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In Mary’s mind, another summer was vanishing without real incident and the halls of a college a few miles away offered little enchantment for Mary’s musing. It was February and nearing the end of summer when the wind and air change as frequently as a woman’s fancy but this would be Mary’s enchanted season dominated by a reality suddenly appearing right next door.

Reading always had a special place in Mary’s heart but sultry romances cast spells on her. Although Mary was aware sex was everywhere around her she used romantic stories to stimulate her imagination and her imagination to arouse self-gratification. Mary regularly fantasized while reading romantic tales of beautiful women succumbing to dominant men and often had daydreams she was being swept away by a handsome muscular man with gentle hands, sweet kisses, a soft but convincing voice and the brute force hidden within him forcing her to step over the edge.

Mary’s older girlfriend enlightened her about college life, filling her mind with ideas about wild parties and sex with anybody she desired but Mary never considered involvement with carnality, it just wasn’t part of her plan for her life. She listened to Mica’s comments, but never believed her plans to give her virginity to Hunter after marriage her youthful naiveté, nor did she believe a handsome brute with the power to give her butterflies would reveal that decadent world she had often imagined in her fantasies.

That morning the Saturday sun began to peek into the room seeking a pretty face to tickle. As soon as the soft light found Mary’s face, she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her vast collection of dolls neatly arranged on the fantastical wooden castle her father had completed the year before he and her twin brother died in a terrible automobile accident.

Mary remembered how hard her father worked on the doll castle and how much she missed her dad’s hugs, sound advice, his serious nature, his silly ways of teasing her, and his insistence on perfection. Mary giggled a little when she recalled the day he told her if her breasts grew any bigger they’d become greeting cards. Mary remembered she wore a training bra then and she hated the confinement. By the time Mary was thirteen she had fully developed breasts but she never got the chance to tell her father they had developed beyond greeting cards.

Mary missed her twin brother Matt the most and she felt she would never fully recover from the shock of loosing her only sibling. Her eyes would often tear when thinking of him running in the backyard like a puppy let free to discover all there was around. The only memorabilia Mary had of Matt were the full size gold-framed poster of him in his green belt and gee she enshrined with rosary beads, and the trophy gee he had given her after winning the regional black belt match.

After three years, Mary held her happy memories of her dad and brother close and settled into living a quiet life with her working mother and soon to be stepfather in a small but comfortable home in a quiet subdivision just outside the city.

Mary began the day by slipping off the bed and unbuttoning her pajama top then glancing at her breasts in the parlor mirror before relieving her bladder. Mary reached a time in her life not long ago when she understood she had a beautiful body and she enjoyed touching her soft white skin, fondling her breasts, teasing her nipples and stimulating her clitoris with the head of Barbie’s boyfriend inserted into her rectum. Mary was no stranger to self-gratification and she fully realized she was selfishly using her beautiful body as her exclusive pleasure zone.

That morning while she stood looking at the reflection of the woman trapped inside worn out kid’s pajamas and pulling her nipples, a strange clanging noise interrupted the sensation of a man’s powerful hand abusing her clitoris and rectum. She stepped to the window to see why there was a clanging noise and where it was coming from. She gathered her pajama top in a fist to keep her breasts from popping out and knelt on the window seat, pulled the curtain aside, peeked outside but couldn’t see the source of the noise. Mary recalled the day the family moved out of the house next door with little fanfare and the house had been vacant ever since.

On her way to class last Monday Mary recalled noticing a pale yellow older car parked in the garage then the next day a moving van, but Mary never saw anyone go in or out of the house those days. She couldn’t recall seeing any lights on at nighttime, but on the way home from class on Friday, she noticed the yard had been mowed and neatly trimmed foliage.

Mary concluded there must be somebody living in the house and she decided to make that Saturday a day of discovery to find out who or what had the audacity to interrupt her masturbation. She pulled her pajama top off, tossed it on the bed and as she stepped toward the bathroom she heard the clanging noise start up again.

After relieving herself and canlı bahis brushing her decay free teeth, she slipped off her pajama pants then her panty and began the ritual of brushing her long raven black hair while gazing at her dark gray eyes. Mary always thought she had weird colored eyes, but many people told her she had the most hauntingly beautiful dark gray eyes they had ever seen. Mary never thought herself a haunting person and she knew her girlfriend meant nothing by it, but it sounded good to her and she accepted her nickname Cleo, which was short for Cleopatra.

To make her quest more fun, Mary decided to dress like a jogger and began by gathering the clothing for her adventure. She grabbed silk white jogging shorts and slipped them on, knowing her mom had forbade her to wear them out because they where shear and tightly fit her shapely tight buttocks as if they were painted on. The back hem of the shorts exposed the bottom of her cheeks and the front hugged her vaginal lips perfectly into a tantalizing puffy triangle. She grabbed her nemesis out of the dresser drawer, slipped the strap on, folded her breasts inside the cups then jiggled to make them comfortable.

Then Mary grabbed a pullover she had fashioned from one of her father’s worn out Jefferson Airplane sweatshirts. The bodice was torn short and when she raised her arms without a bra, the bottom of her breasts would be exposed, but Mary loved the look. About the only things her mom allowed her to wear were her white jogging sneakers and white leg warmers, but wearing the bra was her mother’s law.

When Mary glanced in the parlor mirror to ensure she looked like a sexy jogger on a mission, she noticed the bra lines in the sweatshirt. Not liking the lumpy look, or the bra, she quickly pulled the halter straps over her shoulders and pulled her arms out, reached under the cloth and unsnapped the front latch then pulled the bra out from the bottom of the sweatshirt. She took a final look at herself to ensure she was perfect before she dawned her pink sunglasses then she dashed to the kitchen to grab her favorite water bottle to complete the look.

Mary started slow walking toward the clanging noise while glancing at the chatting seagulls as they flew in complex patterns above her. She often wondered why seagulls were the only birds with little concern for organization, but when she saw a man step around the back of the pale yellow car wiping his hands with an orange colored cloth, she stopped dead in her tracks, gazed at the man for an instant then performed a completely disorganized about face nearly tripping herself. She lowered her head, hid her face with her left palm and while stepping briskly away, she excitedly mouthed the words, “holy shit!”

What she saw made her intensely concentrate on making her meeting with her new neighbor perfect the first time. As Mary hastened her walk back to her house to quickly hide behind the hedge, she realized her quest would be riddled with a lot more complexities then she had first imagined and she felt her heart pounding faster as she grabbed the doorknob.

Mary couldn’t believe she had missed out on something happening right next door and she was determined to correct her error. When she returned to the kitchen she set her sunglasses and water bottle on the counter, quickly picked up her cell phone and swiped the pad for her girlfriend’s cell phone then waited impatiently for Mica to answer. While pacing the floor glancing in the direction of the new neighbor’s house with one arm wrapped under her breasts and the other holding the device to her ear, Mica answered, but strangely, Mary pressed the end call icon.

Mary decided the best thing she could do was rid her life of confusion and she began thinking how she could finagle the man next door into romancing her. She knew nothing about him except he was gorgeous and her mind became a flurry of scenes in romance stories flipping through her mind like flashcards. She placed her phone on the counter, sat at the kitchen bar and thought while taking token sips from the water bottle and glancing periodically over her shoulder in the direction of the house where she saw the man. A few moments later her phone chimed the ring tone she had assigned to Mica’s number. She jumped up and went to her room with a plan and the mindset of a determined woman in pursuit letting the device accept Mica’s message.

Mary stepped to the window and peeked through the blinds to make sure there was still clanging noises, but she couldn’t hear any noise or see the man. She ran to the living room and leaned over the sofa trying not to move the curtains too much, but she couldn’t see the man from there either. Then she sat on the sofa thinking he had driven off, but she never heard a car start up or drive by. Suddenly, Mary realized she had to meet the hunk next door, before he got away.

Mary went back to her room and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. What she saw was a teenage slut in a jogging outfit and nothing bahis siteleri resembling a woman getting ready to meet a gorgeous man for the first time. She paused and wondered if what she was planning to do was proper, but she whizzed that thought out of her mind. Mary knew something felt right and the strong feeling of attraction to the man reeling inside her needed to be verified one way or another.

After noticing the picture of Hunter on her nightstand she stopped for a moment to wipe him from her mind and the temptation to call him and ask if he wanted to come over. Her mother didn’t approve of her being alone in the house with Hunter, but since she met him he’d been over on a few Saturdays using the garden shed as their cover. Although Mary daydreamed about Hunter performing orally she made him understand, fondling her breasts was her limit and even though she please Hunter anything associated with his penis was strictly limited to the palm of her hand because she was determined to be a virgin on her wedding day. Mary realized she needed to clear any evidence of Hunter including turning his picture around backwards feeling her current adventure far more stimulating than giving a teenage boy an occasional hand job.

After clearing her mind of Hunter, Mary stripped naked and rummaged through her closet at the meager collection of garments. She didn’t like any of the outfits to begin with and wearing any of them to meet the hunk next door would surely make a terrible first impression. Oddly she was inspired to try something risqué for the first time recalling a chapter in a story she once read about a woman who dressed in a slinky dress to capture the attention of a man she wanted to seduce simply for physical pleasure.

Mary went to her mother’s bedroom and scanned the wardrobe for that special little dress. She loved her mom in the dress and Mary thought it would be perfect for her quest. When she saw her mom wear the dress the only time she wore it, Mary felt she had a mom worth keeping. Mary also recalled the man her mom wore the dress for, and her mom insists her soon to be step-dad still gives her butterflies assuring Mary the little dress did the job it was intended to do.

When Mary found the cute dress, she grabbed it off the rack, pulled the clear plastic bag off and held the scant garment to her body. Then she twisted from one side to the other, forcing the hem to swish. The view in her mom’s dresser mirror was from the waist up and she had to stand on her tiptoes to see the hem. She wanted to see the full scope of her idea so she ran to her bedroom to scan her new look in its entirety.

Mary was so excited she quickly stepped into her mom’s dress, wrestled with the zipper in the back until it was as far up as she could get it then gazed into the parlor mirror. The reflection in the mirror surprised her. She began to realize she had instantly become a woman and faster then her dad had predicted. She had to pause for a moment to take it all in. It was the first time she understood her dad was right, she was a natural beauty with a shapely form and she could easily use her breasts as a greeting card.

Mary’s confidence grew faster then she ever dreamed it could and she decided to go all out for her greeting party. As she paced the floor, she tried to recall what shoes her mom wore the night she wore the hot pink mini dress. She recalled white sandal heels and wondered if they were still in her mom’s enormous shoe collection. She ran back to her mom’s room as visions of the man she saw for an instant flashed through her mind.

Almost as if time was on another side, Mary thought it peculiar it took fourteen tries to find the right box out of the stack of boxes neatly stacked in her mom’s wardrobe. She was so exited she sat on the carpet and slipped on the left shoe. It was a bit large, so she slipped on the right shoe just to make sure. Then she stood up to take a few steps to ensure she could walk in four-inch heels. The shoes were cute but a bit large so she had to pinch her toes slightly to keep them from slipping off.

When Mary sashayed back to her room, pausing only to assure herself the front door was locked, she heard a sound outside in the distance sounding like the clang of a fine metal hitting a concrete surface. Mary hastened her pace knowing the hunk was still working on the car. When she stepped in front of her parlor mirror she looked hard at the reflection.

She never wore makeup partly because her mother would never approve of the expense of cosmetics but mostly because her complexion didn’t need makeup. Mary decided to go with her natural look and even forgo lipstick. Then she studied her fingernails to ensure there were no broken or out of shape nails. Then she checked her toenails to ensure they were acceptable. When she was confident all the details were tidy she concentrated on her overall appearance.

Mary’s raven hair required frequent brushing and she did it religiously, but today, she thought the little bahis şirketleri out of place wisps looked perfect so she left them to maybe whisk in a breeze if they so desired to be teased. As she stood in front of the mirror, Mary wasn’t quite pleased with the look and felt something was missing then she pondered about what that missing something might be.

Mary placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head to one side and when she did, she noticed her form became enhanced and she looked more feminine. The dress was a tad large for her form so she decided a belt was in order and she rummaged through her drawers looking for her favorite belt.

When Mary found the belt, she wrapped the black strap around her waist and pulled it tight. She wasn’t happy with that belt so she tried several others until she found a white tie rope she only wore with jeans. She quickly wrapped the rope around her waist, tied the knot, then stood in front of the mirror and fiddled with the cords until they dangled just right.

Mary gazed at herself for a long time then leaned forward to see how low she could bend over before her breasts popped out of the little cowl neck dress. It was a little trick she learned in a romance story she had recently read. Then she pulled the cloth up and bloused the material to raise the hem about three inches below her crotch exposing more of her shapely thighs then noticed the slit exposed her pubic area. Thinking it difficult to conceal her pubic area if she sat, she then readjusted the cloth until she was comfortable with the look. Then Mary stood erect and repeated the same words her future step-dad said when he saw her mom dressed in the sexy little dress, “Simply beautiful.”

Mary realized she had transformed herself in less then fifteen minutes, and she was so pleased with her new look her confidence level soared to a new peak. Without a clue as to the power of the weapon she had just created she scanned her body from several angles to make sure when the man next door saw her for the first time there would be no view left unverified. When she remembered the zipper in the back was not fully up, she flipped her hair to ensure the zipper was covered with her long raven hair. Mary took one last look in the mirror, took a deep breath, winked at herself with a grin then whispered, “Here we go.”

As Mary stepped down the sidewalk on her journey to prove herself a woman to a man she had merely caught a glimpse of, the clacking noise of her mom’s heels penetrated her ears. When she noticed a boy riding a bicycle down the street approaching quickly she hastened her step to get to the man’s driveway before the kid got closer but she realized the shoes were more difficult to control when walking fast. As the boy went by her he nearly lost control of his bicycle gazing at a sultry woman sashaying down the sidewalk wearing a hot pink mini dress and high heel sandals. Mary giggled inside confirming her quest was far beyond the comprehension of a dumb boy on a stupid bicycle.

When Mary was closer to the man’s driveway, she slowed her pace and glanced into the garage. She noticed the vanity plate on the pale yellow car read; ‘1STGIRL’ which she though silly but Mary didn’t think the form bent over the front fender of the car was silly.

Mary stopped for a second to scan the man’s shapely buttocks wrapped in tight jeans to assure herself it was the same man. When she was convinced it was the man she slowly approached the garage attempting to soften the clacking heels and hoping the man wouldn’t notice her until she was standing in front of him. As she stepped nearer she hugged close to the car on the opposite side so the man’s first view of her would be from the waist up. Suddenly Mary’s heart began to pound harder in her chest and she could feel the thumping in her ears as her body suddenly began heating.

She expected to become so excited she would become flush but what she didn’t expect was surprising the man, and that’s exactly what she did. When she finally stopped and faced the man all she could see were a shaved head, two muscular arms and strong hands tinkering inside a myriad of complex parts under the hood of a car. Her approach was so silent the man didn’t even notice her standing on the opposite side of the car. As she felt her heartbeat thumping her entire body, Mary engaged her quest and simply said, “Hi.”

The man jerked up, dropped a wench, bumped his head on the underside of the hood of the car, grabbed the back of his head and grunted as his glasses dropped off his face. When he found the source of the voice he leaned forward, folded his massive arms on the fender, looked at the vision before him the best he could and smiled.

Mary’s first reaction surprised her. She stood mesmerized by the sky blue color of the man’s eyes. She had never been haunted by eyes and wondered what she did to deserve the opportunity to meet someone with such penetrating eyes. Mary was so overcome her loins began to tingle. She had no idea the man would affect her in such a sexual way and her mind began to race with naughty thoughts. Her body felt as though it had been lowered into warm oil when the man asked softly but with a deep thundering voice, “And you are?”

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