifted Talan’s leg and wrapped it around himself so that he could feel that wonderful nylon running under his hands.

“That’s a good pussy.”, Martin whispered. Talan nodded slightly and pursed his lips once more.

Martin slid his tongue in and explored Talan’s mouth, prompting the younger man to open his mouth wide. Martin sucked on Talan’s tongue and lips passionately. He felt like a starving man given his first meal.

Martin had a woman on that very same couch the night before. Women being so hard to come by, it is every working stiff’s dream to have a woman of their own, but for men in power, it is not difficult to find women and hold their attention. Martin long ago grew bored of women; they were missing something. Men like Martin enjoyed the benefits of power. They enjoyed knowing that they were fucking a man. They enjoyed the tightness of a good piece of ass. They enjoyed finding clean, unspoiled men who they could mold into sluts for their sexual pleasure. They enjoyed reaching around and pleasuring a subservient man who was grateful to have the dick of such a powerful man buried deep in their ass. Martin enjoyed all of these things. He spun Talan around and nudged him back onto the couch, his round ass in the air, his face down on over the side of the sofa, facing the dirty window which glowed pink and blue.

Talan was panicked. He knew what would come next. Would it hurt? Would the man be rough? He fingered his ass as he had seen women do in porncasts, but he didn’t really know what he was getting into. He was sure this was the only way out the suburbs and maybe make some money. There were no jobs for twenty-somethings, especially not in the suburbs. You could hustle for small pickings there but you would be living from one day to the next. There were no handouts in the wasteland that used to be the bedroom communities of the greatest city in the United States. When he entered the city, his toll paid by the man with the funny accent, Gareth, he knew he had given away a piece of himself. He put his head down and waited, rubbing his thighs and ass so as to entice Martin to take him like he would a woman. türkçe bahis He ran his hands around his plump round cheeks, lifting and separating and then ran his fingers down the crack, hooking his pink asshole, his pussy, as he passed along. He looked back, licking his lips. His heart raced.

Martin watched the display in front of him. He looked back at Astor and nodded and winked. The man smiled and returned the nod. He held a hand out and bowed with a smile, retreating several paces in small deferential steps.

Martin looked back at the round ass in front of him. In the darkness, the round curves were highlighted and accentuated by the light that filtered in. The white stockings were a nice touch and he took particular joy in seeing the bottoms of Talan’s stockinged feet. The hue of white played nicely against the man’s skin. There was something very sexy about a man bent over. It was the ultimate sign of submission.

He brought his nose down to within an inch of the pussyhole and inhaled deeply. The smell was just right. Clean and musky. He kissed one cheek lightly and then the other, then smacked each one in turn with an upward swipe. They bounced nicely and Talan let out a soft whimper as Martin’s palm met each cheek.

His mouth watering, Martin brought Talan’s hands around and had him spread his ass open. Martin let his tongue tease the pristine asspussy before him, circling it with short strokes, never touching the center. He then followed the circle the other way, lapping at the salty skin with long wet and sloppy strokes. Talan’s face was buried in the couch, but he shuddered and moaned uncontrollably. Martin continued to tease the man, going back and forth, long strokes to short strokes never touching the wet center which pulsated now, hypnotically, inviting him in.

Martin shoved his mouth in between the man’s ass cheeks. He nuzzled from side to side, his lips pouting as he settled in deeply until at last his lips met wet pussy lips. He let his tongue slip out and he began fucking the pussy slowly at first then quickly. He went in as deep as he could and twirled his tongue around. It was intoxicating and he quickly pulled his hand up to grasp the erect, pulsating penis that hung down from Talan’s firm round ass. He held it tightly like he would an ice cream cone and drew the pussy in closer, rubbing his thumb on tight balls. He removed his tongue and made his way down to the tip of the penis which was dripping pre-cum. He licked that off, sucking the head to get it all and then ran his mouth sideways up and down the shaft. He occasionally liked to suck a dick, especially when it was as hard and pretty as this one. He licked and sucked the man’s balls and the man squirmed harder and moaned louder. He would return to the shaft, but he brought his face back up to the pussy and stuck his tongue back in, jerking the penis, a large clitoris, with soft strokes.

Talan was in overwhelming ecstasy. He had never had his ass rimmed and the feeling was incredible. It was the sensation of being tickled and then entered so gently with an incredible wetness that transformed his asshole into a wet pussy and in those moments he found himself looking forward to, wishing for a dick to fill him up and complete his transformation into a bitch. He pushed his hips back towards the probing tongue and was rewarded with deeper penetration and a grunt from Martin. Talan was allowing himself to become a woman with pink hair and a perfectly round ass and white stockings with pretty feet that felt so good when the man behind them rubbed against them. He moaned now uncontrollably and shivered inside and out. He knew what had to be done.

“Please fuck my mouth and my ass. Please…”. The words surprised Talan even as they came out of his own mouth and they died with a whimper in the darkness as Martin pulled his tongue out and settled back on his heels, still holding onto the stiff penis and rubbing one soft heel with the other hand.

“What did you say?” Martin looked back, smiling again, at Astor who had settled his weapon into the holster and was looking on with something beyond casual curiosity. Submission is a wonderful thing when it is given in the moment, but it is much sweeter when that submission remains, when the submissive realizes that in the absence of all stimulus, they want to submit.

“Please fuck my mouth and my ass.” Talan had given himself over now. He was a cockslut now more than güvenilir bahis siteleri he ever was a heterosexual man. His cock throbbed and lurched with each beat of his heart and he felt his anus closing and opening involuntarily.

Martin took him by the arm again and lowered him to the floor. On his knees, Talan looked like the perfect submissive whore. He had one hand behind him, stroking several fingers in and out of his tight hole. With his other hand, he stroked just the head of his penis. Martin hooked his thumbs onto the front of his jeans and pulled down allowing his hard shaft to pop out, erect and firm. He guided Talan’s head, a hand placed firmly on the back of the hot pink wig. As the warm mouth closed around the head of his cock, he leaned over and rubbed and squeezed Talan’s round ass cheeks. He ran his hands down the curve and his fingers met Talan’s fingers as they fucked his asshole.

Talan was shocked at how salty Martin’s penis was. It was larger than he expected and he had to open his mouth wide to allow a satisfying length of it to glide across his tongue to the back of his mouth. He closed his mouth around it and pulled back, sucking as he did so. Martin moaned. He repeated the motion again, playing his tongue over the base of the head as he pulled back. The cock jumped. Talan repeated his movement again, trying to move just his neck and not his whole upper body. Martin slapped his ass encouragingly. Talan readjusted himself to allow his ass to be spanked. His feet were curled against the floor giving him purchase as he threw his head onto the cock, gagging himself slightly. He heard Martin moan again and suddenly it was the best sound he had ever heard. It was his motivation. It gave him purpose and as he began to sweat and his muscles began to burn slightly, it gave him reason to go on. He wanted cum in his mouth now. And in his ass. He wanted it to run down his chin and down his ass onto his balls and down his cock. He was motivated, but he took time to lovingly lick the shaft and to suck gently on those large testicles. He continued to lovingly suck and lick until Martin finally wrapped both hands around Talan’s head and thrust his cock into Talan’s warm mouth and let his cum spray on the young man’s face and inside his mouth. Talan struggled to swallow down the sticky warm liquid. The texture broke against his tongue leaving a strange residue on his teeth and tongue. He would swallow quicker next time.

“Get up on the couch.” Martin’s voice was strained as he gasped for breath. “Get on your knees and spread your pussy out.”

Talan obeyed without batting an eyelash. He brought his legs up once more on the couch, bent over with his cheeks spread wide. His pink hole was just visible to Martin who played a semi hard cock against it, rubbing it up and down, pushing further in with each stroke. Talan was ready. His pussy was wet, his face covered in cum, and Martin’s strong hands on his hips guiding him slowly backwards onto the stiffening cock. Talan was ready.

“We pay about one credit for a piece of ass on this side of the toll. You’re lucky to buy a supplement with that, much less a scrap of food worth eating. It certainly wouldn’t get you home.”

Talan looked down at his hands and his feet beyond and straight through the floor, his face flushed.

“I like you and I might have work for you. I’ll give you a hundred cred, OK? That’s gotta be a years worth of work outside of the toll.”

Talan nodded, his heart lifting from the floor.

“Take half of that and pay back Gareth. Don’t leave without doing that. He’ll make you pay it back one trick at a time for the next five years.”

Talan nodded again.

“If you want to work for me, head up to my apartment on 180th street. Ask Awad to take you up there. I’ll call you when I need you.” Martin transferred the credits and started to dress. He was meeting Gareth at Stimulus. He owed the man a drink or two for the surprise and business was suddenly booming again. He stopped at the carved box and collected his things once more before walking through the door wordlessly.

Talan sat on the floor now, wiping his chin and his anus. The cum dripped out and pooled beneath him on the warm marble floor. He suddenly felt alone. He had made enough money to go back home and change things slightly, but he had an opportunity now. He could make good money working for Martin. He picked distractedly at stitching on his stocking toes and thought for a few minutes before making up his mind. He cleaned up and dressed back up as a man and exited the apartment where he had become a whole new person. Under his pants, his stockings felt soft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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