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Lemon Laws

Automobile lemon laws are designed to protect the consumer against defects in a newly purchased car. Automobile lemon laws also give the consumer the right to demand that the car be fixed or replaced. Automobile Lemon Laws are left up to the individual states to set the guidelines as to how to implement the laws. A lemon car is a car that has a defect, a problem that devalues the car, or one with a serious safety issue. Automobile Lemon Laws protect the consumer and give a better guarantee that the car they have purchased will live up to the standards.

Once you have discovered a problem, you need to take the car to an authorized repair center according to most automobile lemon laws. If the problem has not been fixed after several repair attempts, you might have bought a lemon. The car also needs to be under warranty to still be covered under the Automobile Lemon Laws. The warranty is usually between twelve thousand to twenty four thousand miles, or a period of two to three years.

The automobile lemon laws state that the consumer must go directly to the manufacturer, not the dealer. If you happen to have a lemon car, you need to write a letter to the manufacturer to be able to get a refund. Often times the address and how to address a lemon car is written right in the manual of the car. When you file a complaint under the Automobile Lemon Law, make sure that you have all of your complaint and repair documentation; you will need them for your case.

Car buyers are also given the option to get a refund instead of a replacement car under most automobile lemon laws. Also, you may be entitled to money that you spend on the repairs, such as towing and a rental car if one was needed. State Lemon Laws exist to protect the consumer in the event that an automobile or motorcycle purchase is defective. While state lemon laws vary based on jurisdiction, they do share many things in common. First, state lemon law outlines the definition of a lemon. It lays out the circumstances in which a car or truck can be declared a lemon. For example, state lemon laws dictate the number of times a car must be repaired before a car can be called a lemon. Usually, if a defect has been repaired several times to no avail, and the defect affects an automobile¡¦s value, safety, or use, a car is called a lemon. State lemon laws also require that the manufacturer, and not the dealer, must remedy the defect.

Second, state lemon laws outline a period of warranty rights, usually between one or two years and 12,000 to 24,000 miles. In other words, the defect has to occur during this time. However, some state lemon laws will allow a period to file as well. That is, you can file for up to 4 years after you discover the defect.

Third, a state lemon law will offer guidelines regarding the number of repair attempts, and if these attempts entitle the owner to a replacement or refund.

In general most states allow manufacturers to attempt a serious safety repair just once. If the problem is not fixed, it is covered under the Automobile Lemon Laws. An example of a serious safety repair would be a defective steering wheel or faulty brakes. For those defects not deemed as serious safety repairs, automobile lemon laws require at least two to three attempts for a repair before being covered under the automobile lemon law. Your car is also considered a lemon if your automobile has been in the repair shop for more than 30 days with one repair occurring within the first twelve thousand miles.

Most manufacturers, when faced with litigation under automobile lemon laws, are willing to work with the consumer in repairing the car, replacing the car with a new car, or refunding the full price, less the mileage that incurred while the purchaser had the car. However, if you find that the manufacturer is not willing to work with you in any way, contact an attorney that specializes in automobile lemon laws. They will help you with the next step for the enforcement of automobile lemon laws.

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