1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 06

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the tenth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last five years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 6

On the plane I had chance to reflect on these last few months. Nothing in my life suggested any of this would or even should have happened. I have fantasies just like the next guy but this was no fantasy. I knew going in the odds were against me. If it were all to end today I would have no regrets.

Sure I intend to fight to the end but who am I kidding, I’m just another guy in a sea of guys. I will have memories no one can take away, parents that love me, a brother that I can depend on, my grandmother I adore and most of all Daisy. If there was any bright spot to my coming home now it was to see Daisy. I have to admit I had never missed her as much as I did right now.

If I was disappointed coming home without Rose and Lilly I knew she would be devastated. Daisy has no desire to accumulate money or things. Daisy values people, especially family and friends. During this short time I believe Daisy has fallen in love with Rose and Lilly as much as I have.

I sat waiting for my luggage trying to make sense of it all. Lilly hadn’t even returned my message that I arrived home safely. Anyway I looked at it, it didn’t seem promising. I checked the time and saw it was just after one. With nothing better to do I decided to go into the office and get caught up on some work.

I had just pulled in the parking lot when my phone rang. When I saw it was from California I immediately answered it.


“You get back here you chickenshit!” Emily blasted in my ear.

I could tell she was upset her voice quivered in defiance. I wanted to calm her down but knew it would only make matters worse. I took a deep breath then let it slowly out.

“I can’t do that and we both know it!” I replied calmly.

“I don’t know anything except you snuck out without so much as a goodbye!” Emily wept.

“I didn’t sneak out, I left. You knew I had to be home today.” I corrected her.

“When are you coming back?” Emily sobbed in the phone.

“Emily I’m not coming back, this is my home.” I replied.

“What if they don’t come back?” Emily threatened.

“I guess that will be up to you won’t it?” I retaliated.

“I can’t live without them.” Emily boohooed.

“From what I saw you can’t live with them!” I countered. “I told you in the letter there is a room here for you.”

“What do you want Parker?” Emily shouted “Money?”

“You know this is not about money!” I shouted back.

“What do you want then?” She started to weep again.

“I’m in love with Lilly I want you to allow me to marry her.” I insisted. “I want Lilly and Rose to come live with me. What do you want Emily?”

“I want to be part of their lives!” Emily blubbered. “I want you back in my life!”

“Emily, it sounds like we both want the same things don’t we?” I agreed with her.

“Do you mean that?” Emily sniffled.

“Yes Emily, I mean it?” I assured her.

The phone went dead as she hung up on me. It wasn’t at all unexpected her hanging up, the problem for me was, I wasn’t sure why? With the talk Emily and I had still weighing on my mind I headed inside the office for a few hours.

I looked up from my desk the clock showed it was half past six, I wrapped up the file I was working on and headed out of the office.

I called Lilly before I left, she answered on the first ring.

“Parker!” She said happily. It was so good just to hear her voice.

“Hello Lilly.” I said warmly.

“I miss you.” Lilly whispered.

“I miss you.” I repeated. “How is Rose and Emily?”

“Emily is not happy with you or me.” Lilly replied. “Rose is not doing well either.”

“I there anything I can do?” I asked knowing I was half the country away.

“Have you talked to Daisy?”

“Not yet I’m on my way home now.” I explained.

“Oh darling I am so sorry I thought you knew!” Lilly replied exasperated. “This has all gone so wrong.”

“What has?” What’s wrong?” I could feel the desperation in her voice.

“You know how Rose gets around Emily.” Lilly asked.

“Yea, so what does that have to do with Daisy?” I questioned.

“Emily is very upset you left. She threatened us …Daisy called … Rose was mad… Parker, Daisy needs you!” Lilly apprised me.

“Lilly I should get home, she’s there all alone.” I replied. “I’ll call you later.”

“Parker we can fix this. Please have Daisy call me. ” Lilly replied. “I love you Parker. I trust canlı bahis şirketleri you to do the right thing!”

“I love you Lilly.” I said heading out the door.

When I arrived home the place was eerily quiet. I sat my luggage in the kitchen and headed up the stairs. Looking in Daisy’s room I saw it was empty. I was just about to start back down when I heard her weeping in my room. I pushed the door the rest of the way open, she was curled up in my bed her bloodshot eyes looking out from under the covers.

“There you are.” I said smiling.

“Go away!” Daisy sobbed.

Ignoring her I went and sat beside her. She rolled over facing the other direction.

“I thought you might have missed me?” I teased her. “I missed you!”

“You left me!”

“I came back didn’t I?” I reached out and touched her shoulder over the covers.

“You didn’t bring them back did you?” Daisy wept louder.

“No…no I didn’t…I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“Then she’s not coming back!” Daisy wailed.

“We don’t know that Daisy.” I replied caressing her head as she cried in the pillow.

“She won’t even talk to me now!” Daisy yelled at me

“You still have me.” I whispered

The urge to kiss Daisy overpowered me. I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. Her arms instantly wrapped around my neck and pulled me tight. It was like we were two lovers kissing for the first time. Breathing through our noses was not enough to fuel the fires burning below the surface.

The noise our lips and tongues made filled the room. There was slurping and moaning. Daisy whimpered each time I pulled away, she was determined to maintain contact. The covers moved lower as she moved up to kiss me again. Her full tits slipped from below the sheet. My hands moved below the covers and gripped her waist.

“I need you Parker.” Daisy mewed. She started unbuttoning my shirt.

“But Daisy you’re my sister!” I protested as she pulled the shirt off my shoulders.

“I don’t care, I need you to love me!” Daisy had my belt loose and working on my slacks.

“I do love you Daisy, but this is…” She pulled the covers off and pounced on me kissing me to stop me from talking.

Half undressed and struggling to control my desires I succumbed to her passion again. Daisy kissed me as my hands drifted lower gripping her panty covered ass. I thought there was a chance we might reign this in since she was at least not completely naked. I was wrong again. I let my guard down long enough for Daisy to remove my pants and tee shirt.

She resumed her attempt to seduce me with renewed vigor. I could feel my hard cock press against her pussy with just our underwear separating us from incest. We had been this close before, in fact even closer but I was in control then. For some reason this time I knew it was different.

“Daisy I can’t do this, what will Lilly say?” I asked hoping to end this.

“I told you both this was going to happen.” Daisy replied seriously. “Please don’t make me call her yet. It will just make her upset.”

I had heard those exact words before when Rose seduced me.

“Lilly approves?” I asked stunned.

Then I remembered Lilly asked me to have Daisy call. Lilly knew Daisy wanted this and in her own way she was telling me she approved.

“She let you fuck her mother Parker. She wants this as much as we do.” Daisy leaned over and kissed me. “They share everything!”

Daisy lowered her lips back to mine. She pushed my boxers down. “Now make love to me!” She whispered.

I pulled her soaked panties to the side Daisy reached down and guided me into her gushing twat.

“OOOHHHH! She groaned as she lowered herself over me. “I’ve waited so long to feel you in me! I love you Parker!” Daisy cried out.

If there was any apprehension up to this point it melted away instantly with that declaration. I pulled her down so I could kiss her again. Daisy moaned as the pace of our coupling picked up. I gripped her ample ass and drove her down hard over my cock.

“I need you to fuck me!” Daisy groaned. “Please get on top.”

She rolled to the side shucking her panties. I removed my boxers and moved between her legs. I had never seen Daisy so happy. With her legs splayed I looked at Daisy’s waiting pussy. Pink and puffy I noticed something else. I looked up at her and back down to her engorged clit.

“What have we here? This is new.” I reached down and flicked it gently.

Daisy arched her back and shuddered as her sensitive pleasure button wiggled to a halt.

“Not now Parker fuck me!” She looked up begging me.

“Oh you’re not getting off that easy!” I panted.

I grabbed my dick and spanked her engorged clit lightly. Daisy squealed as her body reacted with dizzying swiftness. I pushed her legs open and rubbed her clit with my mushroom head, her pussy pulsed beneath me oozing her excitement. She looked up past her voluptuous breasts and watched my cock drip with pre-cum over her exposed pearl.

“Parker!” She screamed as her pussy mashed canlı kaçak iddaa against my cock and started quivering. “I need you in me NOW!” Daisy roared.

I guided my cock back in her pussy. Daisy reached for me and pulled me down to smother her luxurious body. Taller than the twins she was also softer and voluptuous. Daisy’s cunt clamped down on my cock hoping not to let it go. I started fucking her harder as she encouraged me on.

Using my elbows to support myself I gripped her pendulous breasts wiggling on her chest. Her thick nipples were hard and tempting. I let the meaty orbs slip through my hands until my fingers gripped her stiff nubs.

“Yes!” Daisy whimpered as I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger gently.

I concentrated on her every move and response. Daisy is a passionate lover, her every desire became clear as she responded to each move I made. Focusing just on her I changed rapidly with her evermore demanding desires. I had her moaning and then cooing only to build her back up to another level of ecstasy.

Daisy was pushing then pulling, her fingers dug deep in my back then caressed my shoulders, she was so consumed at times I don’t think she knew where she was or what she wanted. That all changed when she started to convulse below me.

Daisy reached down and gripped my hips urging me to fuck her even faster. I lowered down to kiss Daisy as her orgasm started to build. Slowly her legs started to close, her heals dug in the bed to meet my frantic thrusts. Our lovemaking had reached a fevered pitch neither one of could continue for much longer.

“Daisy I’m close!” I warned no longer able to hold back.

I looked down at her, Daisy looked up happily. She dug her fingers in my ass and slammed me home. Her pussy contracted, her hips slapped against mine. I could feel her body tense.

“Make me cum!” Daisy squealed. “Fill me with your love!”

I ejaculated as Daisy ground her cunt against me. Her hand slip up my sides pulling my shoulders hard mashing her tits into my chest. The quivering in her pussy soon became a shudder throughout her whole body.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh …uh…uh…uh fuck!” Daisy groaned.

I thrust in one last time before finding her lips and kissing her.

“So good!” Daisy whimpered, her hands now caressing my back. “I love you Parker.”

I had deposited all the cum available leaving her cunt a frothy mess. My cock still refused to completely deflate, my semi hard cock still churned our excitement deep in her pussy. I pushed up on my hands looking between us. Daisy’s hands moved back down and gripped my ass keeping me inside her.

Daisy opened her legs wide again, her clit popped up from her full puffy pussy. My cock was coated with thick creamy cum as it very slowly moved in and out of her. Daisy looked on with me to see I was still not shrinking from my first orgasm. With one hand she moved it over her mons rubbing her clit tenderly.

“She wants more Parker!” Daisy said huskily.

“You still sure this was the right thing to do?” I asked concerned our relationship would now change.

She dipped her fingers in her pussy beside my cock, it swelled instantly increasing the pressure against her fingers.

“He thinks it is!” Daisy squealed. My cock swelled again as she pulled her fingers from her pussy and sucked them clean. “I don’t think he wants to stop yet! I know she doesn’t.”

Daisy smeared more cum on her clit and rubbed it side to side. She opened her legs wider her flush pussy gaped open around my cock inviting me back into the depths.

“Lilly will just have to wait for that call!” Daisy giggled. “My brother just showed me he loves me!”

Daisy pulled her hand from between us and urged me to start fucking her again.

“I love you Daisy.” I whispered as she wrapped her arms and legs around me.

Eventually we switched positions. With Daisy on top I enjoyed the view of her ass as she rode my cock facing away from me. After some time she turned to face me so I could fondle her full sized tits until we both orgasmed again.

Daisy rolled to the side and we cuddled for a few minutes. She stroked my cock, I caressed up and down her body.

“I need to call her it’s getting late.” Daisy said turning to face me.

“Do you want me to leave?” I leaned over and kissed her.

“Please stay.” Daisy gripped my cock harder, threatening me not to go.

We sat up in bed as Daisy called Lilly from her phone.

“Hello? Lilly it’s Daisy!” She happily squeaked.

“Yes he’s right here…Oh Lilly he is a wonderful lover… thank you for sharing!” Daisy looked over at me.

She took my arm and wrapped it around her. I pulled her close as she leaned back against me. With her free hand she picked up my semi hard cock and stroked it slowly.

“Lilly when are you coming home?” Daisy looked at me sadly. “Lilly he loves you more, besides I can never be his wife… of course I will stay if you want me to…but she doesn’t want to talk to me! …but …I love you Lilly, I will…”

Daisy’s canlı kaçak bahis soft breasts pressed against my chest as she moved to my lap. She leaned her head against my shoulder tears started to appear in the corner of her eyes. Daisy nuzzled tight begging me to hold her.

With the phone still to her ear Daisy started talking again.

“Yes Rose I’m here…I don’t care I still love you!” Daisy protested weeping uncontrollably. “I forgive you please just come home with Lilly!”

“…yes you can live here.” Daisy looked up at me sobbing. I nodded she was right.

“Parker just said yes…he’s here holding me…yes we did…, but we love you!” Daisy argued.

“I know but it felt so good inside me…”Daisy laughed through her tears. “It’s still dripping…you too?” Daisy squealed looking at me with a yearning she needed to act on.

Daisy extended up and kissed me holding the phone to our lips. “That one is for you love… we need you Rose…please come…goodbye.”

Daisy hung up the phone and tossed it to the side. Wrapping her arms around my neck she tried kissing me but she was crying too hard. I held her until she no longer had tears to shed.

“Have you eaten today?” I asked.

She shook her head as I shifted from under her. I kissed her forehead then I stood up and moved across the room looking back at Daisy.

“I’ll make us something to eat. You come down when you’re ready.” I whispered.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower and put on a tee shirt and gym shorts. It was late now so I just made a salad and crackers with various toppings. I heard the shower run upstairs. At least she was up I thought. Daisy had gone from despair to ecstasy to disappointment in a matter of hours.

Daisy came down shortly after. Hoping to stay off the subject that had consumed our lives recently, we ate, talking mostly about school. We talked about her classes for the summer and what kind of job she wanted when she graduated.

We cleaned up the kitchen and headed back to bed. I removed my tee shirt, Daisy wore only panties. Daisy kissed me goodnight several times and cuddled up to me and went to sleep.

I woke up late for me, I stopped in the bathroom on the way down to the kitchen. Since I had little to eat last night I was a bit hungry. Wearing just my shorts I started making myself breakfast. Upstairs I heard the water running announcing Daisy was not only awake but up.

I was concerned how our lovemaking would affect Daisy, our relationship, and our relationships with the twins. With a new day upon us, and the passions from last night quenched, I wondered if we would still feel the same way today. Had we gone too far? Were we prepared for the sobering reality that we committed incest?

We would soon know as the creaks from the old house announced her descending the steps. Daisy rounded the corner wearing an old button down shirt of mine. The only problem is it wasn’t buttoned and she was no longer wearing panties.

“Planning a casual day are we?” I teased nervously.

Daisy sidled up to me. She took my wrists and guided my hands inside the shirt. I gripped her waist as she mashed her big tits against me.

“I know how hard that was for you Parker. If we never do it again I want you to know I’m still glad we did it.” Daisy said looking up anxiously. “I really do love you.”

“So I’m not just a one night stand?” I teased.

“Do you want it to be?” Daisy asked seriously.

She hit a nerve with that one. I knew how she felt about me, and me about her, but this was problematic. I reached down and grabbed her bare ass. Picking her up I sat her on the counter. I spread her legs and stood between them. Daisy seemed both happy and confused.

“Daisy this is so complex I don’t even know where to start. A few months ago I was just a dorky guy …”

“No, Parker you’re not, a nice guy maybe, maybe even too nice but not a dork!” Daisy argued.

“Ok, but still? First Rose and Lilly, then Emily, and I’m still not clear on that one. And now you?” I moved my hands around her sides to her back drawing closer. “I’m in love with Lilly, I want to marry her, I don’t want to do anything to lose her.”

“Parker she is the one, you NEED to marry her.” Daisy replied emotionally.

“But I won’t do that if I lose you.” I sighed. “I won’t do that Daisy, I love you too much to lose you.”

“Parker I feel the same way.” Daisy confessed.

“But what if she …Daisy we made love!”

“I told Lilly it was going to happen just like I told you. In fact Lilly encouraged it.” Daisy replied giving me her version of the wicked grin.

“Lilly?” I protested. “How…why…?”

“Because she’s in love with you silly! Rose, Emily, and me, it was all her way of keeping you for herself!”

“But that doesn’t make any sense! If I’m sleeping with all of you how is she keeping me for herself?” I asked more confused than ever.

“Parker she wants to be your wife, to have kids, raise a family, and keep you happy. Sex is low on her list, how better to keep you happy than provide you with safe sexual partners. Her lesbian sister she’s intimate with, a crazy mother you would never run off with, and now your sister.” Daisy giggled. “Although I’m not sure the mother was planned, I think Emily pushed for that!”

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